Terrazza, Nedlands

Website: http://www.terrazza.com.au

I have always considered this place to be a direct competition to similarly styled restaurant Tiamo at the other end of Hampden Road. I still think it is some form of competition but ultimately they do serve different types of food, and I prefer the ambience in this establishment. In the realm of food, I don’t have the luxury of being able to judge since I haven’t tried the main courses at Tiamo much at all.

In any case, it was Ash Wednesday when the church girls decided to go for dinner together, and we decided to look around for a place where the crowds didn’t seem too much to overcome – and Terrazza was perfect!

Interior     Cake Counter     The Bar!

 The interior has great lighting because of its open shutters, so the place always has this brightness and liveliness to it even without people populating the restaurant. The cake counter is where all the yummy desserts are sheltered, with a good amount of wine bottles and other alcoholic beverages neatly shelved. Beer taps are on the side of that with even more bottles of liquor decorating the nice wooden shelves.

On this occassion (due to the need to fast/abstain over the day), the three of us decided to go for no-meat. Here were our final choices:

  • Turkish Bread (with dips!) – V.A was way too hungry to skip entree, so we got this to share
  • Fettucine Al Salmone – S.C’s choice
  • Fettucine (something! I can’t remember. DANG) – V.A’s choice (this was served with prawns and some snow peas)
  • Seafood Risotto – My choice
  • Coke
  • Small Becks
  • Chocolate Sundae for Desserts

Small BECKS     Turkish Bread     Drinks Menu

The turkish bread was abit of a disappointment altho’ very nicely presented to us. It was served cold, and the serving of the dip did not exactly compliment the amount of bread given – we even had to eat the last bits of the bread without any dip which was really just eating to fill our tummy :( The plus side tho’ was that the dips were really quite tasty and did suit the taste of the turkish bread. Pity they could not be a tad more generous with the dips.

Fettucine al Salmone     Seafood Risotto     Fettucine (something) (T_T)

The mains were definitely a step better than the rather disappointing entree we had. I have tried the two pastas the other two ladies ordered, and thus I knew what to expect (assuming the quality/standard of the cooking hasn’t changed). The fettucine al salmone is always quite a favourite with myself because of of my love for smoked salmon. The pasta’s cooked quite nicely with a good amount of gravy soaking the broad pasta… (why couldn’t they do the same with the turkish bread?!). The sauce itself was tasty and so it wasn’t difficult for S.C to finish the plate.

The other fettucine was a tad more bland due to the missing ‘smoked’ taste that the salmon gave the other dish. The gravy used for this is exactly the same as that of the salmon which is something I thought should be highlighted – lack of variety.

The seafood risotto is by far my favourite dish from this establishment! It was lovely. I was taken by surprise when it came out, smelling oh-so-good, making my mouth water. The texture of the risotto was definitely to my liking… I don’t know what the general standards are but this was just nice, and the taste of it was slightly tangy with a rich composition. The serving of seafood was rather generous as well, and I thought it was great how they included a nice side of salad so that the risotto wouldn’t make you feel as tho’ you were eating something too heavy.

Chocolate SundaeAt the end of the mains, we were clearly reaching our tummy limits, but as what many would say… there will always be space for desserts!! It’s no different for V.A who ordered the chocolate sundae.

We got a shock when we saw the tower of cream that stood on top of the little glass containing the ice cream and hot fudge. It was somewhat overwhelming. But upon digging in, we soon realised (or well, V.A soon realised) that the tower of cream was nothing but a cover for the scoop of ice cream that was sitting right underneath it. Think of it as hair to the head.

I did not try this and thus will not be able to speak too much for it, altho’ V.A did mention that she’s definitely had better ones.

Presentation was definitely tops for this. And the amount of chocolate fudge at the bottom of the glass…. WHOA!

The service that night was really good with the girl really paying attention to all the nonsense we were doing. I reckon she did a great job in serving us with patience :) Two thumbs up there!! I am not too sure about the rest of the waiters/waitresses tho’.

The ambience as I have mentioned before is top-notch, something that I love – relaxing and bright (during the day of course). It’s got an ample amount space between the tables as well… which is always a plus for people like myself!! =P


Overall I would go back to eat but it wouldn’t be too frequent. The prices charged for the food they offer is a tad on the steep side in my opinion – but it must cost them quite a bit to maintain too.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Terrazza Nedlands
Telephone: (08) 9386 1399
Address: 156 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Western Australia

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