Seoul BBQ Cafe, Perth


Seoul BBQ Cafe is a fast food Korean eatery located next to the Immigration Office in the city.  It operates as a kiosk with tables set alongside the Imm Office as seen on the photo on the right.  The number of tables have grown since the first day it opened which proved its popularity.   I found out about this place through a friend who knew the owner and having tasted the food at the actual Seoul Restaurant in Northbridge (same owner), I was sure this would be as nice.  Please note that during the busy lunch period, it is sometimes hard to get a free table – one has to be quick on the feet and observant to grab a table before it is snatched up by the person next to you!  

The menu offered is pretty simple but covers the main Korean specialties such as the Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi etc.  Some dishes come on its own but they are mainly as a a set menu which includes the main meal with rice, two types of salad and soup.  The price is quite reasonable but has gone up since it first opened – averaging about $9.50 per meal.  (It used to be $7.50 which was a bargain!).  It is also self-service, food has to be ordered and picked up at the counter.

On this occasion, I ordered the Crispy Chicken while my friend had the Dakgogi (which translated to marinated barbequed chicken).  The cook actually cooks the food in front of you at the counter.

Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

Chicken Dak Gogi
Chicken Dak Gogi


The Crispy Chicken meal is one of my favourite as it comes in a fairly generous serve of crunchy chicken pieces with a creamy dipping sauce.  The Dakgogi is very tasty too, they use a special type of marinade with the meat which differs from what you normally have in other places – a must try.

One thing I thought was very clever of them is how they have a caricature on their dishes, bowls etc of the owner!  56

Seoul BBQ Cafe is a must try if you are after a quick, reasonably priced and yummy Korean food in the city. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Seoul BBQ Cafe
: 08 9221 1862
Address: Shop 2/166 Murray Street, Perth

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9 thoughts on “Seoul BBQ Cafe, Perth

  1. haha..i was late so this dish just came out on top of my head when my friend asked me what i wanted. otherwise i would have ordered the bibimbap =p

  2. Yes, great little place to eat
    I love Korean food and this place is the perfect venue for a quick and satisfying meal.
    I go there 3 times a week with work colleagues to have bi bim bap and Meat BBQ…mmm Yum!!

    Can anyone recommend another korean restaurant in Perth that is good?

  3. Hi Daniel!

    Here’s our link for Korean food (tho’ there isn’t very many):

    I have also been to this place called Shilla in East Perth – rather exquisite with prices above average, but overall pretty good food. :)

    Or there’s always Arirang in the city or Subiaco. They have pretty good BBQ style food where you can cook yourself, or have it cooked for you.

    Hope that helps :)

    Miss Egg

  4. Thanks Sandra
    I have been to shilla and Arirang before and out of the two, I preferred Shilla better.
    I think Shilla is a great restaurant but you wouldnt go there for a quick meal to eat. Its more of a fine dining restaurant than anything else and the prices were too expensive for my budget.
    Do you know any other that you might recommend?

    • HI daniel! Sorry for the late reply.
      Apologies but I actually don’t know of any other quick korean places to eat – they are actually quite rare, tho’ I will be posting up if there is any! :)

      • There are two that I know of in the city – info in comments below.

        Took Be Gi is very nice – authentic korean =)

  5. There are two other Korean restaurants off the top of my head in the city that are good.

    1) Took Begi – Pier Street

    2) Little Seoul – 518 Hay Street (they sell both Jap and Korean food)

    Both are quite small so it’s hard to get a table sometimes but they serve quick meals.
    Took Begi is authentic korean.

    For restaurants, you can try the actual Seoul BBQ Korean in Northbridge (really good!) or Hana BBQ (all you can eat) also in Northbridge.

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