Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle


Entertainment Card (2009): 25% off the total bill (up to $35 of value)

Norfolk MenuWe intended this to be a ‘surprise’ birthday celebration but it became a nice little gathering for us girls. Having been to this place before, S.K. thought it would be nice if we came here for dinner. No regrets!

Sitting on the corner of South Terrace, pretty close to the Anglican church opposite, Norfolk Hotel gives a rather victorian feel to one when you walk through its gates. A very nice and casual place to dine, you don’t actually see any “please wait to be seated” sign. You just rock up to the bar and you ask for your table (better to place a reservation because it gets pretty packed up!). We were meant to sit at this table where this group of people were, but they didn’t seem too ready to go so we were given the liberty to sit anywhere that didn’t have a ‘reserve’ sign. We chose one just in front of the walls leading out to the road. Nice and big table for our big appetites that night!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shot of the external bits of norfolk, but trust me, it’s a lovely place!

We sat for a bit before I started itching for a nice cold beer. Here were our orders for drinks:

  • James Squire Amber Ale: ME
  • James Squire Golden Ale: S.K
  • Glass of Pinot Gri: D.P
  • Some Cider (memory lapse… again!): S.C
  • Some other beer =( I know I’m in poor form!: A.C

No pictures for these drinks since it’s not easy to tell the beers apart from each other.

Then we took sometime to decide on our mains. But after a nice deliberation, here were our final orders:

  • Steak Sandwich (who else? But I did share this dish with S.C. that night because I wanted a taste of hers)
  • Fish & Chips (S.C)
  • Angel Hair Pasta (S.K)
  • Smoked Chicken Salad (D.P)
  • Prosciutto Pizza (A.C)

Let’s start with what I had with S.C. first for a change:

Fish & Chips  Steak Sandwich

The fish & chips were a tad dry to me, but the tartare sauce made up for it! Nice and thick with traces of pickled vegetables in the sauce, I was really happy with the way the sauce tasted. It’s quite rare to find a good tastin’ tartare sauce. The fish could definitely be better with its texture.

The steak sandwich is something out of the ordinary steak sandwiches you’d get. This one has bacon! And because of that I have to actually score this one down because the bacon was overwhelming the cow’s taste. There was this strong bacon essence that was nice, but yet a little disappointing because the main thing you really wanted to eat, was really the cow. Hence the name “steak sandwich”? :) I do give it kudos for the free serve of ketchup tho’!! Not many places do that anymore!

Similar to both dishes – the chips. It was one of those chips you’d get at Little Creatures. Freshly cut and fried, served with a good amount of salt, the chips were definitely grade “A” for this chips lover. I was a happy camper.

I would recommend for these two dishes to be shared if people are up for it – you get a good taste of both, and you don’t feel too overwhelmed by a single dish. I don’t think I’d be able to cope with all that fish. The steak sandwich, well, I’m a cow person, so it’s not really fair for me to stick my thumb up and say anything, is it?

Angel Hair Pasta

The angel hair pasta came out lookin’ fresh and definitely an eye-catcher!! Served with nice little cherry tomatoes, the color was just beautiful and I couldn’t get my tastebuds into the dish! S.K. had a try of it, and had a slight look of disappointment, which sent me wondering, “what could possibly go wrong with such a beautiful dish?”…

So I had a try.

I could see what the whole look was about. Although it was nice and fresh, the dish lacked the flavour that would give it the ultimate kudos. It might have been the cheese that made the chef think “oh, maybe I shouldn’t add anymore flavouring to this”…

Would have loved this dish alot more if they had a little bit more taste. But it was definitely fresh so that should be commended!

Smoked Chicken Salad

The smoked chicken salad was something that I was really taken surprise by. With a nice presentation filled with nice shredded chicken (quite a generous serving at that!)… some pears, walnuts, this dish was really quite sublime for a salad. It had everything healthy in it, and to top it off, it tasted really yummo!


I loved the fact that the smoked chicken was well, really smoked chicken!!! Sometimes, you see it in name but you never really taste the smoked meat. This time, it was done nicely, almost to perfection in my opinion. A pity I didn’t get to try this with the pear, but I would think it tasted fabulous.

This would have been my favourite dish for the night. :)

Prosciutto Pizza

The Prosciutto pizza was something that looked really yummo from the moment it came out of the kitchen and indeed it was quite the yummy dish!!

The prosciutto was given in a rather generous portion to say the least and I was quite surprised at how this dish was not salty at all!! I would usually expect prosciutto to be quite salty, and with that amount of meat there, I thought there was gonna be that element of ‘over-salt’.

None. Absolutely beautiful.

It was quite a huge serving and Auds did such a good job in finishing it up!! With the help of us of course. *winks*


Overall, the Norfolk Hotel definitely has some yummy food to boast itself with, and I would go back there again because of its casual atmosphere (yes, you are talking to Miss Casual here).  Have a drink, have a meal, Norfolk will be a nice place to visit regardless if you’re in freo!

PS: James Squire Underground Bar is actually next to it, but it opens at about 10-10.30pm, so something that might be a good idea to do… have dinner at Norfolk, have a chat, then head to the Underground Bar after for some nice cold beer and good night chillin’!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Norfolk Hotel
Telephone: (08) 9335 5405
Address: 47 South Terrace, Fremantle 6160, Western Australia

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