Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant, Northbridge

The PFEs received an invitation recently from Merrick, owner of the Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant to check out their restaurant which had opened just 6 months ago. Specializing in Chinese food, Szechwan style, it is a style of food with spicy bold flavors resulting from the copious use of garlic and the unique Sichuan pepper in the dishes. The Szechwan flavors have not been that common in Perth but I have noticed a few restaurants popping up serving this cuisine in the city and Victoria Park over the last few months. I was happy to give it a go, fingers crossed that my tongue/taste bud can take the spiciness! I invited two of my close friends to join me, both of them great cooks themselves and lovers of spicy food!

The Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant is located inside the William Street square in Northbridge. It used to be Teochew Palace in days long past and after that Four Seasons Roasting Duck Restaurant. I did not know that Four Seasons had closed down until I received this invitation! Szechwan Zen had since renovated the restaurant and there’s a big crab sign out front, very hard not to miss!

Big Crab Szechwan Zen

The inside of the restaurant is clean and spacious!Inside the restaurant Inside the restaurant

We ordered a pot of tea while deliberating on the menu, there were so many dishes to choose from and they all looked delicious! It is a pictured menu which made choosing so much harder!

Pot of tea

After scanning through the menu, I noticed that there was a good mixture between spicy and non-spicy food so that people who can’t take spicy food won’t miss out! The dishes are coded with symbol of chilies next to them to indicate the level of spiciness, the more chilies there are, the hotter the dish. We had tried to order as many different/daring dishes as possible! Here goes!

  • Shredded chicken breast and jellyfish salad ($10.80 for a medium) – the jellyfish was crunchy and al dente just the way I like it. The sauce was not too hot even though there were lots of chili pieces from the look of it.

Shredded chicken and jellyfish

  • Lamb ribs with special spicy sauce ($25.80) – this was a very tasty dish but became too spicy for me after awhile. The Sichuan peppercorn flavor was prominent. My two friends loved this and commented that this would go down well with a bottle of beer. They loved it so much they even took the leftovers home. Definitely a dish for those who love spicy food!

Lambs ribs with spicy sauce

  • Crumbed prawns ($24.80) – this was my favorite dish, I loved the big crumbed juicy prawns which were topped with a dollop of mayonnaise and crunchy flakes. Deep fried goodness! This dish was not spicy at all. There was a fruit salad that came with it which came to good use for me to cool down my mouth after the Lamb Ribs! :p

Crumbed Prawns

  • Crunchy cucumber with garlic paste ($6.80) – this was a cooling dish we ordered in case if anything became too spicy for us. Another dish that came to good use for me, it tasted slightly pickled but refreshing.

Crunchy cucumber with garlic paste

  • Braised potato beans and egg plant ($16.80) – a non-spicy vegetable dish, it was flavorsome with a twinge of Sichuan peppercorn flavor. We liked this!

Braised potato beans and eggplant

  • Spicy oiled noodle with pork ($4.80) – this was quite nice and I believe a signature noodle Szechwan dish.

Spicy oiled noodle with pork

To help us to cool down further, we finished off with a Taro Milk Tea and Coconut Water ($4 each).

Drinks to cool us down!

All in all, it was a great meal for me despite the spiciness of some dishes. They were generous in size  and there seemed to be quite a few dishes in the menu which are uncommon to those one find at the usual Chinese Restaurant. Szechwan Zen also serves fresh seafood and has big water tanks housing a variety of seafood including the snow crab. I spied a special whole fish dish with lotus root that was quite popular with the patrons there. I must order that the next time I go! I always like to try something different! Thank you for the hospitality!

Narration: Miss L
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Concert: Thriller Live + Dining at the Crown Perth

Thanks to ACMN, the PFEs were invited to blog about the Thriller Live concert that is currently playing at the Crown Theatre Perth. The Thriller Live show is a spectacular concert created to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson! It is now in its record breaking 6th year of show after opening in the Lyric Theatre in London on 2 January 2009 to rave reviews. Thriller Live has celebrated its 5th birthday in the West End, embarked on a world tour and a sell-out UK arena tour, played over 3000 shows globally to 2.5 million fans, visited over 26 countries and entered the West end record books by becoming the longest running show in the Lyric Theatres in 125 year history, and now it is in Perth!

No doubt I was excited about the event and was looking forward to it the whole week!

Thriller Live BoothThriller Live - foyer

Inside the theater, the show is about to start!Thriller Live - opening!

The running time for the show is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Some of the highlights of the show for me were:
  • Michael Jackson’s hit songs brought back to life, Blame it on the Boogie, I’ll Be There, They Don’t Care About Us, Black or White, Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller and many more, and with that flashback memories of my teenage and young adult years!;
  • Heart-rending version of I’ll Be There by one of the female vocal leads Samantha Johnson, she has such an amazing and powerful voice, it almost brought tears to my eyes;
  • The great dance choreography and of course nothing can beat the “Moonwalk” and all the signature dance moves by Michael Jackson. Prepare to be deafened by screams from the audience;
  • The live band! They were playing on stage behind a screen which I thought was different from the usual concert/play I had attended. I loved how they were acknowledged a number of times throughout the concert!;
  • Interaction with the crowd, I spied a 5 year old dancing vigorously in front of me, body roll and all to the beat, it was so entertaining to watch;
  • And lastly, nothing can beat the nostalgic feelings you get as each song is performed, I can’t help but think what it would be like if Michael Jackson was still here with us.

Overall it was awesome entertainment and a fun night out. I was at the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil tour the previous year and I think I prefer this concert to that. Although the concept is totally different so a direct comparison can’t be made between the two, nothing beats live singing and dancing for me!

The Thriller Live last show is on the 21 December 2014. There is still time to catch it! Tickets can be booked through Ticketek. Don’t miss out!



Before the concert, my sister and I decided to have a quick dinner at the Merrywell. I had wanted to check out La Vie, the champagne lounge but were disappointed when the staff told us that they only have tapas style of food there. We were famished at the time so we decided to go to Merrywell instead.

It was super busy at Merrywell and we had to make a few rounds before finding a table to settle into. We had the following for dinner:

  • BBQ Duck Sloppy Joes 3pc ($21) with sriracha slaw on steamed bao buns. Although a bit ‘sloppy’ looking, these tasted delicious. Chunks of BBQ duck with some sort of hoisin marinade, right up my alley!

BBQ Duck Sloppy Joe

  • Fried Chicken & Jalapeno Corn Waffles ($29) – grilled corn tomato salsa, agave maple syrup and smoked paprika. This has changed since the last time I had this at the Merrywell a couple of years back, I remembered buttered red velvet waffles previously. I prefer the old version than this. Still a good dish though.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

  • Half a Lobster Tail ($15 with each main meal) – the lobster tail was a special that can only be ordered with a main. The lobster tail was lightly grilled which was sufficient as the flesh was so juicy and sweet that it didn’t need more cooking. I’m glad I ordered this as it was yum!

Half Lobster Tail

  • Onion Rings ($7) – can’t go wrong with this, super crunchy and appetising. I can have the whole serve myself!

Onion Rings

There seemed to be a few new additions to the menu from my last visit, I love how the menu is constantly updated so that we can try new things! Merrywell never disappoints!
The Merrywell on Urbanspoon

As we had some spare time before the concert started, we headed over to Cotta for some dessert. We decided on a Vanilla Latte and the Mango Creme Lime ($6.90) to share as we were too full to have one each. A nice finish to our dinner at the Crown Perth!

Mango Creme Lime
Cotta Cafe on Urbanspoon

Narration by Miss L

****Margaret River Gourmet Escape – Food for Thought****

As part of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape Festival, various Satellite Events and Fringe Events as well as the Gourmet Village were organised over the weekend.  Set in over 20 stunning locations, and joined by world class culinary talent and local experts, there was something to whet every palate. The PFEs were offered tickets to one of the Satellite Event, Food for Thought presented by Breville, thanks to Bright Communications.

The Food for Thought events are sessions hosted by Australia’s Matt Preston and food critic, A.A Gill as they talk to some of the world’s finest chefs and tackle a range of controversial food topics. The sessions were held at Voyager Estate, situated right next to Leeuwin Estate. Each session came with a menu of gourmet bites accompanied by matched wine. Pretty sweet!

Given a choice of which session to attend, I decided on the one with the topic “Cooking for the Stars” held on the last day of the festival. The main reason I chose this session was because Heston Blumenthal will be one of the chefs on the panel! I got so excited just thinking about seeing him in real life! The other chefs on the panel were Clare Smyth of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Sat Bains who were not that familiar to me.

On arrival, we were seated inside the beautiful marquee set up especially for the event on the lawns of Voyager Estate. It was already quite full but we managed to sit reasonably close to the front, poised for Heston. :p

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

On the menu for gourmet bites were the Voyager Estate lamb slider, Lime & chilli barbequed prawn and Arancini ball. For something sweet, there were also the Turkish Delights. We nibbled on these while we waited for the session to start. The Arancinin ball and BBQ’d prawns were delicious!Gourmet Bites

Turkish Delights

On the way in I also picked up a glass of the Voyager Estate 2011 Girt by Sea Cabernet Merlot.

Voyager Estate Girt By Sea Cab Merlot

Then I spotted the coffee stations on the side of the marquee and went for a coffee. That was when I realised Heston and the other chefs were standing outside the marquee waiting to be introduced. Aaaaahhhh!! Screaming on the inside!

Coffee stationCan you spot Heston?!The chefs and Matt Preston waiting outside the marquee

The chefs were finally ushered in, seated and the “interview” began. What the three chefs have in common are the Michelin star(s) under their possession, and this session was a frank discussion about what it means to be awarded a Michelin star, the most coveted and highest achievement in fine dining. Various questions were posed, the most interesting regarding how it feels to be put on a pedestal of being Michelin-starred and having to stay there. All three chefs felt the pressure of being awarded the prestigious Michelin star and took a long time to be comfortable enough not to strive to maintain the status and to be true to themselves.

The guest chefs

We were entertained as well with a recollection of a story of how Heston was alleged to have kicked Gordon Ramsay out of his restaurant. It turned out to be an internal dispute between Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay who were both dining at Heston’s restaurant at the same time and the former not wanting the latter to be there. Heston was then asked to “handle” the situation. Surely such story was scandalous in nature but it must have been common knowledge to all to be told in public.

The full panel

There were also talks about bringing the Michelin star rating into Australia and the move of the Fat Duck to Australia.

The afternoon at Voyager Estate was an entertaining and eye-opening session into the world of the Michelin-starred chefs. It was awesome to hear Heston live especially his description of the intricate processes involved in creating the iconic hot and cold tea palate cleanser at the Fat Duck. Another highlight was to find out more about Clare Smyth, the first female British chef to hold and retain 3 Michelin stars! The only regret I had was not being able to take a photo with Heston as they left pretty much straight after the Q&A slot! Hoping for another opportunity next time for a photo!

Narration by: Miss L
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****Margaret River Gourmet Escape – Gourmet Village****

Gourmet Village!Website:

2014 is the year that I finally made it to the Gourmet Escape festival! The PFEs had been helping to promote the festival over the last couple of years but had never been able to visit due to timing clashes. This year I decided to attend the Gourmet Village with my family as part of my birthday celebration. A big thank you to the Gourmet Escape organisers for sending us some entry tickets to the Gourmet Village Sunday afternoon session!

The Gourmet Village is really the heart of the Margaret River Gourmet Escape festival. It is described as “a buzzing world of culinary excitement and the perfect opportunity to experience the delectable delights the region has to offer. It’s where the celebrity chefs come together across an action packed weekend program filled with cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, masterclasses, intimate Q&A’s and panel discussions. One can explore, indulge and share in some of Australia’s best produce from Western Australia”. Awesome!

We arrived 1/2 hour earlier than the starting time and there was already a queue out front! I was very excited! It didn’t take long before we got in. We proceeded to get some GEMs which are the official village currency used to purchase dishes and drinks at the event. 1 GEM = $7. Restaurants, bars and exhibitors that sell food and drink to be consumed at the event can only accept GEMs, while both GEMS and cash can be used to purchase products which can be taken home. OK, got it!

All loaded up with our GEMs, we made our way to the “Restaurants” stalls. Here are some of the dishes we tried…

Xanadu WinesThe Farm House” free range pork croquette, remoulade, apple, celery leaf (1 GEM). This was quite tasty, jam packed with pork, there was no fillers as far as I can tell. The salad was refreshing.

Xanadu Wines Xanadu Wines - pork croquette
Xanadu Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Apple Daily Bar & Eating HouseSmoked ocean trout from Huon with green mango salad, nim jam (1 GEM). This was one of my favorite, with the smoky flavor from the trout infusing into the sourish mango salad. Loved the cracklings that came with it!

Apple Daily Bar & Eating House Apple Daily Bar & Eating House - smoked ocean trout
The Apple Daily Bar & Eating House on Urbanspoon

Leeuwin EstateGrilled mushroom slider, chipotle mayonnaise, parmesan (1 GEM). Huge field mushroom which basically filled up the entire mini slider. Not bad!

Leeuwin EstateLeeuwin Estate - grilled mushroom slider
Leeuwin Estate Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Cowaramup FoodBBQ’d lime salt WA tiger prawns, family grown snow pea and sugar snap salad, aioli (1 GEM). This was the dish of the day for me, the tiger prawns were grilled to perfection and were so juicy. I had to get two to satisfy my cravings!

Cowaramup Food - BBQ'd lime salt WA tiger prawns

Besides being able to enjoy a taster from some of WA’s most esteemed restaurants, there are a whole lot of activities going on in the Gourmet Village as well. There was the Siemens Chef’s Theatre where many culinary identities showcase series of live cooking demonstrations and panel discussions. Here were Sat Bains (Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms, Nottingham) and Jock Zonfrillo (Orana & Street-ADL, Adelaide) being interviewed by Poh Ling Yeow from Masterchef! Quite entertaining!

Siemens Chef Theatre

There was also Masterchef star Julia Taylor running the Lurpak Table Talks, demonstrating how to “weave your magic” into any recipe in a series of 30 minute cooking demonstrations focusing on simple, local quality ingredients. This was the Conchiglie pasta, beurre noisette and local greens session. She looked so good!

Lurpak Table Talks

Having satisfied my tummy and curiosity with all the foodie talks, I turned my attention to the Exhibitors so that I can buy some goodies home! There were so many Exhibitors there (I think over 100), I didn’t know where to look! Here are a few I visited on the day before I had to rush off to a satellite event, Food for Thought at the Voyager Estate.

Gulliver's Tea Gulliver's Tea

  • This Little Pig Went to Market, a business who delivers gourmet recipe meal kits to your door! I had the taster of kale quinoa beetroot salad, it was delicious!

This Little Pig went to market This Little Pig went to market

  • The Juicist, cold pressed, nutrient rich, fresh, raw juices. We taste tested the G1 – leafy greens, apple, zucchini, celery and lemon. It actually tasted quite good and refreshing which was a good indicator for me as the G1 made up the majority of the two days Yogi Cleanse I ordered from the Juicist the following week.

The Juicist The Juicist

  • Bites by D Gourmet Cupcakes

Bites by D Gourmet Cupcakes Bites by D Gourmet Cupcakes

  • The Honeycake, delicious combination of light honey flavored layers and smooth milky caramel topped with ground walnuts. I can’t get enough of this. A must buy at every festival!

The Honeycake The Honeycake

  • Karvan Coffee, love this coffee stall! It was so busy on the day!

Karvan coffee Karvan coffee

  • Great Southern Truffles, stocking up on all the truffles product. They were selling a gift pack for $25 consisting of the oil, mustard and salt. Christmas gift sorted!

Great Southern Truffle Great Southern Truffle

  • Duck Duck Mother Goose, specializes in fine food range of chutneys, relish and jams using locally grown produce. I bought a Beetroot Relish from them and it was delish in my salad. Very happy to discover this!

Duck Duck Mother Goose

  • Manjimup Farmers Market – we also bought a pumpkin chutney from here and it was delicious as well! Loving all these local products!

Manjimup Farmers Market

Audi was one of the major partner of the Gourmet Escape and there was a VIP Oasis set up overlooking the beautiful surrounds and vibrant atmosphere of the Gourmet Village. There was free flowing sparkling wine and water in the Oasis which was a great escape for us when we needed a rest!


Overall, attending the Gourmet Village was such a great experience! Loved the ambiance, the buzz, the talk shows and most importantly the variety of food and drinks available there. I hope to visit again next year with more time allocation to see all the other stalls I had missed out on!

Narration by: Miss L

Cowaramup Bakery, Cowaramup

Cowaramup BakeryOn our way to the Margaret River Gourmet Village on Sunday, we stopped by at the Cowaramup Bakery to get a few snacks, not knowing how long we would have to wait in line before we could buy some food at the Gourmet Village. My friend had recommended the Margaret River bakery for their salted caramel donuts but unfortunately they do not open on Sundays. I looked through Urbanspoon and found Cowaramup Bakery, located on Bussell Highway enroute to Margaret River. Very convenient.

Cowaramup Bakery was quite busy when we arrived. I surveyed the shop and found that their specialty seemed to be the pies and rolls. A lot of people were queuing up to get their pies! There were a number of varieties to choose from, they even have a Red Thai Chicken Curry Pie!

Inside Cowaramup Bakery Pie and roll list

I was tempted to get the Red Thai Chicken Curry Pie but decided against it after my mum’s friend’s commented that she wouldn’t get it in case the curry sauce doesn’t agree with the stomach. True that, I wouldn’t want to be having the runs at the Gourmet Village! I chose the safe option of a Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie ($6). Glad I did! The pie was good, with a great pie crust and plentiful in filling, I like the inclusion of some chopped vegetables and herbs in the filling. Yum!

Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie Cowtown Chunky Steak Pie

My mum shared a Pepper Steak Pie ($6) with her friend as they didn’t want to get too full before going to the Gourmet Village. I like how they differentiate the pie by loading one side of the top with peppers! That portion of the pie would sure be a hot bite! Mum said she liked the pie from the Miami Bakehouse better than what she had. I couldn’t really comment as I don’t eat the pies from Miami Bakehouse too often. Mine just tasted good in itself.

Steak Pepper Pie Steak Pepper Pie

I couldn’t resist getting something sweet at the bakery and bought a Fruit Flan ($4.70) to share. Chockers with fruits!

Fruit Flan

Our coffees came as we finished the pies which was good timing as we could wonder around Cowaramup, coffees in hand. There are lots of life size statues of cows everywhere in Cowaramup, everyone got excited and wanted to take a photo with one. :p I was glad to be the photographer.


It was great to have visited Cowaramup Bakery that day as I always like to try the food and support the bakeries in the countryside. Hope I can be back again one day!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant, Busselton

The Deck MarinaWebsite:

Entertainment Card 14/15: One complimentary main course when another main course is purchased (up to a value of $45)

This year, my family and I decided to make the trip to Margaret River to attend the Gourmet Escape Festival. Unfortunately the decision was made a bit late and we found most of the accommodation in Margaret River were fully booked by the time we got round to searching for it! A sign of how popular the Gourmet Escape festival has become! We managed to book a chalet in Busselton instead which is about an hour’s drive from Margaret River. We headed down on the Saturday afternoon and arrived in Busselton just in time for dinner.

Not being familiar with Busselton, I looked into the Entertainment Book to check out where we could dine and found the Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant, located next to the Port Georgraphe Marina. The Deck Marina specialises in local seafood and produce which was perfect for me. It looked quite new and had a cosy and homely atmosphere about it.

Inside the Deck Marina Inside the Deck Marina

The menu looked quite extensive with another Specials of the Day menu offered to us as well. We had the following for dinner…

  • Soup of the Day with Ciabatta bread ($12.50) – the soup of the day was the Seafood Chowder. We ordered two serves to share between the four of us and the waitstaff kindly divided the soup into four bowls when she found out our intention to share! Talk about great service, my mum and her friend were very impressed! The soup was creamy and delicious, full of seafood and vegetable pieces. Yum!

Seafood Chowder - 1/2 serve Ciabatta Bread

  • King Snapper Fillet with Exmouth Prawns ($35) with ginger croquettes, broccolini and sauce soubise. This was a dish from the Specials of the Day menu and all three of us on the table ordered this. Right choice made by all as the dish was delicious! Juicy prawns, crunchy croquettes and tender fish fillet with a flavorsome sauce. The portion was quite generous as well.

King Snapper fillet with Exmouth prawns King Snapper fillet with Exmouth prawns

  • Prosciutto wrapped Chicken Breast ($32) served with mushroom risotto and sage burnt butter. I ordered this just to try a different dish from the King Snapper Fillet which was such a popular choice. I like this dish as well. The risotto was cooked well, creamy and flavorsome. The chicken breast was moist on the inside as well. I couldn’t finish the whole dish though as the portion was quite big.

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with mushroom risotto

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with mushroom risotto

We had wanted to order the desserts from the Specials of the Day menu, they had the Sticky Date Pudding and Creme Brulee but unfortunately the waitstaff told us right from the start that those were sold out. I was disappointed to say the least! No Sticky Date Pudding for me :( The other desserts on the menu didn’t look that appealing after that.

All in all, we had a great dinner. Loved the food, service and ambiance of the restaurant. It was good value as well with the deal from the Entertainment Card! Coincidentally my friends headed down that way the following week and I suggested for them to dine at the Deck Marina. They told me the restaurant was able to accommodate 14 of them on short notice, once again proving the great service there!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Deck Marina Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Divido, Mount Hawthorn


Entertainment Card 14/15: 25% off (up to a value of $40)

Divido is a casual yet chic Italian restaurant located on Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn. I have heard the name mentioned over the years but have yet to try it until recently when I was looking for a place to dine to catch up with my ex-colleagues. She had wanted Italian cuisine so I grabbed the opportunity to suggest Divido.

Divido is a medium sized restaurant with stylish decor and an intimate setting. The warm lighting created a nice ambiance and we settled in quickly after a long days work.

Inside Divido

As I have not seen my ex-colleagues for awhile now, it took us ages before we placed our order. We were too busy yakking away. Thanks to the waitstaff who was ever so patient with us!

For starters, we had:

  • Shallow Fried Baby Calamari ($21) – with lemon aioli and pickled vegetable giardiniers (Italian pickled vegetables).

Shallow Fried Baby Calamari

The Baby Calamari was indeed as the name suggested, baby (in size!). I had to grab a few pieces at one go to feel like I’m chewing on something. That said, it was crisp and delicious. The lemon aioli was divine!

  • Prosciutto Di Parma – aged 16 months ($22) – with Italian buffalo mozzarella and local asparagus

Prosciutto Di Parma

I was not too keen on this as I thought it would be too salty but it turned out not! The Prosciutto was tasty and as they were very thinly sliced, it was not overpowering. Love the mozzarella and asparagus combo.

  • Handmade sourdough, olive oil & balsamic ($8)

Handmade sourdough

I was surprised that the Sourdough turned out so flat but it still tasted good! I hungrily chomped down on it as I was famished by then.

We deliberated over the mains and decided to order the following to share:

  • Wood Roasted Half Duck ($40) with buckwheat polenta, mustard fruits, spring onion and porcini sauce

Wood Roasted Half Duck

Excellent dish, crispy skin duck swimming in an an abundant porcini sauce, the meat was tender and melted in the mouth. I like the less heavy polenta served as the base, a great alternative to mashed potatoes!

  • Wood Roasted Lamb Shoulder for 2 ($85) with shaved fennel salad and potato parmigiana

Wood Roasted Lamb Shoulder

This was amazing and the highlight of the evening! We were told that the Lamb Shoulder had been slow-cooked for 48 hours before roasted for another 40 minutes in the oven. The meat was so tender, it fell away just by applying the slightest pressure. The best thing about this was that the exterior was still crispy due to the roasting. Yum! The two sides shone on its own merit as well. Creamy and cheesy potato parmi balanced with a refreshing fennel salad. The perfect dish!

By the end of the meal, the three of us only managed to finish half of each dish. The waitstaff offered to put them in a doggy bag for us. How kind! I did not expect such a service in an Italian restaurant! Lunch sorted for tomorrow!

We should have left by then but after mulling for awhile, we decided to order desserts! As any true dessert foodie would know, there is always this extra space in the stomach allocated just for dessert no matter how full you are. This “space” was calling out to us to share some desserts!

We ordered the Fritule ($15) and Vanilla Pannacotta ($15) to share.


The Fritule are Croatian doughnuts served with blood orange, caramel sauce and milk crumb. It was delightful and luckily not too big a serving otherwise I think we would all really burst!

Vanilla pannacotta

The Vanilla Pannacotta was delish too, we were delighted to find some fairy floss on the side. I haven’t had fairy floss in ages! Yum!

We were all very satisfied with the meal by the end of the night and loved the friendly and attentive service. I am so glad I get to taste the food here before it changes hands this month! (News update from Perth Munchkin yesterday!) I wish Chef Jason Jujnovich all the best in his future endeavors! Continue to cook great food for us!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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