Dome, Applecross

Dome's Typical Menu StandMet up with a uni mate for breakfast and we decided to head to Dome in Applecross. This is the one situated along Risely Street, and was renovated not too long ago (I mean years by this).

Anyhow, I have been to Dome for breakfast before but had always taken the big breakfast, which to me, isn’t that worth the money spent.

After waiting for the silly fella to come (he went to Terrazza across the road, only to realise he didn’t exactly know where Dome was in the first place!), we decided on our orders:

  • Eggs Hollandaise
  • Pancakes
  • Cappucino

Very simple affair, and quite frankly I wasn’t expecting too much from it since their big breakfast never really impressed me much from before.

CappucinoThe food came, and the cappucino was way below standard – the foam was soft and they had a pitiful amount of chocolate powder dusted on top. The waitress wasn’t too diligent with the way she served, with the coffee spilling over to the saucer, and no apologies.

That said, the food came and it was served with a better attitude by the other waitress.

Pancakes   Eggs Hollandaise

The food was surprisingly good (unless it was because I was starving by the time the food came). The eggs were just drenched with hollandaise sauce (which is a good thing!), and they gave a generous serving of the spinach. The only thing they could really work on, is probably the taste of the hollandaise sauce – it was rather bland. The ham gave the whole meal a nice salty kick.

The pancakes looked soft and lovely, and judging from what J.C said, it sounded as tho’ it tasted pretty good.

Dome MenuI wouldn’t think Dome is the place to go for for breakfast, but if all else fails, this place can still fill the tummy!

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Dome @ Applecross

Telephone: (08) 9316 2522

Address: 20 Risely Street, Applecross, WA

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