Bella Napoli, Spearwood

Interior (Front)Located rather distant from the city in the suburb of Spearwood (along Phoenix Road), this place has been a ‘stopover’ for myself and family if we do little road trips. With a nice wood-fired pizza oven, Bella Napoli has a nice spacious area for its guests, which means you can just sit there all night, chilling and chatting… which is something that not many places have in Perth! Thumbs up for this feature.

They have a specials board that is always in front of their ‘pizza dough’ display fridge (yes, they do display their pizza dough in that fridge!! Amongst other things of course), with various dishes that are the chef’s pride and joy for the day/week. One thing that remains constant on their specials board tho’ – is their special Bella Napoli dessert. I have yet to try it because each time I visit, I fill myself up so much with the mains that there is hardly any space for desserts.

I have been to this establishment quite a few times, but this time that I went and actually took photos, it had seemed there has been a change in management.

Interior (Back)Since the last management, it seems that this management is alot better with their service attitude – the last establishment’s management and their waitresses/waiters did not seem too keen on the job tho’ their food tasted brilliant (which is why I kept going back there). The new management has a friendly attitude, with the waitresses/waiters serving with joy and smiles.

Anyway, quite enough about the management – onto the FOOD!

That night, there were only the three of us, and what was originally a plan to order some dishes to share, became a selfish-I-would-like-to-order-a-main-for-myself evening:

  • Ravioli (with a tomato based sauce)

  • Scallopine al Funghi

  • Fettuccine Carbonara


Menu - Cover     Menu - First Page

 Because there weren’t very many people this evening (quite a surprise because it would usually be filled by about 7.30pm which was the time we were there), we got the food quite quickly:

Ravioli   Scallopine Al Funghi   Fettucine Carbonara

The Ravioli turned out to be quite a treat to the tastebud! With the pasta filled with a generous amount of meat, and then covered with a generous serving of tomato sauce (which seemed to be cooked with some other ingredients making it tangy and yum!). This was my dish and I thoroughly enjoyed it even tho’ there wasn’t any other items besides the pasta and sauce. It was delightful.

The Scallopine Al Funghi is seem this way because of a flood of gravy that was requested during the order – and it’s actually my recommendation especially for those who love their gravy. The vegetables and potato actually soak up the gravy over the course of your meal, and it really goes well! The only thing about this dish is that the veal wasn’t done too well – it was a little tough on the jaw. I must say that the serving of this dish has decreased since I last visited, which is another way of mine in confirming that there might have been change management.

The Fettucine Carbonara is a very common and simple Italian dish which is really the best way of judging a restaurant in my opinion. If they can perform well on a common/simple dish, then they would have scored for the restaurant. I had a little taste of this dish and to me, I probably would have had better ones around in Perth, but an average tasting dish – it wasn’t one of those that was hard to swallow. I guess it just didn’t stand out.

For those chilli lovers, you can ask them for some “chilli oil” when your food comes out (before, they would have fresh chillis that were cut and placed with olive oil, but this time, the oil looked different)… it adds some ‘oomph’ factor for sure!

Overall, this place is a nice family restaurant to just hang out and catch up with one another over a meal with a decent size portion – however, it wouldn’t be one to go for if you are really picky about the quality of the food you are being served.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T.

Bella Napoli
(08) 9434 5888
Address: Shop 4, 218 Rockingham Rd Spearwood, WA 6163
(You can also reach there via Phoenix Road as mentioned before)

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