Mexican Kitchen, Fremantle


Menu - Shot 1
Menu – Shot 1


Mexican Kitchen, as its name would suggest is a Mexican Eatery right in the heart of the Fremantle Cappucino strip, just opposite the big TimeZone. Friendly atmosphere, with a basement area where there are more chairs, and having been there twice, I only found out a little cosy corner just next to the toilets yesterday! Yes, not the best place to be havin’ the cosy corner, but they had a pretty good eye for space in that place, sitting at least 10-12 tables in the basement area, with a couple on the ground level, and some outside. They’ve got a good range of food to offer, which is always a plus for me, because it means more variety and getting to try more items!! The menu explains everything well in detail, so that we don’t go wrong in choosing the food, especially when we’re all not the speedy gonzaleses in this world.     




Drinks Menu!
Drinks Menu!

The drinks were featured on a separate menu, simply because there was such a variety of drinks they offered as well! With a cocktail priced at $15 for a glass, and $40 for a goldfish bowl, we decided to go with the bowl (S.Tq really wanted to see the bowl I reckon T_T). In any case, we ordered the Freo Doctor, which was a mixture of Midori, Vodka, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice… It was great how they had so much ice in that bowl because it made the drink so cold and lovely! Citrusy, but there were definitely bits of bitter that I didn’t quite enjoy at first, but got used to it (or maybe the brain was already too intoxicated by then). In any case, I would recommend it, but make sure you’ve got the capacity to drink when you order the fish bowl!

We had some sausages that came with mushrooms, rice and this thing that resembled a pancake that was fried (yes, engineers are really quite bad at describing, or maybe it’s just me). It was lovely. S.Tq thought the rice was bland, but I thought it was tasty – the differences in culture, she has briyani to have on a regular basis, whereas I have to settle for plain old white rice.
We also ordered their Kitchen Nachos, which really left us wondering how people can actually finish a plate by themselves!! The portion is massive but it was tasty with a generous serving of olives and jalepeno’s. Would have loved the jalepeno’s to be a little more spicy but can’t complain too much because the other things that came with the nachos were tasty!
Vodka, Midori, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice... Yummo!

Vodka, Midori, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice... Yummo!

The service was rather prompt, and the ladies were friendly. :) :) Thumbs up!! Only issue was them politely chasing us out because it was getting a bit late (approx. 10.30pm). So a tip would really be to go there earlier if you would like to sit down and have a longish chat with your mates. We arrived there at about 7.30pm to 7.45pm, so you can make your judgements appropriately.Overall, this place has quite a bit to offer, and I would love to try their fajitas next!! A casual place, and a great one to just have a good meal, chill out and chat through the night. 





Chorizos with Mushrooms



Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Review by: S.T.



Kitchen Nachos

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