Mo:Mo’s Cafe & Restaurant, West Dianella

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Entertainment Book 14/15: 25% off total bill (up to $30 value)

After hearing about the world of momo’s from RB (click here for full Wiki explanation), I have been wanting to try this dish that belongs to the Nepalese. So what better way than to be surprised with a bonus entertainment book offer for a Nepalese restaurant with great ratings on Urbanspoon! And not to mention, a name of “Mo:Mo’s”.

The restaurant is on the corner of a row of shops, and is actually quite easy to miss if you are not familiar with the area. So take heed, and slow down when you know you are nearing the address.

Since there was only the two of us for dinner, we made a decision to have the highlight of Momo as an entree, and order some other mains to share so that we could get a variety of dishes to try. These were the final decisions:

  • Mo:Mo (Entree size)
  • Seafood Curry (yes I know, why would one order seafood curry from a Nepalese restaurant?! My bad)
  • Lamb mince and fapar ko roti
    Minced lamb over buckwheat pancake cooked in the oven then finished with a garlic yoghurt sauce
  • Rice


The momo was served with a sauce on the top which had a nice garlic tone to the flavour. The momo itself reminded me of the texture of Chinese dumplings (particularly Shanghai dumplings or 小笼包), only without the soup. I enjoyed it, but would have enjoyed a tad more punch in the sauce.

Seafood Curry

The seafood curry was probably the disappointment of the night for me. The seafood was a little fishy, and the consistency of the curry was a tad thin for me (and maybe it was meant to be). I think the tummy would have been better utilised if we had ordered something different.

The lamb mince that RB chose was spot on. I loved the combination of the buckwheat pancake and the lamb mince, which had a nice flavour, and finished off with that yoghurt (not usually my thing, but hey, people change no? *wink*). Overall, my favourite dish for the evening.

Lamb Mince

We had to wait for quite a while for the food to be served, and being rather tired from a long day, this didn’t sit particularly well. The lighting was a little strange too – bright, dim, bright, dim. I could not figure out what it was and unfortunately it started to annoy me.

Service was friendly at this establishment – nothing to fault, really.

Overall, it was a relatively pleasant experience at Mo:Mo’s. I wouldn’t mind heading back to Mo:Mo’s sometime to try some of the other dishes.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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Wassup Dog, Perth

Wassup Dog standWebsite:

Since discovering all the new eateries that had opened at 140 Perth, I’d been trying to visit them one by one, first Brotzeit German Bier Bar, then Cocina Bandito, and now Wassup Dog!

Wassup Dog is a hot dog stand located inside the 140 Perth laneway, right behind Iku Sushi. I discovered this from a delicious looking picture of a hot dog that had popped up on my twitter feed one day and on it went into my “to visit” list.

Wassup Dog was established in 2013 and was born to bring the City of Fremantle a real hot dog. I’m glad it has now come to Perth city! They use 100% organic beef sent up weekly from Margaret River to Jeremy’s Butcher in Swanbourne. It is there that they had developed the perfect ratio of lean to fat dog so that when they butterfly the dog, it stays crispy on both sides while remaining juicy in the middle. Sounds awesome!

Wassup Dog cartWassup Dog cart

Wassup Dog at 140 Perth offers the Margaret River dog ($8), whole meal bread, lettuce, slow cooked vegetables (corn, capsicum, onions), homemade aioli with Tasmanian cheddar. They also offer a healthy alternative the Fresh Dog substituting the cooked veggies with fresh cucumber and sliced carrots, and the aioli with yoghurt and mint sauce. We went for the “unhealthy” version :p

There is no seating at Wassup Dog so we wandered over to the Juicist and asked whether we could use their tables and chairs. They happily obliged. We bought an Orange Juice ($5) and a Ginger Lemonade ($5) from them. Felt bad utilizing their seats without giving them some business!

Wassup Dog lunch and Juicist drinksWassup Dogs!Margaret River Dog

I doused my Margaret River dog with lots of mustard sauce, I love my sauces! My colleague though refrained, he even refused the aioli sauce on his! “What’s wrong with you?!” :p

And so, what was the verdict on the dog? Absolute deliciousness! Loved this Margaret River dog, it was juicy and crispy, aioli was tasty and there was a perceived healthy eating with the corn and capsicum! Actually they did add some juiciness to the dog! Yum!

Wassup Dog is another great option at 140 Perth if you are looking for a simple and quick lunch in the city!
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Le Vietnam, Perth

Le VietnamWebsite:

There has been a growing interest for Banh Mi as of late, with numerous cafe popping up in the city offering various versions of this yummy Vietnamese baguette. One such cafe is the quaint and charming Le Vietnam located on Barrack Street. Inside Le Vietnam

I had been here previously and loved their Grilled Pork Banh Mi with peanuts as I have never eaten a Banh Mi with peanuts before, it was so awesome! I had to come back for more! And not to mention that the Grilled Pork Banh Mi is only $6. Great price!

Le Vietnam - menu

Seating in Le Vietnam is limited although the waiting time is not too long. One can enjoy  their Bahn Mi on little tables lining the side of the cafe or alfresco out on Barrack Street soaking in the bustling (and sometimes hot) atmosphere.

I’m usually not a create of habit but I decided on the Grilled Pork Banh Mi (with peanuts) again on this visit! I remember it being so good that I did not want to get anything else. It did not disappoint. Oh, that toasty baguette and the crunchy nuts! Chili was an option which is great for those who can’t eat spicy food. I loved the squirt of sriracha on the side board for a bit of oomph!

Grilled Pork Bahn miGrilled Pork Bahn mi

There are a few home made drinks available at the cafe, I went for the Iced lemon tea ($4) as it was such a hot day and I needed something refreshing. It was a hit!

Iced Lemon tea

The chef(s) behind Le Vietnam can be quite creative as I spied on the board a few premium Banh Mi on offer such as the Korean spicy pork and Portuguese chicken. The specials that day consisted of crispy roast pork bahn mi with crackle and plum sauce and a coca cola marinated chicken banh mi! Wow! That said though, I don’t know when I can get past the Grilled Pork Banh Mi to try all these other exotic ones!

To top it off, Le Vietnam is offering a Kung Fu Banh Mi this week to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Kung Fu Bahn Mi = seasoned chicken OR tofu, spicy cilantro green sauce, crispy wonton crackles, filled with the traditional pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander and fresh cut chilis (optional for an extra kick), inside their famous Vietnamese-French Baguette. I must get myself there to try this Kung Fu Banh Mi this week!

Absolutely love this place, service was friendly and food came out quickly! Will definitely be the spot for me when I crave for Bahn Mi!
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Cocina Bandito, Perth

Cocina BanditoWebsite:

Cocina Bandito! Say what?! The exact thought ran through my head when I first heard of this place. Turned out it is Cuban, turned out it is the latest venture from the team behind the Classroom, Cocktail Gastronomy and Lucky Chan’s, Australia first crowd-funded restaurant. It has to be flashy, and so it is!

Cocina Bandito is a pop up restaurant operating for the next couple of months at 140 Perth bringing Cuban cuisine to us Perthians. The PFEs were invited to the opening of Cocina Bandito a couple of weeks ago and boy, was it awesome! Latino beats, Havana club cocktails and my first taste of Cuban food!

Cocina Bandito Cocina Bandito Cocina Bandito

These mojitos and daiquiris were delicious and much welcomed after a hot day and a long walk from my office.

Daiquiri + Mojitos Daiquiri + Mojitos Water!

Did I mention a few beautifully and brightly dressed models at the party. They went all out with the shebang!

The models

Onto the food, the first tasting we had was of the tortilla chips topped with BBQ prawns. They were delicious! I had a few (many few) of these! Definitely have to try the real serving of these next time.

Tortilla with prawnsTortilla with prawns

Next came the croquettes with a hidden agenda! Huge ball of fluffy and creamy potato crumbed and deep fried with a nice surprise on the inside. I thought it was all potato until you reach the middle and encounter some tasty pulled pork pieces. This was my favorite of the night!

Croquettes Croquettes Croquettes with hidden pulled pork on the inside!

We also had a taste of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ traditional ‘Cubano’ roast pork belly sandwich. Layers of pork, cheese and mustard sauce. It was quite filling!

Cubano roast pork belly sandwich

By this stage I was getting a bit thirsty and decided to go for a Cruzcampo lager, a premium quality pilsner beer from Spain to quench the thrist. It was light tasting with an aromatic floral aroma and a dry finish.

Cruzcampo beer

The next batch of menu taster came and it was the ‘El Presidente’ chicken Cuban rice. I thought the rice was a bit bland so I decided to utilize the cute looking condiment pistol shooters containing a few potent chili sauces to give it some oomph. There were the guatanemo death sauce, green piquant and motorcycle dairy sauce.El Presidente chicken cuban rice Condiment pistol shootersDeath sauce?

I do not know which sauce was the green sauce you see in the picture above but it was extremely and numbingly hot. My friend raised her eyebrow at me when she saw the squirts on my rice and I was so confident I could conquer this sauce, but alas! Gulping my beer in earnest after one spoonful of the rice.

The corn fritters that came next were a delight! I could eat them all day. Another favorite!

Corn fritters Corn fritters

The crowd had thinned out substantially at this stage and I managed to have a quick chat with Andrew Bennett, one of the owners behind this wonderful venture. He told me to stay for the dessert as it will be good (with a big smile). Oh. dessert is coming? It was a big yes, and came as doughnuts soaked in liquor, shaped either as the number 8 or the infinity sign (the engineering brain sways more towards the infinity sign :p). Very nice!

Dessert doughnutDessert doughnut

The Cocina Bandito’s menu shown below. Don’t wait too long before you go for a visit as they won’t be here for long! Thanks to Cocina Bandito and Caitlin for the invite! It was heaps of fun!

Cocina Bandito menuNarration: Miss L
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May Street Larder, East Fremantle

May Street LarderWebsite:

From the creators of Bib and Tucker is born May Street Larder, located on the corner of Canning Highway and May Street in East Fremantle. The PFEs were privileged to be invited a couple of weeks ago to a sneak peak of this food venture by former Olympian swimmer Eamon Sullivan and chef Scott Bridger before the doors opened to the public.

The first impression I had was how bright and spacious the cafe is. The sun was streaming in through the glass windows framing one side of the cafe. Very natural. The decor is stylish, modern and clean. I like it!

Inside May Street Larder Inside May Street LarderInside May Street Larder Inside May Street Larder

Drinks were offered upon arrival, and I was particularly interested with the juices supplied by the Juicist, a favorite of mine. Yes to a glass of lime, mint and ginger drink, super healthy!

The Juicist Drinks

We were then given the lowdown on May Street Larder by none other than Eamon Sullivan himself, who spoke with passion on this new venture with Scott Bridger and how it was birth, from a desire to branch out and try new culinary techniques to setting up this second kitchen for meat curing and preserving, pickling and fermenting their own stuff!

May Street Larder cooks with local WA produce with a focus on seasonal foods and is open for breakfast and lunch, with an ever-changing menu. Think seasonal salads, raw treats, cooked meats, rustic pastries etc prepared daily! Nice!

Speech by Eamon Sullivan

A selection of food items we can look forward to at May Street Larder was served right after the speech. Thanking my lucky stars!

Launch Party menu sampler The food line up!

The food was lined up on the bench counter and we were able to select the food that we wanted to sample, mess hall style. Here are the line ups!

  • Rosemary + roasted garlic foccacia / Organic purple wheat sourdough

Foccacia and sourdough

  • Wood smoked eggplant, charred courgette, smoked yoghurt and savory granola

Wood smoked eggplant

  • Freekeh, roasted + pickled pumpking, herbs, pomegranate + pepitas

Freekah and pumpkin

  • Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

  • Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins + saffron vinaigrette

Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins

  • Confit of ocean trout

Ocean trout

  • Slow smoked beef brisket

Beef brisket

  • Crispy skin pork belly, wood fired witlof + star anise blood plum

Pork belly 4h

And all these ended up on my plate!

My plate of food

I regretted picking the food all at once rather than going back for seconds as the flavors clashed with one another on the plate. Not to worry though as May Street Larder will not be serving the food in this manner normally. Phew! Having said that, the food tasted great consumed individually! I especially loved the ocean trout and crispy pork belly. The variety of salads was interesting too!

One thing I look forward to after each meal is the dessert! May Street Larder offers a 100% vegan soft serve CocoWhip consisting of coconut water + probiotic which sounded very interesting. Topping includes goji berry, cacao nips and their own home made granola.

CocoWhip special toppings CocoWhip

The CocoWhip tasted very refreshing with limited amount sugar, almost like a sorbet but creamier. I could eat this all day! I couldn’t get use to the toppings however as they didn’t have the sweet flavors I was craving. Maybe I’m not such a health foodie after all! The coffee I ordered was great!


A larder is defined as a room, large cupboard or pantry storing food or a supply of food. True to the name of the cafe, May Street Larder also stocks their own homemade jams, pickles and honey. Check them out!

Larder style deli

Thanks to May Street Larder and Caitlin for the invite to the launch party. I had heaps of fun! I will definitely be back to check out the breakfast menu. The fried chicken with polenta waffles, avocado and chili maple I spied on facebook sounds divine!

Narration: Miss L
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Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Perth

Brotzeit German Bier BarWebsite:

As I was scrolling through  my Twitter news feed one lunch time, a delicious picture of a hot dog popped up on my screen, labelled #Wassup Dog. Being the ever curious me, I looked further and found them at 140 Perth. Clicking on the 140 Perth page, I was then gobsmacked to find so many new eateries that had opened at 140 Perth. There are Wassup Dog, Lil Tortilla Boi, Brotzeit German Bier Bar, the Juicist, Cocina Bandito, Tartine Cafe and just opened today Bam Bam Boo. Oh my, where have I been?

My colleagues and I decided to head to 140 Perth for lunch the next day. After much deliberation we settled on Brotzeit as one of them was especially eager to check out this new German restaurant. I didn’t mind some authentic German sausages either!

The place was not too packed when we arrived so we got a table for four straightaway. Loved the decor, open space with a rustic feel but classy.

Inside Brotzeit Inside Brotzeit

The Brotzeit restaurant brand originated from a Singaporean franchise, with 15 outlets throughout Southeast Asia, Brotzeit in 140 Perth being the first Australian restaurant. Brotzeit is a typical Bavarian expression, with “Brot” being German for bread and “Zeit” for time, referring to a cosy meal complemented by fresh beer. They serve authentic Bavarian-inspired cuisine and German draught beer (12 different types!) but alas for us, we were not able to order any beer due to the no alcohol policy at work. It would have to be the next time!

The bar!

Not being able to do much about the drinks, we moved straight to order our food.

  • Ripperl, Honey Bavarian Pork Ribs ($35.90) – beef infused Bavarian honey pork ribs served with potato wedges and sauerkraut

Ripperl - Honey Bavarian Pork Ribs Sauerkraut / Potato wedges

The Ripperl was humongous, four racks of ribs! It was meant for sharing between two but I had wanted the Sausages right from the start and so did not want to share this with my colleague (sorry!). He ordered it anyway thinking it was half the size judging from the table next door. What we didn’t realise was that the guy next door had eaten half of his dish already! Woops!

Comments from my colleagues were that the ribs were slightly dry but were great taste wise. I helped myself to a couple and thought they were quite good. Sticky and finger licking!

  • Kasekrainer, Pork Cheese Sausages ($19.50) served with homemade potato salad and sauerkraut

Pork cheese sausages

This dish was meant for one but it was still too much for me! Loved the potato salad, the sauerkraut, the sausages, and especially the three dipping sauces. The only thing that bugged me was that there was not much cheese inside the sausages! I had expected cheese to be oozing out with each bite but no such luck. Checking with the staff, she informed me that the cheese had melted inside the sausages and that is why I couldn’t see them. Really?!

  • Wurstelplatte, Sausage Platter ($36) – authentic German sausages platter with spicy chicken, grilled pork, pork cheese, pork and veal, garlic pork sausages and sauerkraut

Sausage platter

My colleague shared this with his girlfriend and his favorite was the pork and veal sausage (the pale looking boiled sausage in the photo). He commented that the spicy chicken was indeed really spicy! Be warned! Another big serving as both of them could not finish the meal either.

Service at Brotzeit was great, the staff was very attentive and friendly. I loved how they hung the ipad mini used for orders over one shoulder, fashion with technology! One warning for those who only have a short lunch break is that the wait can be quite long! We decided then that this place was more suited for us to come for dinner rather than lunch so that we won’t be rushed and we can order some beer! There is always the next time!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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The Squire’s Fortune, Scarborough


James Squire has opened another brewery in WA and this time it is located at the beautiful Scarborough Beach, within the Rendezvous Hotel complex. The PFEs were privileged to be invited to the official opening, sampling their craft beers matched with canapes!

The place was quite busy by the time we arrived on a Thursday night. A section of the dining area was closed off for the opening. The other drinking and dining areas were packed further into the night especially the alfresco beer garden which has a view straight out over the Indian Ocean.

Almost immediately upon arrival we were given a run down of the full range of James Squire craft beers and ciders on offer at the venue. There were 11 in total and each beer is named to tell a story of James Squire, Australia’s first brewer, such as One Fifty Lashes, The Constable, Four ‘Wives’, Hop Thief, Stow Away to name a few. How clever! As you order a beer, you learn more about the history behind James Squire!

Range of Beer at Squire's Fortune

My friend and I ordered the Orchard Crush Ciders to start – a Pear Cider and an Apple Cider. The Pear Cider is a cloudy cider made from pears and apples with a fresh aroma, subtle sweetness and a smooth finish. I found it has more depth than the Apple Cider which has more of a crisp finish.

Orchard Crush Ciders

The canapes started to come out not long after and they were arranged to be consumed with one of the 11 beers at Squire’s Fortune. I only managed to taste 4 out of the 11 beers that night. I will have to go back to try the other six!

First up was the Housemade cumin & mint sausage with chipotle yoghurt…best consumed with the One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale.

Cumin & mint sausage

Next the Crispy kale crusted double cream brie with cauliflower piccalilli…to be consumed with Four “Wives” Pilsener. This was a whole chunk of brie! Wow!

Kale crusted double cream brie

Halfway through the event, we heard from the organiser of the event who gave us a lowdown behind the Squire’s Fortune. Developed through a partnership between the WA-based Kapinkoff family and the James Squire brand, the Squire’s Fortune pays homage to the life of James Squire – the charming rogue who so often managed to turn chance into good fortune. We were treated with a specially brewed beer (with cherry and whiskey I believe!) for the occasion, tapped on the night. It was my favorite, full bodied with a tinge of sweetness. Yumyum!

Beef tapping Special beer for the night

The canapes continued after that with a 72 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder, mint, semi dry tomato crust…best consumed with the Chancer Golden Ale. We were ready for another round of beer at this stage and my friend decided to order this while I had the Jack of Spades Porter. The Chancer tasted quite tropical with a dry finish. I preferred it over my Jack of Spades which was a porter with a slight bitter taste to it. I expected something sweeter. Wrong expectation?

72 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder The Chancer and the Jack of Spades

The Hop smoked pork belly, Margaret river honey, mustard bruschetta came after…best consumed with the Hop Thief American Pale Ale. this was one of my favorite canape, you can’t go wrong with pork belly!

Pork belly on mustard bruschetta

And then there were the Prawn & crab beignet with spicy tomato relish…best consumed with Sun Down Australian Lager. These were delicious!

Prawn & crab beignet Prawn & crab beignet

And last but not least, the Sous vide chilli pork hock in butter milk buns…best consumed with the Constable Copper Ale. This was actually the least favorite canape for me but my friend loved it! She said the butter milk buns were delicious and helped herself to a few servings!

Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns

All in all the night was a great introduction to the Squire’s Fortune. Most of the canapes tasted fabulous and I don’t think I had ever tried so many different types of beer in one sitting! Thanks to the Squire’s Fortune and Lionco for the invite! I will be back to check out the full menu, there were some good looking dishes that came out from the kitchen that night. My first pick would be the Chilli Crab!


Narration: Miss L
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