Ciao Italia, South Perth

This little place sits in the corner of Douglas Avenue and Mill Point Road. It may not look like much of a place, but the food here speaks volume in comparison to its actual physical volumetric size.

Famous to all those who are local to South Perth, this place has been around for quite a fair bit – since 1999. Which means, this marks its 10th year anniversary!! No better time to do a review than now!

We had been introduced to this place by our migration agent a couple of years back, but I never really loved the food till I went with some friends of mine.

Don’t be fooled by the small place – it can accomodate up to 50-60 people! It’s amazing how they fit people into the little but definitely cosy establishment they have. With only millimeters worth of space in between tables, you can hardly imagine how the waiters actually get around – but they do, and efficiently, for that matter!



The Tiny Space!

 “What did I tell you about the space inside? This is it! I was sitting right at the last table where the door is situated. Amazing space usage!”

There were three of us that night, and we decided to order some of the items on the menu to share… after much deliberation (not), we decided on the following:

  • Some Pizza (I can’t believe I forgot the name!!)…
    BUT the ingredients included fetta cheese, olives, spinach, prawns and some capsicums
  • Ciao Italia pasta
  • Caesar’s Salad
  • Tiramisu

Pizza   Ciao Italia Pasta   Caesar's Salad

From L to R:

The pizza was tasty, but I have tasted better ones to be frank. I have to give kudos for their rather generous serving of toppings! Especially with the veg, and there were quite a few pieces of prawns too. I would actually want to try their other pizzas. The base is not as thin as I would like them to be, but they’re acceptable to me.

The Ciao Italia pasta does live up to its fame. It’s tasty and it’s actually addictive! Too bad I was too busy stuffing my face with the pizza first that I didn’t feel the full appreciation for this dish. It is lovely tho’. A definite must-try when you go there! If you are a person who can take spicy food, then do ask for their famous chilli (or chilli oil)… it makes the food taste so much better! Not discrediting the chef here, but it just really adds that bit of zang into the tang! Okay, that was just lame. But I digress…

The caesar salad‘s one of the better ones I have tasted here in Perth, simply because it’s not too creamy, and their anchioves are actually nice! They’re not too salty like the ones you’d usually get… they must have washed them, or have anchioves that are not as salty. Hee. The serving for this salad is massive too, so do think twice if you want to have an entree like this for yourself. It’s best shared!! Between three people is the best serving I reckon. We shared this between five people before, and it wasn’t enough for us to even feel satisfied. With three this time, it felt like a decent serving for each person.

Then… the famous Italiano dessert!!!


 My first try of the tiramisu here about a year and half ago (or maybe longer), did not leave me with the best impression, but this time… for some strange reason, it was divine!! And no, I did NOT get bribed here. I reckon there are two kinds of tiramisus around:

  • Spongy tiramisu
    This kinda tiramisu tends to have more sponge fingers, and usually has a stronger taste/smell of the kahlua…
  • Creamy tiramisu
    This kinda tiramisu tends to be on the creamy side with more cream (duh) and mascarpone cheese…

Quite frankly, I’d prefer the spongy type of tiramisu (yes, the sucker for anything alcoholic), but this one was just superb too!! A good size serving for two or three (depending on how full you are by the time you finish your mains, which by the way are really huge in servings), this dessert comes out well presented, and definitely scores kudos for keeping customers like myself happy at the end of the meal. A definite try!!

Overall, this place is a nice place to go to. Unfortunately, they do not take bookings, and it is generally very packed at about 6.30pm-7pm most of the year at about 7.30pm during summer (due to daylight savings), so if you’re not a person to wait – get in there early!! It is worth it. :) Also keep in mind that this establishment only opens from Tuesday through to Saturday, from 5pm to 10pm.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T.

Ciao Italia
Telephone: (08) 9368 5500 
Address: 273 Mill Point Road, South Perth, WA 6151

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2 thoughts on “Ciao Italia, South Perth

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  2. This place USED to have the best pizza’s in town! They look And taste NOTHING like the picture in this blog… Haven’t been here in years and it’s is more like a China Town as it’s full of big groups of Chinese that are “regular” customers! The pizza base is the MOST important part of the pizza and should be tasty, slightly springy and have a bit of puff to it. What they serve to you is a piece of dried out cardboard! Obviously cos the demand for pizza is high by the over abundance of Asians that have NO CLUE what a REAL Italian pizza should taste like! The problem is that the yeast in the dough has not risen and and has not been seasoned properly so you get a tasteless piece of hard cardboard! $27.50 is a definite rip off but they don’t care cos the Asians pack the place out! Waited outside for 40 mins amongst 60, yes 60 Asians waiting for tables! This place used to be smaller but they purchased the fish and chip place next door for more space! It was very disappointing to be waiting in line saying to my friends that the wait will be worth it cos the food is so good! Boy was that wrong! They obviously don’t care as it’s all about the money and ripping off the customers! Dessert looked great in the photos on the menu but when it came to the table and looked nothing like the photo as it was drowned in single cream and colouring splashed around like a Picasso painting gone wrong! Disgusting!!! NEVER coming here again!!! And they DONT cook the pizza is a wood fired oven as the kitchen had a big metal oven there so as to handle the demand for these cardboard tasteless pieces of crap that can be shovelled out quickly! A real pity this place has gone dramatically down hill! And to those of you saying best Italian restaurant in Perth? You seriously don’t know what real good Italian food is!!! Will let everyone I know to NOT go there!

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