Bistro Felix, Subiaco



It was D.P’s birthday that day, and her sister, ever thoughtful decided to give her a treat at Bistro Felix, and both were awesomely (no, there’s no such word) sweet to invite me along, where I got to try some fine dining food! It was a sheer delight.

Felix sits along Rokeby Road, the main street in Subiaco amidst the lovely shops. For those who have been residing long enough in Perth, it’s actually the exact same spot that was taken by Atlantic.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a professional manager/director/someone with authority, with great warmth and politeness. A little more formal than what I’m used to, but certainly a nice change.

He asked if we would like to get a drink at the bar first, in which we all agreed (especially when S.K. and myself had such a long and arduous day at work!)… we took a look at their cocktail list, which was rather extensive, albeit a little pricey (the average price you would see is about $16.50). We ended up ordering:

  • Felix 75 (a bubbly cocktail – S.K)
  • Felix Cosmopolitan (D.P)
  • Espresso Martini (ME!)

It’s a pity I didn’t feel up to taking pictures when we were drinking, so there are no photos to show the presentation of those cocktails, but I have to say they were pretty cool. The Cosmo was finished off with the lighting of something (looked like an orange peel but I wouldn’t put my $$ on it that it was). It was quite a pleasant surprise – especially to the birthday girl!

The quality of the cocktails were quite up there, particularly the cosmo. Probably one of the best Cosmo’s I have tasted (concurred by the birthday girl), it didn’t feel too strrong, and yet you could taste the alcohol. It was brilliant! The Felix 75 had a nice tangy flavour which was pleasant to the palette.

I wasn’t too impressed with the Espresso Martini and reckon the one I had at the Luxe Bar was still better, tho’ it was still rather pleasant to drink!

View of the Tables InsideSo we drank our cocktails and it wasn’t long before the waitress came to take us to our table, rather big for the three of us, but it worked beautifully anyway.

You’d be served with a roll of bread, and served a nice dish of butter (which for some reason, tasted really really yummo!). I think I might have left the roll for too long because by the time I got around to eating it, it was rather rubbery. Not the best texture, especially for fine dining where you’re supposed to be eating in the most petite (or at least try) of fashions as a girl. :)

Anyway, we took a look at their menu (which you can probably view in the website)… and we decided to go with the 3-course Recession Concession set.

Speaking of this recession concession set, what it means is really to be paying a heap-load lesser for the meal than you would under normal circumstances… so:

2 courses = $49
3 courses = $55

A bargain, for sure!

Bistro Felix - Menu   Economic Downturn?

After much deliberation (approximately 10-15min worth of it!!), we decided on the following:


  • Quail (S.K & D.P)
  • Crab Souffle (ME!)

I refused to take the Quail altho’ I knew there was some form of greatness to it from the description given in the menu, because I knew I could steal some from the sisters if I really wanted to a taste – and well, why not add some variety to the things we order, yes? :)

 The QUAIL   Crab Souffle

The quail, as expected was brilliant. The bird’s meat was so tender, and coupled with the sauce glazing over, it was quite difficult to say anything bad about it. The girls definitely showed their love for it by cleaning the plate up in style!

Tthe crab souffle was quite the entree too! Not as tasty as the quail, but for some reason it had this special taste as I got to the end of the plate. It left me thinking, “wow”. So I would say this dish is perfect for those who like to take things slow because as you savour towards the end, the taste just gets better, and better. Awesome!

Sorbet (Lemon, Lime and Mint)Whilst waiting for our mains, we were served a nice serve of their sorbet for the night to cleanse the palette (sp?!). The sorbet for the evening (or at least when we were being served) was lemon, lime and mint. S.K wasn’t too impressed with the mint flavour that seemed to be rather overwhelming for her. I found it refreshing but that’s just me because I love mint.

Anyway, it was a sheer delight having that in the middle of the meal because it most certainly made us ready for our mains… Whee!

It wasn’t an easy decision for me, knowing how much I love the cow and how the description kinda made the mouth water uncontrollably, but nevertheless, the decisions were made, and here it is:


  • Harvey Steak (S.K, again, any surprise? :)) with BUTTER SAUCE
  • Fish of the Day (D.P)
  • Duck (ME!)

D.P was really tempted to get the steak because it seemed that everyone around us were ordering exactly that.

Harvey SteakFishDuck

The Harvey Steak was served a little uniquely. Having seen numerous plates being tossed arond, it looked a little odd when we saw the plate being neatly placed on the table. So the three of us girls started staring at each other in wonder. Then the waitress finally admitted that she had it toppled when taking it up from the kitchen. OOPS! But it was a joke nevertheless. :) I was really awaiting for the verdict of the taste… and when I saw S.K’s eyes beam with satisfaction, I knew D.P and I might be regretting our orders… so she cut a piece up for each of us… and as I awaited for D.P’s verdict, my heart was beating faster and faster with anticipation… D.P was SILENT. But you could tell from her eyes too, that it was probably one of the best steaks around she’s ever tried. So it was my turn… being an avid lover of the cow, I had rather high expectations, and knowing that S.K actually loved it, I had my expectations way up there. Did it get there?

I was stunned.

It was simply one of the best steaks I have ever tasted, and with the butter sauce rummaging through, nothing ever felt more satisfying than chewing down that piece of meat. KUDOS +++!!!

The fish was really well cooked too, albeit a rather healthy choice by D.P. I am not a lover of fish but you could just tell that this fish was fresh and grilled to almost-perfection. The top was nice and crispy too, giving the diner a little bit more variety in the texture in the overall experience.

The duck turned out quite fabulous as well. Coming from a culture where duck is probably the second most eaten meat, this duck was quite something. If anything, the sauce was a tad too salty but the grapes that came along with it went so well that I would have asked for more if I had known!

Roll & WineTo top things off (even before the meal), D.P ordered us a bottle of Pinot Grigio which was simply DIVINE!

  • Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio

 A great wine, and should be ordered if you’re an avid fan of white.

 So… you would think that we were done, and would have gone back satisfied consumers of this already-rather-well-reviewed bistro?

It ain’t over till the desserts are sittin’ in the tummy!

We already knew what we wanted when we were ordering our entrees and mains, and so when we were given the menus again, I told the waitress that I already knew what I wanted and didn’t need to see the menu again (okay, maybe I was trying to make sure I don’t change my mind again…)

So we made the following choices:

  • Chocolate Tart (S.K, no surprise again)
  • Creme Brulee (D.P, no surprise!)
  • Almond Roulard (ME!)

Chocolate TartCreme BruleeAlmond Roulard

The chocolate tart appeared to be simple, and looked like a small serving, until you actually had a taste of it… with about 70% cocoa in the tart, you could immediately taste the reason why chocolate has earned its reputation to be a treatment to depression! It was simply divine. Very smooth, very cocoa, very chocolate. Beware of the little chocolate stick that sits on the cream though. As sturdy as it might look in the picture, it was tested by S.K, and the outcome was a shattered form on top of the tart. Quite the funny sight. She kept shaking the stick for some odd reason and it just broke mysteriously.

The Creme Brulee was served rather beautifully with two  biscotti’s (I suspect chocolate flavour?) seated next to the little dish of creme brulee. Not the biggest fan of this dessert, I had a taste of it and it was really quite nice (it almost converted me to say the least!). D.P really enjoyed it, and I am sure she did!

The Almond Roulard was something different from the usual desserts I would order, and it was actually rather pleasant. The strawberry sauce was probably freshly made because it was very different. The strawberries were nicely sliced, and went very well with the roulard. I’m not a fan of the cream, so I had put it aside, but enjoyed the dessert very much.

I had already set myself a nice rating for this establishment but the desserts pushed it up a notch!

A great place to dine (I reckon it’s lovely for dates!), and with the Economic Recession Concession deal, why not?!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Bistro Felix
Telephone: (08) 9388 3077
Address: 120 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco, WA 6008

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