Globe Coffee House, Mt Lawley

Cafe Sign

Becoming one of my favourite places to dine for a good Saturday morning brekkie, I wouldn’t really be doing this place justice if I didn’t review this.

Sitting along the famous Beaufort Street Strip (that was a tongue twister just letting it roll through my head!), I stumbled upon this place during my escapade with mom each Saturday over a period of time, trying out different places for brekkie.

We tried from one place to another, and it was actually quite a bit later than we decided to walk into this establishment. It’s got a very welcoming concept to its decor, and it really looks like a ‘house’. With a rather open concept, the tables and chairs are basically arranged in such a manner where it’s all positioned to the sides of the cafe. This makes space for patrons to walk into cafe, and towards the counter rather easily.

They have a menu, but they also have chalkboards situated around the ordering counter, where you can take your time to choose whilst awaiting for others to place their orders.


They usually have some specials for the day, and it’s on the chalkboard on the right hand side (facing the counter), so make sure you don’t miss out on them because during this occasion that we went, my mates ordered their specials, and were rather impressed by them!

To make the place look quite a bit bigger than it really is, they made good use of the side walls to place mirrors, which also reflected the rather nice decor on the other side of the cafe.

One thing I really do appreciate about this place, is the rack of magazines they have available on the sides for patrons to grab and read while they have their coffee/meal. On many occasions I see people coming in alone to have their meal or just have a coffee, and this is something really useful, just taking it easy, reading the paper/gossip magazine/food or design magazine and having your order.


Decor on the other side of cafe   Beautiful Fan!

The people from Globe Coffee House have all been very friendly (from the first time I stepped into their place)… once I took a day off from work to have brekkie with lovely mom, and I would never have expected to be served by a more friendly and attentive waitress than this one. I was deeply impressed. :)

Anyhow, onto the FOOD! we ordered the following for lunch on this occasion:

  • Open Rye Sandwich (with smoked salmon, capers, etc.)
  • Club Sandwich (chicken, cheese, avocado, bacon… is your mouth watering yet? :))
  • Eggs Norwegian (my typical brekkie order, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, with a bed of smoked salmon)
  • Homemade Iced Lemon Tea
  • Ice Mocha (without cream)
  • Ice Chocolate (with cream)

Iced Mocha (without cream)   Iced Chocolate (with cream)

Unfortunately, silly me had forgotten to take a photo of my own drink (which actually looked the most unique of all three since we didn’t expect it to come out that way). Anyhoo, the review from the owner of the ice mocha was that despite the rather pale looking presentation of the drink, it certainly went well with the palette and was one of the more yummy ice mochas that she’s tasted. thumbs up I  believe!!

The ice chocolate was really well presented with the cream forming a nice little hill, with flake and m&m chocolates on it to make the whole thing look as attractive as it can possibly be. An avid fan of chocolate drinks, my mate thought this was just the right sweetness for an ice chocolate and she was extremely pleased with the little gifts on top of the cream. :) A definite recommended item to have if you’re a fan of choc I would say!

My homemade ice lemon tea came out nothing like what I would have expected. It actually felt more like a lemon drink than lemon tea. I couldn’t really taste the tea to be honest, but it was quite good nevertheless – only if you appreciate sour things. The sweetness of this drink was almost close to zero, but that’s what’s nice about this in my opinion. :) That said, it will be a while before I order it again, tho’ I would.

Open Rye Sandwich  Club Sandwich  Eggs Norwegian

The Open Rye sandwich was apparently average, but the good thing about it was that the Rye bread was not as dry as the normal rye bread you’d get outside. There was a considerable amount of smoked salmon served with the dish tho’. A very healthy lunch to have, this will hit it well with all of you who might be on a diet or just want something light for lunch. :)

I had a taste of the club sandwich myself, and I must say it’s the best club sandwich I have tasted in a while, with chicken, avocade and cheese for one layer, then the lettuce and bacon for another layer, the combination was just fabulous! Given the sacrifice of chips for Lent, I had to give this set of chips a miss (again), but I was told by the other chips-expert on the table (the one who ordered the club sandwich, naturally) that it was probably the best she’s tasted (we had given the one at Armada, located in  Travelodge, along Hay St the #1 spot)… so I will definitely be heading back to have a try. Of course, this would be referring to fat chips, not the shoestring chips. It’s a different comparison! She thoroughly enjoyed her meal, with an almost empty plate by the end of the meal (the chips may not look much but the sandwich certainly filled the stomach quite a bit).

My favourite (and probably only dish I ever order because I love it so much) dish… the Eggs Norwegian just does something to me each time I eat it. I decided to order extra mushrooms on the side for this occasion and was rather impressed by the tastiness of it. They seasoned it well with salt, pepper and probably some other herbs (my guess is rosemary), giving it a really nice overall taste as you bite into the juicy flesh. The serving of hollandaise sauce in this place is generous because you get to eat the eggs, and muffins (right below) with the hollandaise sauce to the very last bite (as it should be). I say the same for the serving of smoked salmon. The only thing I wasn’t too pleased on this occasion was how they had broken one of the eggs, causing the runny yolk to be mixed with the hollandaise sauce. :( Not that I wouldn’t do it, but to present your customer with this isn’t the best I would say.

Fabulous Fan!

Overall, this place is a lovely place to visit on a lazy Saturday (not too sure if they are actually open on the Sundays)… or even on weekdays when you can afford the time to pop by the cafe for a nice relaxing meal, together with some coffee. Before I forget, the coffees are rather yummy. The aftertaste is not too overwhelming, which is something I would look for in a good quality coffee.

Also take note of the fact that food will be delivered to your table (they will provide you with a table number, as with most cafes) but you will need to wait for your coffee at the counter. It usually doesn’t take too long because there is a designated person doing the coffees, especially when there is a crowd during peak hour.

I have seen people who work in the vicinity bringing their own mugs for coffee. So it must be some good! :)

I am looking forward to my next visit to this place, and hopefully you will be going there sometime to try something!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Globe Coffee House
Telephone: (08) 9271 4308
Address: 672 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley 6050, WA

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