The Little Concept, Fremantle

The Little ConceptWebsite:

TDi Bella Coffeehe PFEs were invited recently to check out cafes that use Di Bella coffee, coffee beans that are blended, roasted and distributed daily from their roasting warehouse in Brisbane. There were a number of cafes in the list to choose from and I decided on the Little Concept in Freo. It seemed like a chilled out specialty coffee shop looking through their facebook page. I’m in!

The Little Concept cafe, located on Wray Street was quite busy by the time we arrived on a Saturday morning for a brunch session. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long before we found a table as I was getting hungry by then. The cafe is small in size with a cozy vibe, almost like an “anything goes” kind of vibe as you step into it. I love that it’s a part grocery store as well, stocking a variety of gourmet food and drinks, the likes of Red Espresso, Prana Chai, Mork Hot Chocolate, Koja toppers etc. It’s fun to browse while you are waiting for your food!

Inside TLCInside TLCFullSizeRender4

The drinks menu was written on chalk boards hung on one side of the cafe and there were so many to choose from! Not only were there the usual coffees, there were also a variety of Prana Chai, Matcha, Mork chocolate, Red espresso and Coconut drinks. Special drinks like Filthy Chai (what’s that?), Iced Espresso Matcha, Peanut Butter Choc (wow!), Red Gingerbread Latte, argh..too many choices!

I ended up with my usual Long Mac ($4.30), old habits die hard unfortunately, and mum ordered the Cappuccino ($3.90). My sis was the only one that tried something different, a Chocolate Matcha ($6)!

Long Mac

I liked my Long Mac, it was creamy and smooth with a bitter taste that I’m fond of. I usually don’t put any sugar in my coffee as I find the sugar masks the taste of the coffee. Mum thought I was crazy as the coffee can get so bitter but that’s the taste that I like! I noticed quite a number of people in line getting their takeaway coffees, it seemed like a popular coffee shop for the locals. Too bad I don’t live in Freo!

Cappucino Chocolate matcha

Sis was not too fond of her Chocolate Matcha drink, she thought it didn’t blend well together and was too bitter in taste for her.

After we settled our drinks, it was time to turn to the food side of things. The food menu at TLC is simple and honest, sandwiches, bagels, muffins, salads, bircher, youghurts. We surveyed the counter and ended up ordering the following:

  • Chicken Panini ($10.90) – this was my order and it was great! Oozy cheese, pesto sauce, chunky chicken pieces and toasty panini. Yum!

Chicken Panini

  • Corn fritter ($7.50) – this was a favorite at the table especially the spicy salsa sauce that came with the fritter. The crunchy outer case was a bonus. It was gobbled up in minutes (also as it was small in size :p).

Corn fritter

  •  Sausage roll ($6.90) – this was the least favorite at the table as the lamb filling was too strong and overpowering. The pastry was soft on the inside as well.

Sausage roll

One unexpected item we found at TLC was the Honey Cake! I was so excited when I spied slices of the Honey Cake ($5.50) on the counter. I love the Honey Cake! It is so addictive and I can’t resist getting this in favor of the rest!

Honey Cake

Overall it was a pleasant and simple meal. I like discovering specialty cafes like these in our city! It also gave me a reason to venture into Fremantle which I don’t do enough! On a side note, there is a butcher next door which sells really good products and a homeware and women clothing store, Pekho, on the same street which has some nice stuff too. Great to explore!

Narration: Miss L
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Architects and Heroes, Subiaco


Architects and Heroes located on Rokeby Road is an extremely popular breakfast/brunch joint judging from the 45 minutes wait for a two seater one Saturday morning my sister and I ventured to Subiaco to check the cafe out. The place was packed! Pictures of the dishes from Architects and Heroes have been flooding social media and they looked so good! Come and eat me, they said! Here we are *wave* :)

The cafe is sleek and trendy and I loved the buzz!

Inside A&H

We ordered a Watermelon Juice ($5) and Mocha ($4.90) to start. I was most excited about the Mocha (and ordered that instead of my usual Long Mac) as A&H uses Bahen & Co and Callebaut chocolate, a 70% organic Madagascan dark chocolate and Belgian milk chocolate, specially developed blend which has lively citrus notes with a rum and raisin flavor and smooth, dry cocoa nib finish . Yum! Love cafes that use special chocolate in their hot chocolates/mocha! I’ll come back just for this!

Watermelon juice A&H Mocha

Not only was the drinks menu great, the food menu looked good too! We had the following:

  • Beetroot cured salmon, avocado salsa, horseradish creme and scrambled eggs ($18) – loved the avocado salsa that the cured salmon sat on as it brought a freshness to the dish, plus I love anything with avocado in it, my new favorite fruit (or veg? :P). The cured salmon was tainted with beetroot juice which gave it a nice vibrant color. Wished there were more of the toast and scrambled eggs though! I would order this again, I love my scrambled eggs!

Beetroot cured salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado salsa

  • Slow cooked pork belly crepe, herb salad, peanuts and pickled cucumber ($24) – a very special dish, I have not eaten something quite like this before for breakfast. A fancy Asian affair! I would have preferred the pork belly to have a crispy skin (that would have been perfect!) but it was overlooked as I thought the dish was so clever and different!

Slow cooked pork belly crepe Slow cooked pork belly crepe

Needless to say, I was impressed with the cafe after our meal! It was worth the 45 minutes wait! Just the vibe surrounding the cafe was awesome! I have to check out the coffee proper as I read they do some mean artisan coffees!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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150 EAST, Ascot

150 EAST entranceWebsite:

The PFEs were invited to 150 EAST located within the Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel to sample their new menu after the restaurant underwent recent big changes, including the arrival of a new Executive Chef, Andrew Dunn. 150 EAST has moved away from “formal dining of the past and is now offering a more relaxed and trendy dining experience coupled with seasonal meals that are great value for money”, I was told. I was eager to check it out.

On arrival, we were shown our table overseeing the pool area on the outer patio area. I thought it would be cold but the area was covered so I didn’t feel the chill. The restaurant has a nice ambiance due to the utilization of soft and glowy lighting (my short stint as a building services engineer in play when I make this comment :P).

Inside the restaurant Inside the restaurant Inside the restaurantAs well as the food menu, the beverage menu has also been revised, with 150 EAST opting for for local favorites, stocking up on the most popular ciders and updating the cocktail menu to include classics such as the Espresso Martini and Mojito. Just what I like! Espresso Martini is one of my favorite cocktail to order, I had to get one of those! Espresso Martini ($17), freshly brewed espresso coffee, Absolut Vodka, Tia Maria and gomme. Sinking back into the chair and relaxing with the martini in hand after a long week. Bliss!

Espresso Martini

The boy who is not really into alcohol ordered a mocktail, the Teen Cosmo ($10), cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, lime juice, gomme and lime zest. Looked pretty.

Teen Cosmo

The new menu consists of share plates and a couple of signature dishes from the new Chef. Andrew has a strong background in cooking Italian food, and utilizes this skill to offer a modern Australian menu at 150 EAST with a flair. Having moved from Sydney to Perth in 2013, he had spent the last 18 months as Head Chef in the Boulevard Hotel in Floreat but now intends to make his mark in Perth at the head of 150 EAST! Nice!

Back to the food, for starters, we ordered the Chicken Liver parfait with fig chutney and toasted sourdough ($10) to share. The serving of chicken liver parfait was very generous. It was more than enough for two! We finished the sourdough before the parfait. Great flavor though, could have kept on eating if there were more bread!

Chicken liver parfait

For mains, I had to order Andrew’s signature dish of crispy skinned salmon fillet with cauliflower puree, winter vegetables and toasted almonds ($29.50). It was delicious! I loved the slices of beetroot which provided a sweetness to the dish. The cauliflower puree was light and I prefer this over a mash. No regrets ordering this!Crispy salmon fillet

The boy ordered the one of the Special of the Night – Lamb Shank Ratatouille. It was very delicious and hearty! He could hardly finish the serve! I couldn’t help him either as I had my plate full to finish.

Lamb shank ratatouille

We also ordered a side of chips with aioli ($8.50) to go with our minds. Oh so good, crispy fried potato goodness teamed with creamy fatty goodness!

Chips with aioli

We were too full by this stage to get any dessert. I was actually eyeing the signature dessert of chocolate silken tart with hazelnut crumb and raspberry gelato. Alas, what happened to the separate stomach compartment for dessert I thought I have. It failed me that night!

Overall, we had an enjoyable night with exceptional service, the staff was so friendly and polite which added to the experience. Thanks to 150 EAST for the invite! Great initiatives with the revamped menu! I like this better menu better than the one in the past. Meet the man behind the menu, Andrew Dunn, the new Executive Chef!

Hello Chef Andrew Dunn

Narration: Miss L
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Junkboat Vietnamese, Highgate

Junkboat VietnameseJunkboat Vietnamese is located on the busy Beaufort Street in Highgate, right next to the Solomon’s Cafe and opposite the Beaufort Merchant. We came upon it by chance when we were in Highgate one afternoon looking for a place to lunch. It had just opened not too long ago so we thought we’d check the new place out and Vietnamese cuisine is always a favorite.

The inside of the cafe is simple and clean, however slightly cold and clinical. We sat towards the back looking out at the entrance.

Inside the restaurant

For drinks we had the Vietnamese Coffee ($5) and the Jackfruit Smoothie ($6). The Vietnamese Coffee was nothing too special but the boy liked his Jackfruit Smoothie, real fruit flavor!

Vietnamese Coffee and Jackfruit Smoothie

The menu at Junkboat is a one pager but is all encompassing. They are rice paper rolls, a variety of entree and snacks, the popular Pho (Beef Hofan noodle soup), Bahn Mi Thit (Vietnamese baguettes), Vietnamese salads, Rice Vermicelli noodles and the Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes).

I spotted the Bahn Xeo ($15) and thought yes, I must try this! Having heard lots about the Banh Xeo but not actually tasted one before, it was a chance not to be missed! The boy had his Pho Tai Bo Vien ($13), the rare beef & beef ball hofan soup. He liked his bowl of noodle soup. He thought the soup had more herbs in it than others he had tasted. Sounded yum!

Pho - noodle soup

My Banh Xeo came in a bamboo basket and I eagerly dug into it. It was filled with shrimps, pork, beansprouts and spring onion. The filling was tasty and the crepe itself was crunchy on the outer parts. It was really good! I loved the range of salads on the side as well, it made me feel healthy finishing them off! :p

Banh Xeo

I was so excited about it that I brought my mum and sis back not too long after for dinner. We had the Pho Noodle Soup and Banh Xeo in addition to the following items on the menu.

  • Avocado smoothies ($6) – this was lacking in flavor, and more milky in taste

Avocado smoothies

  • Nem Nuong ($6 for two) – the Nem Nuong are grilled pork mince skewers, a popular Vietnamese snack. My friend was just telling me about this a few night prior so we had to order to try! I thought these were quite good but the same friend who came to check it out later thought she had better elsewhere. Obviously I’m no expert in Vietnamese cuisine!

Grilled pork mince skewers

  • Goi Du Du ($15) – paw paw salad with pork and prawn. This sounded special so we ordered it. It was quite refreshing but hot (spicy) on the palate, a torture for the sis. I liked the black sesame crackers that came with it.

Goi Du Du

All in all, I thought it was a great meal. Mum, like me thought the Banh Xeo was great! I think this will be my go to place for Banh Xeo unless I find some place else to replace it. Let me know if you have any recommendation! :)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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The Burger Bar at the Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth!


A couple of weeks ago the PFEs received an invitation from the Rockpool Bar & Grill to taste test their menu for the new concept Burger Bar they are introducing to the restaurant. How exciting! I couldn’t wait to find out what will be on offer! To add to the excitement, I walked into the restaurant and was introduced to the main man himself, Neil Perry AM! *squeal* I couldn’t believe it! Neil Perry was saying hi and talking to me!

We were seated not long after and Neil proceeded to introduce the concept of the new Burger Bar to us. I must say he is such a humble and engaging man, and such a great public speaker! Check out all the community and charity work he and the Rockpool Foundation is involved with here!

Neil Perry Cutting up a burger for us!

Wanting to build on the success of the famous David Blackmore full blood wagyu burger, Neil has expanded the offering to feature 10 different kinds of burgers. Using the classic wagyu burger as a base, he has created a cheese, bacon, Oz and chili version to choose from. Each burger varies slightly featuring a different key ingredients, whether it be gruyere cheese only or with the addition of bacon, beetroot or jalapeno chili. Neil also introduced the new Minderoo ‘Iron Fed” beef to the menu, which comes directly from Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s Minderoo Station near the Pilbara in North West Australia. Our very own WA beef!

The new menu below! Click here for a close up look.


The burgers!

David Blackmore burger Minderoo burger

We were each given a quarter of a burger to try. I was most excited about the Minderoo “Iron Fed” beef burger. It is supposed to high in minerality and tenderness, which imparts a strong, clean beef flavor. It is also supposed to be different to the wagyu burgers, more American in style, featuring onion, pickles, American cheese and Rockpool’s secret BBQ sauce. True to the description, the Minderoo burger is indeed quite light and not heavy on the palate. I like it!

Minderoo burger Minderoo burger

The option with the jalapeno chili packed a punch! It was great to try!

The new menu also features a few non-beef options including a crisp fried chicken burger, fried chickpea and tofu burger, hand cut fat chips and crisp fried onion rings. We managed to try some on the day.

Chicken burger Vegetarian burger Chips Onion rings

The alternatives were interesting but I think I prefer the beef burgers over them! Love how there is a vegetarian version though!

We were quite full by the time we finished but everybody agreed there is still room for dessert, a separate compartment we say. How true! :p

We were treated to a few of the signature desserts from Rockpool!

  • Creme Caramel ($21)

Creme caramel

  • Catherine’s Passionfruit Pavlova ($21)


  • Bahibe Chocolate Mousse Dacquoise with honeycomb, orange and aged balsamic ($23)

Bahibe choc mousse

  • From the Petit Fours, Passionfruit marshamallows ($8) and Salted butter caramels ($8)

Passionfruit marshmallows Salted butter caramels

And an additional Salted Caramel popcorn – last minute addition due to a request! Thank you Neil!


I couldn’t pick which was my favorite but if I absolutely have to choose, it would be the Creme Caramel and the Bahibe Chocolate Mousse. Super indulgent!

Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth is the first Rockpool Group restaurant to feature this new
burger concept and menu.

“We want to make the Burger Bar in Perth a destination in its own right, a popular place
where you can drop in for a casual lunch or dinner or a quick bite before you see one
of the great shows at Crown Theatre,” says Neil.

Rockpool Bar & Grill’s Burger Bar is open for lunch Sunday to Friday and dinner seven
days. Who’s going to try this?!

A big thank you to Crown Perth, Denise Cheir (GM, Public Relations) and Rockpool Bar & Grill, Neil Perry AM for the invite!

Narration: Miss L
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Chocolateria San Churro, Cockburn Gateway

San Churro outsideWebsite:

Chocolateria San Churro has become our favorite place for dessert following lunch or dinner around the Cockburn Central area! We headed over there after yumcha at Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant one afternoon looking for a caffeine hit! The San Churro here is another great outlet, everything was bright and cheery!

Inside San Churro

I had the Couverture Mocha ($6.50) while the boy had the Iced Spanish Latte ($6.95). They went down a treat! We were too stuffed to order any of the sweets or churros, would have loved to! Gotta wait for the next time!

Couverture MochaIced Spanish Latte

The next time came not long after when I received the “Share a Churros Week” email from San Churro last week where San Churro will donate $1 to Beyond Blue for every churros purchased. They will also double the donation if the picture is shared on Instagram. I got onto it straightaway! It helped with the buy one, get one free offer from the Entertainment Book! Yay!


My favorite sauce has always the caramel sauce, it is sweet but not too sickly sweet. Love it! The Churros ($8.95 for one) were just right, not too doughy as some outlets have them. Yummy! Can’t wait until the next time we come again!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Lezat, Willetton


Lezat is a Malaysia and Indonesia fusion restaurant located within Rostrata Centre along Rostrata Avenue in Willetton. It came highly recommended from my mum’s friend who lives around the area! Onto the foodie list it goes. When my mum and I were in Willetton one weekend, we took the opportunity to visit Lezat for dinner!

The restaurant setup is simple, almost bare and quite small in size, but I was there just for the food so I can’t complain too much in this area. We arrived early on a Saturday night and it was still quiet. It became much busier when we left.


The menu consists of a variety of noodles and rice dishes, hawkers style, along with a few great entree choices. Part of the menu shown below.


My mum ordered the Nasi Lemak ($9.90) while I finally decided on the Hokkien Mee ($9.90) after umm-ing and aah-ing for quite some time. There are a few dishes such as the Snapper fish fillet noodle soup and the Loh Mee that I wanted to try! It was so hard to choose!

Nasi Lemak Hokkien Mee

The Hokkien Mee arrived and I was in love! Cooked traditional Penang style, egg noodles with a dark fragrant sauce and lots of fried pork fat! I had to refrain myself from eating too much of the pork fat! There is also the ‘wok hei’ taste which authenticated this dish! Yum!

Lezat was a greaty discovery, hawkers food at very reasonable prices. Thanks for the recommendation Aunty E!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars
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