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San Churro’s is the new craze right here in Western Australia!! With already a couple of branches in Melbourne, I remember having my first try at this always-so-beautifully decorated churros place in St Kilda with an ex-colleague and what a memory that was!!

Just some background information for those of you who might be curious… why “san churro”?

In 1528 Hernan Cortes brought the decadent Aztec tradition of chocolate to Spain. So precious was this gift that only the monks were allowed to manufacture chocolate strictly for the Spanish aristocracy. The head monk, San Churro, witnessed many miracles of chocolate including the healing of the Queen of Spain and made it his life’s work to spread the ‘secret’ of chocolate across Europe.

And so began the legend of San Churro…

This little shop in Perth nestles itself in the corner of Freo’s cafe strip, and is really quite the place to be especially on a cold winter’s night! Having been to this branch on two occassions, I will be using the pictures to talk more!

Beautiful Chalkboard 1  Beginning of San Churro!

One of the things I love about this place, is the beautiful artwork they put on their walls. From chalkboard stuff, to actual beautiful posters, this place is just oozing with the vibe of great ambience! An absolute plus, especially when you’re hanging out with your lovely or your mates. *winks*

The things that were tried on both occassions include:

Apologising for their Choc

  • Fondue for Two
    This included some churros, some strawberries, caramel popcorn, dish of chopped peanuts, pretzels, marshmallows, some brownies, two scoops of ice cream and your choice of milk, dark or white choc dipping fondue sauce… drooling yet?
  • Churros (to share)
    This is just a good serve of churros with two dipping sauces of your choice from a range of…. white, milk, dark choc and caramel….
  • Hot & Cold
    This is one interesting creation. Using the hot chocolate, and the ice cold ice cream, this mixes both white choc and milk choc, infusing them both into a combination of ultimate richness!
  • Classic Hot Chocolate
    Need I say more?
  • Spanish Latte
    Don’t be fooled by its simple name… this is a special brew of coffee beans, poured over a nice serve of condensed milk to give some sweetness and fullness to the flavour!

Fondue for TwoChurros to Share (Milk and Dark Choc)

The Fondue for Two was the perfect setting for anyone in lurvee…. but it would definitely complement a small group of good friends just gathering together for a good catch-up time. So well presented, it’d be hard not to want to dig into it right after you are served. The fondue itself is served in a little fondue cup, sadly without the heat beneath – probably because it will burn the choc if there was a candle heating the bottom up. This means that you have to be rather quick in eating this.

One question that was constantly asked over this little fondue for two was “how are we supposed to eat the chopped peanuts?” …

Any answers?

Well, my own little suggestion, if I may… is to dip either the churros, or the marshies into the fondue, then quickly dip that dipped section into the chopped nuts… thus you have a peanut coated marshie/churro to munch your way through!

My personal favourite bit of this little dessert is dipping the pretzel (yes, it does go!) and the strawberries into the fondue. Absolutely beautiful. I would suggest an order of the dark chocolate if you are not the biggest fan of sweet things.

The Churros to Share was a beautiful plate to share amongst some friends over a cup of hot choc or coffee because it’s one of those things where you would just break into pieces and chat and eat and chat and drink and… you get the point. :)

Trying caramel, milk and dark choc dips, I have to say my fave were the caramel (ultimate surprise there!) and the dark choc dips. The milk choc was really ordinary and wouldn’t be something I’d go for again.

IMG_2109Hot & Cold

The one thing that I would count on having when I do come to San Churros:

Spanish Latte


The picture on t he left is the untouched version of the latte and the one above (left) is when you mix all that condense milk through the thick coffee. I wouldn’t suggest you try the black coffee on its own unless you’re a real coffee conoisseur and would like to try all the coffee types in this world.

When mixed with the condensed milk, this coffee is the ultimate kick for the night/morning/day/whenever!

If you are asian like me, and you’re thinking “oh, it’s probably the same as the KOPI I have here in Singapore/M’sia”… but it’s actually not. Then you start to think Vietnamese coffee? Close – but still there’s this distinctive difference.

Good sh*t to say the least!

Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the classic hot chocolate, but it is served in the same cup as the Hot & Cold.

The Hot & Cold is something that will appeal to those who like their affogato – except this is not with coffee, it’s actually with choc, so expect double the sweetness. The thickness I heard is not as thick as the classic hot chocolate (which I can vouch for in terms of the richness in its consistency!). I have had two friends try this – one in favour, and the other finding it a bit tough to finish. So it really boils down to your personal preferences – choc lover? sweets? You know the answer!

The classic hot choc has not been a favourite amongst the people whom I have visited this place with. The feedback was that it was thick (as I would agree), and it wasn’t the type of drink you’d be able to finish on your own, and quickly. The next problem then comes with the fact that a hot choc wouldn’t be nice if it’s cold, would it? :)

Shelves of Choc Products!   Sinfully Smooth MILK Choc   MMMmmmm   Cakes

While you’re there, don’t forget to just check out some of their products that are very nicely stacked on the shelves of this almost-vintage cupboard. And on the other side, where the order-counter is, checked out their beautiful cakes!!

If this doesn’t stimulate your tastebuds, then we seriously need to press on in our search for more of Perth’s great food!!

A great place to just hang out and indulge – will definitely be heading back to San Churros sometime!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

San Churros
(08) 9336 7557
Address: 91 Market Street, Fremantle 6160, Western Australia

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, how does one contact Mr. Churros to find out the necessary costings for setting up a cart in the South Perth area…Thanking you…V.Galati.

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