Mends Street Cafe, South Perth

Menu 1Mends Street Cafe, is situated at, well, Mends Street!! It’s right along the famous strip in South Perth that has the yummiest restaurants and cafes (some we have yet to try and provide our honest opinions about)… and this cafe is but one of the many.

It was really quite a random trip with us only deciding to go to South Perth, but not on any particular place to eat, so off we went on our expedition to find a place where we would find a nice place with a nice ambience and a good choice of food in their menu…

Menu 2Our first stop, believe it or not, was actually Mends Street Cafe, and the first thing that caught S.Tq’s eye was the Salmone Pasta, then we started salivating when we saw various risotto dishes.

Priding ourselves as not being wishy-washy ladies, we decided to just take the risk and try this little place out.

Ice MochaThe space within the cafe isn’t much, but that really makes it all the more cosy inside. We sat down and quickly scanned through the menu, then realised how spoilt for choices we both were! From grilled barramundi, to the risotto, to the pastas, and I was actually looking at some of the sandwiches too! In any case, our orders are as follows (sorry N.L., your format was just way too good not to copy!):

 – Ice Mocha

 – Lipton Ice Peach Tea

 – Grilled Barramundi Fillets with Crab Risotto

– Grilled Fish Fillets with some Buttery Sauce (I hate my memory these days!)

The ice mocha wasn’t anything special to be honest, very light, it felt as tho’ they only put in a thimble-full of coffee, and the rest chocolate milk. I reckon Dome has a better choice for this.

Lipton Iced Tea
The Lipton Ice Tea can’t really be judged because it is Lipton Ice Tea. But what I do love is the fact that they bothered emptying the bottle into the lovely little cup! Kudos for that!

It took a while for the food to arrive… but it was well worth the wait!! I had the Barramundi Fillets with the Risotto, and as what S.Tq would say, “omg omg OMG!!!!”. Absolutely delish.

The sugar-snap peas were really good and crunchy. Not overcooked (as how I would really do it at home), and the colour was absolutely beautiful together with the pale colour of the fish.

Barramundi with RisottoThe risotto, was divine. I have never had crab risotto, and whilst you knew it was crab in the risotto, the taste of the seafood wasn’t overwhelming. It will definitely be something I would order again if I went back there to eat again!!

Grilled Fish Fillets with Butter SauceS.Tq’s fish was really good too, with a true buttery taste to it. I wouldn’t be able to describe this dish in detail since I didn’t eat it myself, but from what I did try, the fish’s lovely, the taste’s good and buttery, but it might get a bit much after a while with the butter.

Other than the disappointing drinks we had, this place served good food, with rather prompt service. Will definitely go back there, but I think it’s more of a lunch place if we are looking into finding some form of ambience when we are eating.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Mends Street Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9367 7332
Address: 2 Mends Street, South Perth 6151, Western Australia

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