****Perth’s First Food Truck Festival****

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FoodTruckRumble

Let’s get ready to rumble! Last weekend saw the first of Perth’s food truck festival held at the Perth Cultural Centre, with food and drinks for sale from 16 different food trucks, ranging from pizza to Mexican to Brazilian to dude food to a whole range of desserts! It was a huge success with a massive turnout, thanks to Ai-Ling from the Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse who single-handedly organised the whole event. Great work girl!

I arrived late in the afternoon and there were long queues to most of the food trucks, with a few telling us that there will be a half hour wait for the food. My friends and I bit the bullet and stood in line, not wanting to miss out. While waiting, I met a few old uni friends that I haven’t seen in ages! It was a great way to catch up!

The following are some of the items we purchased on the day:

  • Comida Do Sul (Brazilian food truck) – this proved to be quite popular as the food was sold out by the time we got there. They were making a new batch of Coxinha ($3) which had a 15 minutes wait. My friend purchased the last one and was hungrily munching away while I was talking to him making me very envious. Boo! He said it was really good!

Comida Do Sul Coxinha
Comida do Sul - Brazilian Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

  • Mojito Cantina (Mexican food truck) – we had the Taco Shell Chicken ($6.50) and Tortilla Chicken ($8). They were good fillers!

Mojito Cantina Mojito Cantina Taco Shell with Chicken Tortilla with ChickenMojito Cantina on Urbanspoon

  • Jumplings Tasty Dumplings – this was one of my favorite food truck as I fell in love with their dumplings ever since I tried the Duck Dumplings from the Vic Park Farmers Market. They were just so fresh and tasty. I had the Chilli Crab Dumplings ($12) this time round and they were also very nice! Worth the wait!

Jumplings Tasty Dumplings Chilli Crab DumplingsJumplings Tasty Dumplings on Urbanspoon

  • The Merrywell Food Truck – I was quite excited about this food truck but the burgers didn’t turn out as nice as expected. We ordered the Mini Burgers ($10) and Merry Burger ($10). They tasted better at the actual restaurant. I’m not sure whether it was because there were too many orders and they had to rush to get the food out compromising on quality. They ran out of the Mac and Cheese Bites which was a pity.

Merrywell Food Truck Merrywell Menu Merry Burger Mini BurgerThe Merrywell Dude Food On Wheels on Urbanspoon

  • The Juicist - there were cold pressed juice on offer but we ended up with the Ginger Lemonade ($4.50). The syrup of ginger, lemon and honey was homemade using agave as the sweetener. I was quite skeptical with the syrup thinking that it would be too sweet but the Ginger Lemonade turned out really refreshing and it was not sweet at all. I really like it! Highly recommended!

The Juicist Ginger Lemonade

  • Churro Central – My friends were craving Churros so they ordered one each, one with chocolate sauce and the other caramel. I didn’t manage to try them but they looked good!

Churro Central Churros with choc sauce Churros with caramel sauceChurro Central on Urbanspoon

  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Truck – the reason why I didn’t get any churros was because I was saving stomach space to get some Ben & Jerry ice-cream! I first saw this in New York but did not get to try them until now. I had the medium cup consisting of 2 scoops ($6.90), the Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! and the New York Super Fudge Chunk. They were so good and creamy! Love all the nuts found in the New Your Super Fudge Chunk! There were pecans, walnuts and fudge covered almonds! Wow! Another highly recommended!

Ben & Jerry'sNew York Super Fudge & Coffee BuzzBuzz
Ben & Jerry's Scoop Wagon Perth on Urbanspoon

Besides the food and drinks truck, there were also activities for the kids and various performances throughout the day. I managed to catch the swing dance whilst waiting in line. Very entertaining!

Kids entertainment Kids entertainment Swing dance! 9c

All in all, it was a great event despite the long wait for food and drinks. There was a lovely buzz in the atmosphere and it was awesome to see people chilling and enjoying themselves with their family and friends!

Narration by: Miss L


****FORM: Public Art in the City****

Public HouseWebsite: http://www.form.net.au/2014/03/public-art-in-the-city/

The Public House was a two day festival held last weekend in Wolf Lane, showcasing some of the world’s best known street artists, with an outdoor gallery and creative pop-up installations strewn all over the laneway.  There was a huge crowd on the Friday night I was there. It was such a pleasing sight to see the support from the Perthians for this event! Pictures of some of the artworks are shown below! There were a few ‘out there’ artworks which I thought was cool. I especially like the multi-patterned and colourful wall at the end of the laneway which attracted a lot of passerby’s attention.

1a 1b 1c 1d 1e

By the time we finished admiring all the artworks we were famished! There are a few bars located along Wolf Lane, such as the Cheeky Sparrow and Bar de Halcyon, including the Wolf Lane bar itself. I had not been to the former two before so we headed there but unfortunately had to leave as there were both full! Packed to the brim full! We decided to go to the Stables Bar instead, another popular bar located not too far away.

The Stables Bar is located on Hay Street and as predicted was packed as well! Fortunately though we found a small table on the top floorl Yay! Time for some drinks and snacks. We had the Tropic Thunder ($17) – dark rum, apple, ginger and bitters, and also a specially made Toblerone ($17). The Toblerone is actually not in the cocktail menu but made especially by the bar staff due to my request. Such great service :) It was yummy as well and satisfied my craving! Thank you!

Tropic thunderSpecial Toblerone

We ordered the following from the All Day Grazing Menu, tapas style made for sharing!

  • Crumbed paprika pepper stuffed with chorizo paella ($14) – huge pepper stuffed with tasty paella, they were delicious! There were four pieces per dish.

Pepper with Chorizo Paella

  • Pulled pork sliders with red cabbage, pickled zucchini & chipotle mayonnaise ($15) – these were my favorites, with generous amount of pork pieces themed with an appetizing salad. I like the picket potato fries that came with them!

Pork sliders with red cabbage and pickled zucchini

  • Lemon battered fish tacos with wasabi mayonnaise & cabbage salad ($15) – these were average, the fish was slightly soggy on the inside and did not have much taste to them.

Fish Tacos with cabbage

Service was great and friendly at the Stables Bar! Will definitely be back to try the other dishes on the menu!

For the month of April 2014 and as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, the Stables Bar has two deals on offer, (1) Dessert Platter Special ($18), chef’s selection of 3 desserts, gluten free option available and (2) $10 Cocktail Special – Blueberry Pancake Cocktail, Woodford Reserve, Chambord butterscotch liquer, blueberry puree and maple syrup in fresh whipping cream.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The Stables Bar on Urbanspoon

After snacking at the Stables Bar, we headed back to the Wolf Lane to hang out and found a ‘Music Closet’ art that we missed the first time round. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience this artwork which proved to be very popular with the long list of people waiting in line to get into it. The idea behind the ‘Music Closet’ is that the person will go into a pitch black environment (the “closet”) and enjoy live singing from an artist singing into the closet.  The person will not see or know who the person singing to him/her is. I guess the point is to listen to music in its purest form and without any distraction? Quite artistic I thought!

By that time it was 9pm and people were packing up. We were still slightly peckish and headed to Laneway Lounge for another round of snacks and drinks! Laneway Lounge was also full but we found one last table in the main room *phew*. Loving the atmosphere and the live music!

I remembered that the cocktails here are quite special from a farewell I attended last month so I couldn’t wait to get another one to try. I had the Laneway Volcano Punch ($20), pampero anejo rum + apricot brandy + passion fruit + bitters & fresh pressed pineapple juice. This was sweet and delicious! I like it! There was smoke coming out from the cocktail to mimic a volcano :P Great gimmick!Laneway Volcano Punch Laneway Volcano Punch

My friend had the Lipstick Martini ($19), ketel one vodka + creme de violet + raspberry & rose mist + sparkling wine, served in martini glass with a lipstick smudge. This was even more special and befitting for a lady! Greater gimmick with the lipstick and alcoholic spray! I wonder whether anyone had ever taken the lipstick home? We didn’t! Hehe Lipstick MartiniLipstick Martini

We had a couple of simple snacks of Prawn ‘popcorn’ with chilli mayo ($15) and Duck liver parfait with black grapes, toasted almonds & grilled bread ($15) from the Love Bites section. The Duck liver parfait was lovely! The grapes and almonds tasted very fresh as well. Lots of bread to go with the parfait! Prawn popcorn!Duck Liver parfait

Service was great here too! I was very happy to encounter such attentive service at both places. Surely Perth can no longer be called dullsville now with such vibrant places to visit!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
The Laneway Lounge on Urbanspoon

****Entertainment Book 14|15 – Fundraising****

Dear All,

I (Miss L) am selling the Entertainment Book / Membership this year as a fundraiser for my church. :) We support orphanages in the Phillipines and Thailand and money raised will be going there and also to our building fund. I was helping out in the orphanage last year located in San Isidro, a remote village along the rivers of Dolores. It was heartfelt hearing stories of how the children came to the orphanage, but very much encouraged by their strength and outlook in life after going through so much hardship!

River of Life
Playing games Cute kids Boys in the orphanage

The Entertainment Membership costs $65 and we get $13 for every membership sold. The Entertainment™ Memberships include over $20,000 worth of valuable 2-for-1 and up to 50% offers from many of the best restaurants, arts, attractions, hotel accommodation, travel and much more! Check out their website for more details (Click here).

I’ve been buying one personally every year, and it is well worth the savings if you eat out alot like me! Check out some of the restaurants I’d been to using the discounts! I especially like the buy one, get one free deals!


This year you can get the membership digitally, so instead of going through the book and sometimes forgetting the card or voucher, you can just flash your phone! How awesome is that! For those who still want a hardcopy, the actual book itself, I can arrange for it to be picked up, either in the city or Malaga if you do not want to go for the postage option. Please email me at perthfoodengineers@gmail.com and also if you have any questions!

Follow the link below to purchase the membership!
Thanks all! -Miss L-

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen, Perth

Signature bird?Website: http://thepaintedbird.com.au/

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen is located in the Wesley Quarter, right alongside retail shops such as Giorgio Armani, Karen Millen, Metallicus etc. I remembered visiting this place a couple of times when it used to be the Quarter Restaurant. I’d only found out recently that there was a change in ownership when my BFF had dinner there one night and told me about it. The name The Painted Bird got stuck in my head as it is such a unique name!

It turned out that the people behind the Painted Bird are formerly of ecucina Restaurant, Chef Ben Toye (also of Darlington Estate Winery and Matilda Bay Restaurant) and Kat Milton, specialising in the delivery of contemporary selection of Modern Australian food with a “European accent”. Painted Bird is named after Chef Ben’s signature dish of duck leg confit, ‘painted’ with mustard and orange, and wrapped in puff pastry.  Too bad I didn’t get to try this tonight! Must keep it in mind for the next time!

I like the ambiance of the restaurant, very warm and inviting. It was quite empty when we arrived but became busier later in the night.

The Painted Bird Inside the Painted Bird

On this occasion I was dining here with my sister to sample the Eat Drink Perth (EDP) special offered by the Painted Bird found in the EDP passport throughout the month of April. The special consist of a main of Slow cooked Margaret River Skirt Steak, Grilled Tiger Prawns & a Vietnamese style salad PLUS a glass of Whicher Ridge 2009 Viognier all for $34. Thanks to the City of Perth for sponsoring our mains! A benefit for being one of the official blogger for the Eat Drink Perth Festival this year! :)

The Painted Bird Eat Drink Perth Special

We were offered an Amuse Bouche of polenta with tender beef and corn salsa to start. I liked the crunchy and tasty batter encompassing the fatty beef. Great appetizer! It also made me hungrier longing for my mains!

Amuse Bouche of polenta, beef and corn salsa

Next came my Eat Drink Perth special…the glass of Whicher Ridge Viognier – it was crisp and intensive in flavor!

Whicher Ridge Viognier

and my main of Slow Cooked Margaret River Skirt Steak, Grilled Tiger Prawns and Vietnamese Style Salad.

Main of Margaret River Steak with Tiger Prawns and Vietnamese salad Main of Margaret River Steak with Tiger Prawns and Vietnamese salad

I loved this dish! Tender and melted in the mouth steak pieces seated on top of some flavorsome juicy king prawns. The steak had apparently been slow-cooked for 48 hours! No wonder they were so succulent! What I liked the most was the Vietnamese salad, crisp and fresh with a sourish taste and crunchy nuts scattered throughout. Nice fusion of flavors!

My sister decided to go with the Homemade Squid Ink Linguine, spanner crab, local squid, garlic, chilli, parsley & pangrattato ($34) as her mains. She thought the dish was too hot (she can’t take hot food) and was very filling. There were generous amount of squid in the dish.

Squid Ink Linguine with crab and squid

We couldn’t leave without checking the dessert menu and ended up ordering the Chai Tea Creme Brulee, Mascarpone Kulfi, Lemon Doughnuts ($15) and the Chocolate and Salted Caramel Delice, Orange Gel, Malt Ice Cream, Peanut Praline ($15) to share between us.

Chai Tea Creme Brulee

The Chai Tea Creme Brulee was very different to what we were used to, with very prominent Indian spices dominating the dessert. It was not to my liking.

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Delice with Malt icre-cream

The Chocolate & Salted Caramel Delice with Malt Ice-cream tasted so much better! Even though I could not taste the salted caramel in the mousse,the strong chocolate flavor made up for it! :) I especially like the peanut praline that came with it. I love all things nutty!

Service was good at the Painted Bird, the waitstaff were attentive and friendly. We were offered complimentary Mini Churros with Chocolate Dipping just as we were about to leave, filling my stomach to the brim! It was an enjoyable dinner! :)

Mini Churros with chocolate dipping

For the month of April 2014 and as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, the Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen Public House is offering a special of Slow Cooked Margaret River Skirt Steak, Grilled Tiger Prawns and Vietnamese Style Salad with a glass of Whicher Ridge 2009 Viognier for $34. A great deal! 
The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen on Urbanspoon
Narration by Miss L


Public House Kitchen & Bar, East Perth

Website: http://www.publichouseperth.com.au/

The Public House Kitchen & Bar is a newly opened restaurant and bar located on Adelaide Terrace in East Perth, right below the building where I work. We had been longing for a nice restaurant to jazz up this part of the city and it certainly came true with the opening of Public House! With live entertainment on a Friday evening, it is a perfect place for after work drinks as well!

On this occasion, my colleagues and I headed there for lunch, excited to try something new! The Public House draws its influence from countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to create a South American experience for its patrons, a cuisine that I don’t get to try often hence the anticipation.

The restaurant has a huge alfreso area and I chose to sit here, on the high benches with a view of the coming in and going out of people from the building. I really like the open-aired concept of the place. Lovely ambiance for those who love the outdoors!
1 23

With a non-alcoholic policy during work hours, we could only order soft drinks to go with our lunch albeit the extensive drinks menu on offer.
Lemon lime bitters Coke
With our lunch, it was recommended that dishes are shared, a South American tradition (same with the Asian tradition!), which we willingly obliged. We ordered from different sections of the menu to make sampling more interesting :)

From the Mas Pequeno (smaller) section, the Yuca frita with smoked paprika mayo ($9).
Yuca Frita with smoked paprika mayoInside the Yuca Frita
Yuca is another term for cassava, a starchy tuberous root normally cooked as a traditional Asian cake in my culture. Now I know you can actually serve it as chips! They were yum and the smoked paprika mayo was something different as a sauce for the fritas. Quite exotic.

From the Compartido (shared) section, Ribs – the Cola fried chicken ribs with green onion & chilli salt ($15) and the Coffee & honey lamb ribs with mint & lime ($16).

Cola fried chicken ribs

Coffee & heavy lamb ribs with mint & lime

They were some delicious tasting ribs, finger-licking good! These were recommendations from a colleague who had dined here previously and boy were they flavorsome! The Coffee & honey lamb ribs were served on a wooden board with a brush to get extra sauce onto them. Special!

From the Meat Compartido section, we had the 12 hour smoked lamb shoulder with crispy chickpeas & green onion ($33) and the Slow cooked pork & crackle with pineapple and guava ($32).

12 hour smoked lamb shoulder with crispy chickpea

The lamb shoulder was tender, fell off the knife as we cut into it. Very tasty! Normally not a big meat eater, I must admit I went back for a second bite!

Slow cooked pork with crackles, pineapple and guava

Another melt-in-the mouth dish, the pork was moist and juicy, and I love the crunchy crackle on top! More for me please! The pineapple and guava lifted the heaviness from the meat. It was a great combination!

Lastly, from the Acompanamientos (sides) section, the Corn puree with charred corn salsa & chilli salt ($10) was a must order from my colleague. He almost licked the whole content in the bowl as he loved this so much! I enjoyed the popcorn and chunks of corn on the puree.

Corn puree with charred corn salsa & chilli salt

Service was great which added to the overall experience. The waitstaff was friendly and took time to banter with us. Overall, an enjoyable lunch and I was glad I could finally check this place out! Yay to South American cuisine!

For the month of April 2014 and as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, Public House is offering a “Nose to Tail” menu where one can experience different cuts of pork (choose from 4 dishes), matched with a bottle of WA’s Custard & Co. Cider for $35pp. Who’s going?!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Public House Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

****Chronicles of the Long Mac – City of Perth Coffee Shops****

Today marks the first day of the Eat Drink Perth Festival! Yay! As part of the festival this month, I plan to randomly visit various coffee shops in the City of Perth, mainly the ones near my workplace to sample my favorite coffee drink – the Long Macchiato. My other ulterior motive is that I have joined a health program at work which requires us to exercise daily and walking to get my coffee is a sure way to accumulate exercise minutes :)

I’ll be using my beloved Miu Miu wallet as a coffee cup measurement, its appearance will be frequent in this post :) My order will be a small Long Mac (8oz) with skim milk, topped up for consistency. I am by no way a coffee expert, comments are just my personal opinion and preference. I will add to this post as the month progresses, it will be fun :)

1) Bench Espresso (Cost $4.50)
Bench EspressoInside Bench EspressoLong MacComment: “Woody with a bitter after taste”
Exercise minutes: 10
Bench Espresso on Urbanspoon

2) Madlilys Espresso (Cost $4.30)
Madlilys Espresso Madlilys Espresso - inside Long Mac from Madlilys EspressoComment: “Earthy flavor, good after taste however not topped up completely”
Exercise minutes: 20
Madlilys Espresso on Urbanspoon

3) Mo Espresso (Cost $4)
3_MoEspresso0 3_MoEspresso1 3_MoEspresso3Comment: “Earthy and a mild musky flavor, smooth on the palate”
Exercise minutes: 24
Mo Espresso on Urbanspoon

4) La Veen Coffee & Kitchen (Cost $3.80)
4_LaVeen0 4_LaVeen1 4_LaVeen2
Comment: Love the fluoro green coffee lid! Coffee is from 5 Senses and was smooth on the palate
Exercise minutes: 40
La Veen Coffee & Kitchen on Urbanspoon

5) Lowdown (Cost $3.50)
5_LowDown0 5_LowDown1 5_LowDown2Comment: “Mild coffee flavor. I like it!”
Exercise minutes: 36
Lowdown on Urbanspoon

6) Coffee Club (Cost $4.50)
6_CoffeeClub0 6_CoffeeClub1 6_CoffeeClub2
Comment: “Cup looked bigger than the normal small coffee, tasted ordinary, easy on the palate”
Exercise minutes: 8
The Coffee Club Adelaide Terrace on Urbanspoon

7) Coffee Live (Cost $3.70)
7_CoffeeLive0 7_CoffeeLive1 7_CoffeeLive2
Comment: “Strong and intense in flavor, Fiori beans. Love the grungy look of the shop”
Exercise minutes: 20
Location: Inside Equus Arcade, Perth CBD

8) PERC (Cost $3.50)
8_Perc0 8_Perc1 8_Perc2
Comment: “Strong with a slight fruity taste”
Exercise minutes: 14
PERC on Urbanspoon

9) Standing Room Only (Cost $3.80)
9_SRO0 9_SRO1 9_SRO2
Comment: “Strong with bitter after taste, was informed that they do not top up the milk right up to the top. Great that they made the effort to tell me!”
Exercise minutes: 30
Standing Room Only on Urbanspoon

10) Pulp (Cost $4.30)
10_Pulp0 10_Pulp1 10_Pulp2
Comment: “Strong with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor. Quite different!”
Exercise minutes: 18
Pulp on Urbanspoon

11) Infusion Coffee and Tea ($4.30)
11_Infusion0 11_Infusion1 11_Infusion3
Comment: “No small size, only regular but at the same price as some of the small sized cup such as Bench Espresso, Madlilys Espreso, Pulp etc. Strong coffee!”
Exercise minutes: 22
Infusion coffee and tea on Urbanspoon

12) E-Sense on Adelaide Terrace ($4.20)
12_e-sense 12_esense1
Comment: “Musky and earthy, dense flavor!”
Exercise minutes: 4
E-Sense On Adelaide Terrace on Urbanspoon

13) TBA… :)

Narration by: Miss L

****Taste the Crunch Jazz Apple Cocktail Event****

Jazz Apples launchWebsite: http://www.jazzapple.com.au/

The PFEs were invited to an event recently for the launch of an apple. Yes, you heard right, an apple! My interest was piqued especially as it was held at Bistro Guillaume in the Crown Perth Hotel. There would be Jazz Apple cocktails, Bistro Guillaume’s bespoke Jazz Apple canapes and a taste of the first season’s Jazz Apples from the orchard. I was excited!

Bistro Guillaume was beautifully decorated on the night, with Jazz Apples strewn all over the restaurant. I love the huge barrel of Jazz Apples located at the entrance. So inviting!

Bistro Guillaume Lovely barrel of Jazz Apples More Jazz apples in every corner of the place!

Jazz Apples deco Jazz Apples! Nice!More deco Lovely! Beautiful!

We were spoilt for choices with drinks! We went with the Jazz Apple Martini and Jazz Apple Cocktail. They were refreshing!

Apple Martini and Apple CocktailSome of the Jazz Apple inspired canapes on offer that night included the Salmon Tartare, Duck Confit, Chicken Liver Parfait and Pork Belly!

Salmon Tartare with Jazz Apple julienne Duck confit with Jazz Apple Pork belly with Jazz Apple Chicken liver parfait with Jazz Apple

I was looking forward to the speeches to find out more about the Jazz Apples! What I heard was an inspirational story from the Montague family and their staff. Humble beginnings but with perseverance and tenacity, had made Jazz Apples as successful as what it is now. Hats off to all the growers and farmers working hard across Australia to provide us with great local produce! Jazz Apples were described as aromatic, crispy and sweet, with lineage from a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples. I made a mental note to get some from the markets to try when they are out in April!

Jazz Apple - Montague Jazz Apple - MD

The launch ended with a couple of lovely desserts – the Jazz Apple Creme Brulee and Jazz Apple Jelly. The creme brulee was awesome, had a few of those!

Jazz Apple Creme Brulee Jazz Apple Jelly

We were given a box of Jazz Apples to taste as we left! How thoughtful of them! Thank you!

Box of Jazz Apples!

I was telling my colleagues the next day about this event and their interests were piqued as well as they have not heard of this type of apple before. What I did with the box of Jazz Apples was to have a tasting of my own. Comments were collected from my family, my colleagues and my sister’s colleagues!

Jazz Apple! Tasting begins!

“Fresh and juicy”

“Thick skinned but crunchy”

“Crisp and acidic”

“Fresh and crispy with a sour taste”

“Sweet and crunchy”

“Initially tasty but flavor dissipates”

For myself personally, I liked the crunchiness and juiciness from the Jazz Apple and its firm flesh. It was not as sweet as expected but I have a feeling it is because it had not fully ripen with the green hues in the flesh.

Thanks to Jazz Apples for the event, and the Media Moguls for the invite! 

Jazz Apples are due in store mid-April and will be available in all major supermarkets and food retailers nationally. Jazz Apples are grown in Batlow (NSW), Huon Valley (TAS), Adelaide Hills (SA), Stanthorpe (QLD), Manjimup (WA), Northern Tasmania and Southern Victoria.

Narration by: Miss L