Which Weight Loss Plan Works Best?

When it comes to weight loss plans, there are certainly millions of them on the market today. As you begin to research the best weight loss plan for you, it is always best to start with your body type. it is also important to know how physically active you are. If you are beginning a weight loss plan, then it should be a plan that is easy to follow and does not require a lot of exercises that you may not yet be capable of doing. And with any weight loss plan, you will need to always check with your primary care physician to ensure that your body is capable of handling the daily rigors that the weight loss plan will put you through.


1)  The Mayo Clinic Diet – A personalized diet that is tailored for the individual user, with customized meal plans that help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

2)  Nutri-system– A 4 week plan that is delivered to your doorsteps with dietitians and counselors for any questions that you may have about the plan.

3)  South Beach Diet – Another mail delivery plan with apps and tips that help you stay on track. The South Beach diet allows frequent eating to help build up your metabolism rate, while allowing you to easily lose calories and weight.

4)  Medifast – The Medifast diet plan offers nutritionists offered weight loss plans with balanced meals that leave you full and satisfied, while eating less and losing weight.

5)  Bistro Md – Concentrating on eating quality foods instead of eating less, the BistroMd plan is delivered to your doorstep for healthy eating.

6)  Green blender – This plan offers high quality smoothies throughout the day for eating foods that are easier to digest, while promoting healthy weight loss. The plan offers a delivery plan right to your door.

7)  Diet to Go – This meal plan is delivered to your door for thirty days and offers a health coach, dietitian and nutritious balanced meals on the go.

These diet plans are great for the individual because it offers control of the amount of food eaten, a balanced diet with all of the major food groups and a management process that is needed when wanting to reduce calories and lose weight. Experts agree that any plan that increases your metabolism rate will also help you to lose weight faster. A great way to do this is to eat smaller portions of foods at least six times per day. And while eating healthy is always important, every weight loss plan will work better if you can add exercise to the program. You can begin slowly, walking, swimming or just stretching and getting prepared for a more vigorous exercise program.

As you choose your weight loss diet plan, you will certainly want to choose one that is uniquely designed for you. Remember to stick with your weight loss plan as you begin to eat better and add a doctor approved exercise program. It takes time for your body to get adjusted to eating healthy foods, particularly if you have been eating fast foods or other unhealthy foods. The best weight loss plan that works is the one where you begin feeling your best. You will notice a difference in your body and in your higher energy level that the weight loss program will give.

Remember to do your research with each of these plans, but they should certainly be on your short list for purchase. You will also want to consider your budget and see which weight loss plan fits best into the cost that you want to pay. Also, look at reviews and ratings from other consumers for the weight loss plans/programs that you are considering. This will give you a great indicator on how well they work on body types that are similar to yours. And as suggested earlier, always keep your primary care physician knowledgeable about your weight loss plan. Your physician knows your body well and will be able to help you structure a weight loss plan that is best suited for you and your body type. Once you make the decision on which weight loss plan works best for you, make sure and write a journal of your weight loss journey to keep you on track even years down the road.