Jus Burgers, Leederville

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Jus Burgers is situated along a row of other little cafes/eateries, but has a rather luminous and attractive sign that is quite difficult to miss if you were going there at night.

Having heard about this place and been to the website to check out what they were so famous about, I was quite excited to try the burgers that were receivnig rave reviews.

The place is not exactly the biggest around, but it does exude a really cosy atmosphere, so if you’re not the patient sort, make sure you get there early enough to get a table for your party.


Even if you do arrive late, the waitresses are very friendly and will advise you of the probable waiting time, and will grab your number to notify you once the table is ready. This is a no-reservations place, so just be aware of that little fact :)


As I mentioned, this place is quite small, it has a row of tables for groups between 2-6 people, with some bar tables/chairs in front of the cooking/order area. The interior design is something that I would really compliment because with one look, you know the owner has definitely put in some form of thought into the place.

And true to that, the website gives a little background as how the design of the place came about!

Featuring vegetarian choices as well, this place will be a great choice for both carnivores and herbivores of the human race. :)

Anyhow, after a rather long deliberation, we decided on the following items to order:

  • Cheeseburger (with mushrooms)
  • Pommy Burger (Beef patty with bacon and cheddar cheese)
  • Mozarella Chicken (chicken patty with mozarella cheese)
  • The Guvnor (a nice big cut of cow with the usual garnishings)
  • Diet and Normal Coke
  • Serve of Onion Rings
  • Serve of Chips

Cheeseburger with Mushrooms   Pommy!

The cheeseburger with mushrooms was apparently average. However, something quite special and different was how they used a huge field mushroom as opposed to small little button-shaped ones that were sliced up and sauteed. Taste wise, the ‘owner’ of the burger was not all that impressed.

I ordered the pommy burger which was some cow, some pig, with a some typical salad and cheddar cheese. I must say I was relatively happy with the burger – tasty and definitely filling enough for my tummy. The patty was juicy enough, but I must say I was expecting a bit more after hearing all the rave reviews about this place. Perhaps it was setting up the expectations at too high a level. But I would definitely recommend this burger to try if you ever go there.

Mozarella Chicken   The Guvnor

The mozarella chicken burger looked rather appetising altho’ the person who ordered the burger was less than impressed by the lack of mozerella taste in the meal. This was confirmed by her husband who took a bite. However, he was definitely more impressed with this burger this his Guvnor. Other than the extra bits of cow added to this burger, the opinion of this burger was on the low side. It was said to be rather tasteless. I can probably vouch for this tasteless statement since this friend of mine had to resort to putting BBQ sauce, and other condiments to make it taste better.

So, out of the four of us, I believe I was the only one who was rather satisfied with my order.

I have to definitely give kudos for their side dishes of the chips and onion rings tho’.

Serve of Chips & Onion Rings

Having given up chips for Lent, I had to rely on the other three “reviewers” their two cents worth on the chips. Not as big a fan of chips as I am, they were relatively happy with the quality. From the looks of it (yes, I actually believe I have reached a stage where I can actually tell a good chip from a bad one by the outward appearance!), they looked crunchy and good – assuming a good amount of salt was being seasoned over the bowl.

The onion rings were pretty damn fine! :) I was impressed by this dish the most. It had a nice crunchy texture on the outside, with the sweetness of the onion captured upon biting and munching on it. It certainly went well with both the mayonnaise and sweet chilli (this was an extra sauce we had ordered). Two thumbs up for great onion rings!! Probably the best in Perth yet (from those I have tred of course).

View from the backPotted PlantsNice MirrorsGrafitti Wall!

Little Play AreaIn addition to the cosy little place, there is also a little kids’ corner where drawing accessories and other items are available if you were thinking of bringing your little tots along… the only drawback of course, due to the small size of the area, is that the kids’ corner can only fit so many kids.

Service in this establishment is top notch. I found the waitresses to be very friendly, and efficient for that matter. They tended to people’s needs quickly and they knew exactly what were doing, and how they were meant to do it.

With a small area, they manouvered and handled situations of waiting very well, and the orders were quite swift too – tho’ the wait for the actual food can be quite a bit longer…

In any case, Jus Burgers is a place I would definitely like to go back to try some other burgers they have, and their chips for that matter…

PS: this place is not licensed, and am not too sure if they are actually BYO, but I am certain they do pride themselves in not being licensed, something that I find very unique (and good). :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T.

Jus Burgers
Telephone: (08) 9228 2230
Address: 743 Newcastle St Leederville 6007 , WA

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