Hog’s Breath Cafe, Northbridge

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Enjoy a steak sandwich with curly fries for $10.



Website: http://www.hogsbreath.com.au

This favourite eatery of mine sits right next to Dome along Lake Street in Northbridge. With another 3 branches around WA (I think the new one they had opened is in Mindarie)… AND a franchise opened in my homeland of Singapore, this hog is just doing business people can’t refuse!

It is quite funny how their hog’s not exactly the main specialty – but their steaks… that have a special thing about them (the same story is told for each patron who goes there to dine for the first time… something nice to have, I reckon).

One thing I love about Hog’s Breath (at any of their locations), is the way they design the inside of their restaurant. It’s got a rather typical feel of an Australian life – laid back, with sports/extreme sports on the tele (and they’ve actually got a couple around the restaurant!), nice cost atmosphere all throughout the place.

Interior 1Interior 2 (Mr Hogs)Hog's Breath is better than No Breath at allMore neon signs - TOILET

The other thing I love about this place (other than the food and atmosphere) is the booze!!! Yes, you heard me. The booze. With their very own well-stocked-up bar, Hog’s Breath has my little pat on the back for their range of beers/wine (haven’t tried tho’)/cocktails for their consumers. And here’s the best part… as of today 7th April 2009, their cocktails are still approximately $10 each!!! You can’t get this at very many places, with good quality I might add. I decided to go forth with my ongoing beer phase with the following orders for myself and my one-of-two beer buddies:

  • Beez Neez (ME!)
  • Heineken
  • Pure Blonde (for me and her)

Her sister had a frozen cosmo. :)

Beez neez with Mini Flip Chart   Booze

Altho’ they are popular for their steaks, I have seen other people ordering burgers around, and they seem quite appetising (though I wouldn’t put my name down for it since it’s never reached my tastebuds before)… in any case… here’s the order for the evening for my table:

  • Garlic Mushroom Steak with Garlic & White Sauce
  • Garlic Mushroom Steak with Pepper Sauce
  • Tex-Mex with Seafood Chimichanga

Garlic Mushrooms + Garlic + White Wine Sauce Garlic Mushrooms + Pepper Sauce Tex-Mex with Seafood Chimichanga

The steaks for the night were exactly the same, except for the sauce on the side. A rather popular choice among the people whom I have dined in this establishment with, their steaks are usually best eaten medium-rare (as with most steaks). I always order the pepper sauce, which is my personal favourite, and because of the fact that I love the sauce so much, I never bother trying the other sauces (other than mushroom sauce, which I find rather average).  With the steaks, you get to choose the type of potato (fries or baked), greens (salad or vegatables, with your own choice of dressing for the salad). Their fries are the famous hogs fries, which is meant to look like pigs’ tails. And to all you people who have tried A&W’s famous curly fries – this is as close you can get to having those in Perth! :)

In any case, the sisters both enjoyed their meals, with the garlic and white wine sauce receiving praises for its taste. I tried a little, and would have to agree. It’s something different – not the sauce I would order over and over again, though.

The tex-mex is a personal favourite of mine, especially with a really empty stomach because it certainly fills the tummy! :) With my lenten sacrifice of chips this year, I had to forgo the lovely hogs tails for more salad, and I decided to throw in some Jalepenos as well for this occasion (doesn’t come free!). with a nice and generous serving of gravy on top, this meal is tasty to the last bit of steak/rice/chimichanga/salad that you munch on and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who might be hungry. But do make sure you order the steak medium-rare so you don’t spend too much chewing, than actually enjoying the taste of the dish.

We were quite full but greedy as we were, we decided to order some dessert!!

Sticky Date PuddingSticky Date Pudding

So I have tried this dessert three times, with two out of the three times leaving rather satisfied with the quality. Always neatly and stylishly presented on the plate, I personally believe the key to a good sticky date pudding lies in the moisture of the ‘pudding’ and how well it sits and eventually melts in the mouth.

The first time I tried this dessert – I was almost dumbfounded by the excellence. But having tried even better ones around since then, I was a tad disappointed the second time round with the ‘pudding’ rather dry.

This time, the moisture was just nice, tho’ I still have to say there is one other place that I still place #1 in their sticky date pudding… actually two places, now that I think about it… watch this space because they will be featured soon enough!! :)

Overall, this dessert is definitely worth ordering, the only thing is not knowing how the quality of the pudding will be. Fingers crossed, you might be lucky that very meal!

I love Hog’s, and as I was telling my other blog partners this afternoon, it’s been rather difficult not to be too biased about this place. Overall, I have not been too utterly disappointed with this place, and I genuinely love their steaks. Will definitely go back there again… and again… and again!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T.

Hog’s Breath Cafe (Northbridge)
(08) 9328 8777
Address: 21 Lake Street, Northbridge, Western Australia

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