Mash Brewery


This classy and sophisticated brewery sits just after the Duckstein Brewery – one that I had never noticed till D.P suggested for us to go… and boy was I thankful she did!!

With a rather different concept to Duckstein (following cultural Germany)… this place has a modern touch to it with a nice drinking area in front of the bar, and a nice seating area on the other side where if you’re lucky, you could end up in a very nice and comfortable couch-table. D.P had requested this when she had made the booking but for some reason, we did not get it. We were inclined to think that the couch was meant for bigger groups of people (there were only three of us).

One thing about this place too, was how child-friendly it was. There is actually a nice little children’s area upon entering the place, where a PS2 resides (I was nearly tempted to play with the kids!!)… and some little tables and chairs, with some other games to keep them entertained while the adults boozed themselves up.

Interior of Brewery     Other Side of The Brewery - Where the Couches are!

Like the Duckstein, this place also has a tasting tray for its house beers. D.P gave a good suggestion that we should try the tasting try before deciding on which beer we’re going for in the bigger glass. And so we ordered the tasting tray which came in such a cute little arrangement:

Top View - Tasting Tray  Beer List   Front View - Tasting Tray 

In case you could see what the names of the beers are:

  • MEX – Something like corona but they infused the lemon in the beer – quite refreshing but I still like the good ol’ Corona
  • HAZE – This was what I had that day, and very similar to the beer that’s served at Duckstein with the hint of banana… smooth in the throat… lovely!
  • HONEY PILS – I found this to be quite pleasant but not a beer that I’d drink over a long period of time… this was D.P’s choice for the lunch!
  • PALE – Mash’s very own pale ale… S.K. found alot of pleasure in this beer, so this was her choice!
  • BLACK – A hint of coffee in this one, it’s a very strong beer, almost like a stout. Not the favourite among us three… it was the last to be finished among all the beer in the tray.

The menu was quite interesting to say the least and it took me a while to finally settle on my final decision… in any case, here were the items we ordered on this occassion:

  • Duck Pizza with Bak Choy (I have absolutely no recollection on the name of the dish!! Boo hoo) – D.P’s choice
  • Mex Battered Flat Head Fillets & Chips – My choice
  • Open MSA Scotch Steak Sandwich – S.K’s choice (typical!)

Duck Pizza!     Fish & Chips     Steak Sandwich

The hoisin sauce with the duck and bakchoy was actually very compatible… I quite liked it. D.P finished the pizza so it must be of some good!! Or she was really hungry, but frankly, I wouldn’t mind ordering this pizza the next time I go there… the dough used for the base was really yummy – almost similar to that of Little Creatures. Quite an awesome choice by D.P!!

The fish & chips I had was fair. It wasn’t that fantastic, but I loved the fact that they had used little fillets of fish rather than the big chunks of fish that we’d usually get when we go to other pubs. They made a right choice there. I also loved how the tartare sauce was served in a little chinese soup spoon – adding class to its presentation!! BUT, the sauce quality was just average like the dish. I reckon it could have been thicker and tastier, but it was alrigth nevertheless. The chips itself, well, I still reckon the best beer-battered chips are served at Armada!

The steak sandwich was once again well-presented, and it was lovely how it was an open-steak-sandwich rather than having both halves of the bread served. It made it alot easier to finish. I sound like I ate it – well, S.K finished it, less some chips which D.P stole… and it was commented that it was tasty albeit a little tough with the steak.

I love the atmosphere, and actually love the music they play – sorta acid jazz to soft clubbing music. Service was average but there is this one waitress who stood out amongst the rest with her attentive nature to the things going around and how things are going at each table.

Overall, this place is a place I’d go back… for a drink or for a meal :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Mash Brewery
(08) 9296 5588
Address: 10250 West Swan Road, Henley Brook, Western Australia

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