****Koko Black Summer Oasis****

Website: http://www.kokoblack.com/

Koko Black has recently launched their new Summer Oasis range of desserts and the PFEs were invited to check them out at one of their Salon. I was really excited as I was only there a week prior savoring the Raspberry Chocolate Dome (picture at the end of this blog post) and I loved it! I picked to go to the Koko Black Salon at Claremont Quarter so that I could throw in some late night shopping after work on a Thursday night. Win-win for me :)

The first dessert we had was the Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate ($8.50)! The Iced Chocolate is made to a traditional Belgian recipe, meticulously brewed before chilling and blended with milk to create a smooth texture. The glass is then lined with salted caramel, filled with the Iced Chocolate and to it, a scoop of the Koko Black’s Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream to hold the chill and generous chocolate shavings. Wow! This was super good. I know the sweet tooths out there would love this!

Salted Caramel iced chocolate Salted Caramel iced chocolate

The second dessert was the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular ($9.50). Can the name be more dramatic? Well, it was perfectly suited for what came out! The Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular is a combination of Koko Black’s Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream with a full flavored mango coulis, resting on top of a bed of caramelised coconut crumble. This was my favorite as I love all things mango! The vanilla bean ice cream was creamy and smooth and the coconut crumble provided a crunch factor to this dessert. Awesome! I had fun pouring the mango coulis in as you can see from the pictures below! I should have taken a video instead!

Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular

Last but not least, we were given two Mango and Vanilla Ganache to finish off our dessert session. I’m in chocolate heaven!

Mango and Vanilla ganache Mango and Vanilla ganache

Thanks to Koko Black and Be Known for the invite! I’m loving the tropical flavors included in the new Summer Oasis range from Koko Black! Mango…coconut…yum! Be sure to check them out as they are only available for a limited time!

As promised earlier a picture of the Raspberry Chocolate Dome I had a week prior to this visit! Prepare to be wow-ed!

raspberry chocolate dome

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Sprolo, South Perth

Sprolo!Website: https://www.facebook.com/sprolocoffee

Sprolo, located on Canning Highway had been a highly talked about cafe since its opening last year. I was most excited by the offering of the traditional Singaporean breakfast with kaya and sous vide eggs on the menu! That is one of my dream breakfast, Asian style! It has been quite rare to find this type of food in Perth but not so nowadays as the food scene has become more and more sophisticated!

Sprolo was the perfect place to meet up with my BFF and her family as she loves her traditional Asian breakfast too! We managed to find seating at the front corner where the lounge area is on the busy Saturday morning breakfast buzz.

Inside Sprolo Inside Sprolo

For drinks, my BFF’s hubby decided on the Cold Brew with sparkling water ($4.50) – LHS in the picture below. I was tempted to get that too but decided on a Cappuccino ($4.20) instead. I didn’t think he liked the Cold Brew much, I was happy that I stuck with the normal coffee. My coffee was great! :p

Cold Brew coffee and Elderberry Juice Cappucino

The food! That was the main purpose for me coming here! Ordering the Traditional Singaporean ($12) was a definite. It consisted of sous vide eggs, sourdough and house made kaya. My BFF’s hubby ordered the same!

Traditional Singaporean Sauce and pepper for the table!

I loved the dish especially the home-made kaya and the Peppe Saya butter. I just wished there were more of them! I am not sure whether I’m biased with a “branded” butter but the Peppe Saya butter tasted unusually good, velvety and smooth. Would definitely order this again, maybe with an additional portion of sourdough.

The BFF ordered the Coconut Chia Pudding ($9.50) for herself and a Toastie for her toddler. The Coconut Chia Pudding looked great with raspberry coulis, toasted coconut and lychee. The coconut and lychee were the winning factors!

Coconut chia pudding Toastie

I was not feeling particularly full after the breakfast and decided to get some desserts to share. There are a selection of cakes, slices, tarts, cookies, doughnuts on offer, displayed in the front cabinet and counter. We went for the following:

  • Melting Moment

Melting moment

  • Apple and rum cake, salted caramel and pecan praline (gluten free)

Apple and rum cake

  • Chocolate rose and raspberry cake (gluten free)

Chocolate rose and raspberry cake

From memory, the cake slices were about $7.50 each. They were dense and were very filling! My favorite was the apple and rum cake as I loved the nuts and salted caramel. So sweet but so good! My BFF liked the chocolate rose and raspberry cake more. Turned out good as we both went for the one we liked :p I would love to try the Portuguese Egg Tart next. I was too full to even think about ordering it!

Overall, we had a great breakfast at Sprolo. The menu was quite simple but adequate. The sweets offering are awesome. Service was warm and friendly! Great addition to this area of Canning Highway!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Cooking with Rekorderlig Cider!

There is a new Rekorderlig flavor out and it’s name is Pomegranate! The Pomegranate Cider is a distinctly unique flavor of crisp pear cider blended with pomegranate, producing a summer fruit fragrance which is intended to liven up the taste buds!

In celebration of Rekorderlig’s new Pomegranate flavored cider, Rekorderlig has collaborated with MKR winners Sammy and Bella to create a pomegranate salad! Pearl Cous Cous and Feta Salad with a Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider dressing to be exact. The PFEs were approached to try out this new recipe shown below.


Off I went to get the new Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider and the pomegranate. For some reason, it was hard to find pomegranates at the supermarket around my area. I manage to get the second last one at Woolies.

Pomy and the Pomy Cider

For the cous cous, I used the King Lebanese cous cous I had in the pantry from Jones the Grocer.

King Lebanese cous cous

Tadaaaa…the result after meddling in the kitchen with the recipe…

Pomegranate salad! Recipe by MKR Sammy & Bella

Looks lovely doesn’t it! I did piled on the pomegranates though as I love the taste of them. I first discovered fresh pomegranate juice in Israel last year and fell in love with it. So delicious. I can’t seem to find fresh pomegranate juice here in Perth though! It would probably cost a fortune for one cup considering how much one pomegranate costs. It is definitely cheaper to purchase pomegranates in Israel than in Perth!

OK, now to the taste. Did I like the salad? I did not actually think it tasted that great when I first had a spoonful but it grew on me. The reason being was that I ate the first spoonful when the cous cous was still warm. Definitely a no no as this is a cooling salad. It only tasted great after the cous cous cooled and with lots of feta cheese and pomegranate! The best temperature I found to consume was straight out from the fridge, and still with lots of feta cheese and pomegranate :p

The best part of this recipe is being able to enjoy the Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider after the cook as the recipe only requires 200ml, with more than half spare for drinking! WIN-WIN! *fist pump*

Here are some tips regarding the recipe if you are trying it out:

– You may need longer than 15 minutes to get the cous cous to soften properly. It may be because I changed the type of cous cous but I found I needed at least 20 – 25mins. Sorry not a cous cous expert.

– Throw in lots of herbs, feta cheese and marinated red capsicum, the more the better I say.

– And lastly, remember to de-seed the pomegranates. It is a pain to do so but you will not regret it! Imagine chewing into lots of bursty pomegranates at one go. Yum!

Thanks to Sammy and Bella for the recipe! I really enjoyed the salad, and I loved it that I get to try something different! Another WIN-WIN!

For more information, check out Sammy and Bella’s website at www.sammyandbella.com! Lots of recipes and cooking tips there!

Narration: Miss L

2 Cafe, Darlington

2 CafeWebsite: http://www.2cafe.com.au/

The PFEs received an invitation recently from the new owner of 2 Cafe to check out the cafe which is situated on Montrose Avenue in Darlington. Darlington is located on the escarpment of the Darling Fault, part of the Perth Hills within the Shire of Mundaring. It is about a 35 minutes drive from the city of Perth which is not too far away. I have never been to Darlington before so I thought visiting the cafe would be a good chance to see the area and also to help bring some exposure to cafes that are hidden in the ‘burbs (more like the hills in this instance). We were offered a $20 credit to offset our food and drinks purchase at the cafe which was great.

The boy was in Perth for a visit and was happy to be dragged along my foodie adventure. We made our way in the morning, the day was forecasted to be 39degC and it was already 30degC when we left the house at 930am. I was hoping it wouldn’t get much hotter!

It was quite easy to find 2 Cafe as it is located next to the busy Darlington Road. Climb a flight of stairs and there is 2 Cafe, next to a dental centre. The cafe is small in size and has a cosy interior. More importantly, it was cooling inside despite the heat outside. Big tick! Seating is also available on the verandah for those with pets or for those who enjoy the heat!

Inside 2 Cafe2c  Inside 2 Cafe

2 Cafe

We ordered an Avocado Milkshake ($7) and Beetroot & Carrot Juice ($5.50) from their Special Drinks board to start. The Avocado Milkshake was milky and had small chunks of avocado through it. Nice!

Avocado milkshake and Beetroot&Carrot Juice

There were a variety of dishes to choose from the menu which is predominantly British style type of food. Click here to check out the menu. We had the following:

  • Seafood Catch ($12) – open sandwich topped with surimi, crab meat and tuna mixed with a homemade rich and creamy special sauce and spices served with a side garden salad.

Seafood catch Seafood catch

  • Popeye’s Favorite ($16) – spinach and diced fetta cheese omelette with toasted bread, crispy bacon, sliced avocados and leafy mixed greens.

Popeye's Favorite Popeye's Favorite

The meals were simple and wholesome and surprisingly filling for me. I had the Seafood Catch sandwich. Chatting to the new owner, we were informed that they have expanded the menu since taking over the cafe, however keeping the food simple as they do not have a commercial kitchen yet. Great effort on their part!

I ordered a coffee as my “dessert” and it came out looking pretty, nice latte art! The coffee was good.

Flat white

We were generously given a complimentary Lime Tart to take home as the best sellers at the cafe are the cakes, especially the gluten-free varieties, sourced and made by the locals from Darlington. The Lime Tart was beautiful!

Lime TartCakes! Cakes!

I also found some doggie treats at the counter for 50c each. Time to treat your best friend! I bought a couple for my parent’s dogs. They would be so happy!

Doggie treats Doggie treats

Thanks to 2 Cafe for the invitation. We had a lovely time and it was great to discover this cafe in Darlington. A nice little cafe to drop in if you are ever out in Darlington for a walk, bicycle ride or driving through the Perth Hills. The Avonlea Farm Riding and Lesmurdie Falls are not far away either!

SPECIAL OFFER: 2 Cafe has kindly offered the PFEs blog readers a discount of “Get $5 off for spend above $30″ valid from now until 29th February 2015. All you  need to do is mention the code “Perth Food Engineers” at the cashier when you are making payment to be entitled to the discount. Do let me know what you think after your visit!

Narration: Miss L
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Low Key Chow House, Leederville

Website: http://keepitlowkey.com.au/

Low Key Chow House (LKCH) is a restaurant serving modern Asian cuisine located on the busy Oxford Street in Leederville. I was intrigued when I first heard the restaurant’s name as it is so unusual, almost a tongue twister! When my friend from primary school wanted to catch up over dinner, I suggested for us to check out LKCH.

LKCH was crowded when I arrived but we managed to secure a table for two pretty much straightaway. The worry I had of queuing up dissipated! Yay! The restaurant was buzzing, cool ambiance on one hand but too noisy on the other. It was hard to hear each other clearly over the table. One of the reason was because we were seated too close together. Oh wells, at least we were able to get a table. Looking around, I noticed an eccentric and haphazard decor. I like it!

LKCH LKCH table setting

The staff was very attentive and proceeded to explain the menu to us. Loved the service. We were given a complimentary peanut and salted anchovies plate to start. We took this opportunity to order a glass of white wine. LKCH is fully licensed.

Peanut + salted anchovies White wine

For entree, we had the Mantou Buns ($15), candied caramel pork belly with coriander and crumbed peanuts in white steamed buns. I was looking forward to this as my first taste of a similar dish at Ippudo New York blew me away. The ones here at LKCH were nice but the flavors seemed lacking in comparison. I know I shouldn’t compare but I couldn’t help it! It’s always the first taste that sticks most. The buns though were nice and soft, I loved the texture and they were not doughy.

Mantou Buns Mantou Buns

We deliberated over the mains as there were a number of dishes we were interested in. We settled on the following two dishes to share.

  • Sogalbi Skju-Namul ($33) – pear and apple marinated beef ribs off the bone with sesame breansprouts, kimchi and ssamjang hot sauce (a thick and spicy dipping sauce). The beef ribs were tender and indeed fell off the bone. Tasty! It was decent in size too, we didn’t end up finishing the whole lot as we were too full!

Marinated beef ribs Marinated beef ribs

  • Spicy Steamboat ($28) – tiger prawns, enoki mushroom, tofu, greens in a spicy clear assam stock. This dish seemed very popular as I noticed a number of tables with it on them. Actually we followed the crowd and ordered this because we thought it must be darn good for so many people to have ordered it. It was a quite a novelty as it was served in a proper mini steamboat with a lighted fire at the bottom to keep the soup warm. Very nice!

Spicy Steamboat

Although being very full by the end of the meal, we were enticed with the dessert menu and ordered a Deep Fried Ice Cream parcels with salted caramel ($12) to share. I had a Long Macchiato to go with that.

Deep Fried ice cream parcels Long Mac

The Deep Fried Ice Cream parcels were clunky and difficult to eat. We requested for a knife to cut through the parcels as we were not able to bite through the pastry. The ice cream had melted inside the parcels so it became messy. I’ll probably skip this as dessert next time.

Overall it was a good dinner except probably the dessert. The service was friendly and efficient. It’s great to see another up and coming modern Asian restaurant in Perth!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Papparich, Carousel

Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you for your support for the PFEs in 2014! We hope to bring you more foodie updates in 2015 as we explore the ever expanding food scenes in our beautiful state of WA! I wish you all a happy and exciting new year, filled with lots of adventures and a year where your dreams will come true!

To end the year, here are some photos of the food/drinks I had at the opening of Papparich in Carousel and meeting Poh Ling from Masterchef! It was an exciting night!

Website: http://www.papparich.net.au/

Asian cuisine especially the hawker style has to be one of my favorite cuisine ever since I can remember. It’s not hard to understand why being brought up as a child in Malaysia. The usual ritual would be a light dinner at home followed by supper at the variety of hawker stalls that line the street of Cheras in KL where I used to live. Prawn Noodles, Wanton Noodles, Fried Kway Teow, Ice Kachang, Yong Tau Foo, Ramlee Burgers, Kickapoo etc etc it brings a smile to my face remembering this foodie part of my childhood! Needless to say it was a shock to my tastebud when we first migrated to Perth over 20 years ago as the Asian cuisine was almost non-existent back then. Thankfully this has now changed as I see more and more hawker style restaurants popping up in Perth. One such restaurant is PappaRich!

I was very excited when PappaRich first opened in Northbridge and had been there numerous times. The two drawbacks I found were the long queue and the parking. Nevertheless I still persevere as the lure of the Cham (drink) or the Ipoh Horfun bring me back again and again. It was great news when I found out that a PappaRich outlet will open in Carousel (nearer to me, free parking and hopefully less of a queue!). I was even more excited to be invited to the opening and on the night where Poh Ling, the ambassador of PappaRich will be launching the event!

PappaRich opening PappaRich opening

I had asked a friend to accompany me who had been wanting to check out PappaRich but had not been able to do so due to a newborn. It was great to be able to spend time with her while enjoying the food and drinks! We were both so excited to meet Poh! She’s the most friendly and down to earth celebrity chef! I couldn’t help but ask for a couple of photo shots with her, beaming from ear to ear :p

Poh and Miss L

After all the initial excitement, our attention turned to the drinks and food. A selection of signature dishes were ordered for us to taste. I loved it as I was able to try some dishes I haven’t tasted at PappaRich before. But first the drinks – I had the Matcha Rocks (green tea with red beans + green tea ice cream) while my friend ordered the Tropical Lime (ice blended lychee and lime with vanilla ice cream). My Matcha Rocks was yummy but very filling! The Tropical Lime on the other hand was very refreshing and less filling even with the ice cream. Note for next time!

Matcha RocksTropical Lime

The food we tasted…

  • Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin – this was deadly but so yummy and addictive! I had to stop myself from munching on these as we waited for the mains to come.

Deep Fried Chicken Skin

  •  Selection of Rotis (curries, tandoori chicken, beef rendang) – the Rotis were light and fluffy, very nice! I like the Roti with Tandoori Chicken best with the lovely raita on the side.

Roti Canai Roti Canai with Tandoori Chicken Roti Canai with Beef Rendang

  • Satay Mixed (Chicken and Beef) – I’d ordered this numerous times in previous visits so did not have any this time. They are very good though, I tend to order this each visit to PappaRich.

Satay Mixed

  • Pappa Char Koay Teow - I’m usually wary when it comes to ordering Koay Teow in restaurants as they are usually not done well. This however was excellent. I could taste the ‘wok hei’ in the noodles and they were not dry. Love it! A dish I would definitely go back for and actually gone back for recently.

Fried Koay Teow

  • Fried Udon – this was pretty good too especially if you like the taste of udon noodles. It was fried similar to the Koay Teow.

Fried Udon

  • Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken - another excellent dish, loved the curry chicken and the sauce!

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken

One great thing about attending these events is being able to meet some of the other bloggers in Perth. I got acquainted with two of them (Take Me to Foodie Heaven and Hungry Again?) and also the family of 4 who won the competition to dine with Poh Ling through Facebook. It was lovely!

To end the meal, the winning family ordered a couple of desserts to share with us. We had the Pappa ABC Special with Premium Ice Cream and the Banana Fritters with Premium Ice Cream. They were both so good! I love my banana fritters!

Pappa ABC Banana Fritters with ice cream

And that ended the event for us. We had such a great time dining, meeting and chatting with everyone. I hope I have not been going on too much about PappaRich but I really love the food there. Thank you to Wasamedia and PappaRich for the invite!

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Narration: Miss L