Foundry Pub & Grill, Cannington


Interior 1I usually meet up with two sisters for drinks/dinner on Fridays (it has become such a habit that it feels odd if we have nothing on, on a Friday!). S.K. suggested to me on Friday then to try Foundry which is located within the Carousel Shopping Centre, in Cannington.

With a hearty curiosity of this place (I have walked past this on many occasions but never really had the motivation to try it)… I immediately said, “YES! Let’s GO!”…

Upon entering, we got asked for our IDs for some reason, and were given our ‘star’ chops upon clearing ‘security’. Then we were greeted by this massive bar right in front of us (quite a delight to me and S.K. really).

We were seated along the side where the glass panels were, facing the carpark. There was a live singer grooving along with his tunes (I was personally rather impressed with this singing and his ability to last song after song after song without much rest! Thumbs up!

Interior 2

Anyway, more about Foundry. The area is huge and surprisingly dim on the inside. Whenever I walk by that place, it always gave me the impression that it was a lot brighter than it really was when I stepped in. Not that it’s a bad thing – just merely surprising I suppose.

One thing I wasn’t too impressed with this evening was the service from the waiters/waitresses. The waitress who served us was rather unfriendly, and was distracted when taking our orders, showing impatience when we started deliberating on our orders as well.

She took our liquor order first, which really consisted of the following:

  • Pint of Heineken (S.K)
  • Pint of Beez Neez (D.P)
  • Pint of James Squire Golden Ale (ME!)

Unlike most places where they’d use the pint given by the beer brand, Foundry seems to have their own pint/midi glasses with their logo, and they use beer-brand-based coasters to indicate the different beer instead.

James Squire Golden Ale   Heineken   Beez Neez

MenuSo we took the next couple of minutes to decide what we’d like for our entree/mains…

S.K. felt like a pizza for some reason but at the same time she felt like the lamb shank. So we decided to come to a compromise and decided to order the pizza as an entree that we can all nibble on whilst waiting for the mains to come (logic is that it can line the tummy while we drink our booze).

Took me a while to choose because there was quite a wide variety of food.

In any case, here were our final orders for the evening:

Lamb Shank (S.K)

Rump Steak with Mushroom Steak (D.P)

Steak Sandwich (ME… any surprise?)


Pizza  Lamb Shank

Steak Sandwich  Rump Steak

The Pizza (or pizette) was rather appetising with the toppings filling the dough right up to the tip of the crust (i.e. there really wasn’t much of the crust!)… and the toppings (which I cannot remember now…boo!) went well together. Probably the highlight of the night to be honest…

The lamb shank did not receive a very good response from the consumer, largely due to the lack of taste. It was really the first time I had seen S.K adding salt to her dish, which means that it was quite the bland lamb she had! The only kudos given to this dish was that the lamb was tender – but really, this is obtainable at numerous places.

My steak sandwich wasn’t one to be boasting about either. I was expecting the cheese to be well melted into the sandwich but it turned out to be still in one flat piece when it was being served – quite a disappointment. The steak itself was tender, but once again, you can probably get a tender steak elsewhere with the cheese nicely melted into the sandwich.

The rump steak……………………………. was also a disappointment! D.P reckoned she’s had better ones around and she wasn’t too impressed with the overall cut of the meat she had. I had forgotten to ask her about the taste of the sauce itself but it did look average – acceptable.

I wanted to save the talk about chips to the last because this was probably the biggest disappointment (for me) for this night… they were not crunchy, not seasoned (not much anyway), with plenty of them browned more than the rest – a sign that the oil used is probably old, and should be changed!! For Australian standard, this is nowhere near par.

Despite the rather bland and disppointing mains, we decided to give dessert a go and see what we can make out of this. And since we were rather filled up by the mains, we decided to share a dessert:

  • Sticky date pudding (any surprise, once again?)

Sticky Date Pudding

Very well presented to us, we had our hopes pretty high on the dessert. D.P is known to be our very own conoussieur of sticky date puddings, so she had the first bite – only to be showing an expression of “errrrrrrr……” for about 5 seconds, enough for us to know that we should not be expecting much from this. True enough, the end was found to be really dry and to me it had a rather odd taste of some sort that I couldn’t really pin-point. In any case, it got better and well moistened as we drew towards the middle of the cake (notice how I didn’t say pudding? :)). the little basket that held the ice cream was really made up of caramel if my tastebuds and memory didn’t just do a short-circuit (did I not mention we were engineers?). Rather hard in texture, it was average.

OutsideOverall, this place is not somewhere I would be going in the near future.

PS: the drinks were rather pricey too. $9.10 for a pint of Heineken. Hmm. Not the best price I’ve seen thus far!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

Foundry Pub & Grill
Telephone: (08) 9451 4622
Address: 1382 Albany Highway, Cannington, Western Australia 6107

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