Meijing Chinese Restaurant, Mandurah

MenuThis rather hidden place is situated right at the first roundabout as you enter Mandurah’s foreshore (assuming you take mandurah terrace).

With a rather old signage on its roof, first impressions wouldn’t be too great – not until you enter the restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant – Mr Wong, is a gentle, polite M’sian who used to be an Agricultural Engineer. The warmth in his greeting and service is already enough to turn the shabby impressions of its exterior into a warm and delightful place to be in.

Considering how old the building is, this restaurant was really clean, and had a neat and organised feel to it.

First Page - MenuLunch Menu

We had been there before, but this place was originally introduced by our family friend, Auntie G. The shots in this post were taken during a lunch we had. The picture on the right above is the set lunch menu that proves to be well worth the money!! With quite a wide variety of choices, we wrecked our brains to come up with the following order:

  • Beef Chop Suey with Plain Rice
  • Fish with Black Bean Sauce with Plain Rice
  • Honey Chicken with Fried Rice
  • Fish with Vegetables with Fried Rice

Honey Chicken with Fried Rice   Beef Chop Suey with Plain Rice   Fish with Vegetables with Fried Rice   Beef Chop Suey with Plain Rice

The serving size was typical of any asian restaurant – decent.

From left to right:

The honey chicken was lovely. It wasn’t too sticky (like in some other restaurants that I have been to), and it wasn’t all too sweet either. My guess is that they might have mixed some honey with the maple syrup. Nevertheless, it went famously well with the fried rice – which I must say is rather tasty in itself!

The fish with black bean sauce looked good, and actually smelt rather good when it first came out of the kitchen. As for the real taste of the dish, I don’t really know since it was my uncle who ate the dish. In his opinion, it was good. 

The fish with vegetables looked really good. With a similar presentation (without the rice) looking like a typical seafood/combination hofun with egg sauce, I found myself salivating when I saw it coming. Dad’s favourite dish, I don’t think you can go wrong with this. 

The beef chop suey is mom’s favourite – which is why she managed to convince auntie to order the same thing. I have tried it before, and I found it to be tasty but nothing too extraordinary according to my tastebuds. 

There’s something special about this place if you are an avid chilli fan – the chilli oil

Famous (or not?) Chilli Oil 

Home-made, this chilli oil is a great compliment to several dishes, tho’ I have to warn you about it’s level of spicy-ness: 8-9/10. This one shown in the picture above is ratd 10/10 in spicy-ness – it causes the scalp to tingle even when you just taste it! No ordinary chilli oil, there is a unique taste to this great condiment, and should be asked if you can handle the heat!!

Overall, the place has very tasty dishes, with my following recommended dishes for dinner:

  • Bird’s Nest
    A combination of vegetables (e.g. baby corn, carrot, bamboo shoots, etc.), prawn, chicken and some cashew nuts in a ‘bird’s nest’ that’s made out of potato!
  • Cantonese Style Fillet
    A slightly sweet twist to this, it’s served on a hot plate, and has a tangy taste, leaving you quenching for more!
  • Tofu on Hotplate
    We made a slight variation to the typical japanese tofu with chicken, and ordered the traditional chinese tofu (think japanese without the egg – tasteless, really). I reckon the japanese tofu will make this dish lovely.
  • Chilli Squid
    Surprisingly nice, this is similar to the way Singapore Chilli Crab tastes, other than the fact that it’s not as spicy. Goes extremely well with plain rice, that’s for sure!

They could do better on some levels, but I reckon this place is a nice place to have a good tasty chinese meal!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Meijing Chinese Restaurant
(08) 9581 3626
Address: 93 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah 6210

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