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Signage outside

Hiding in a little corner on the corner of Beaufort St and Brisbane St in Northbridge lies this little place serving organic and healthy food for all who would like to live a little more chemical and/or pesticide free.

This was a place I had driven past more than a hundred times over, and each time I wonder what they have in there. Good thing my dearest friend actually told me that she heard this place was nice, so off we went for a brekkie adventure!

Upon entering, you’d feel this rather interesting vibe exuberating through the place. A very small establishment, try to arrive there early to avoid having to wait for your table. They have about 3 tables of four, and about 3-4 tables of two, with another table that can sit up to six (or you can probable sit any other combination that will give you a total of six people. There are some tables outside as well, so it’d be perfect for summer!

Interior 1  Interior 2

Menu 1The menu is very simple, but yet it stores so much information (if only more menus were like that all around the eateries here in Perth!)… with interesting names to the dishes as well, we found ourselves sitting down in a quiet moment just scanning through their breakfast menu, trying to decide what we were going to feast on that morning.

In the end… we made the following choices:

  • Eggs in a Daze
    Essentially Eggs Hollandaise with their own twist to the naming conventions. You add another $4 or $4.50 for smoked salmon. MmMmmMm.
  • Big Eco
    The usual big brekkie you’d get when you go to other places…
  • “Sponsored” extra serve of mushrooms
    S.K didn’t realise the Eggs in a Daze didn’t have mushrooms included, so she mentioned, and D.P and myself decided to chip in to make the girl a little happier (: We reckon it would taste that much better since it was sponsored!
  • Latte (Tiger Mountain Coffee Beans… not Five Senses as stated on their website… so be warned!)
  • Berry Smoothie
  • Orange Juice

Menu 2  Menu 3

The service was actually quite prompt. I was rather impressed, and the food came out presented rather well, and with the sun shining into the place that morning, it made it all the more appetising to look at!!

Eggs in a Daze with Sponsored Mushrooms

Eggs in a Daze  Big Eco

The Eggs in a Daze was lovely. With the smoked salmon rolled up, it didn’t look as tho’ they were too generous with their fish. Not until you actually roll them out!! There were about 5-6 ‘slices’ and it was definitely a great serve! There was a generous serving of greens as well, which is something I don’t see very often in eggs hollandaise these days. KUDOS! The hollandaise sauce was quite ordinary. But the one thing I do need to put out – their runny yolk of the poached eggs!! whilst not every one of our eggs were with runny yolk, I was really impressed at how runny one of my egg yolks was… here’s some pictorial testimony:

Runny Yolk!

The Big Eco appeared to look similar to the Eggs in a Daze because it had poached eggs too, except for the additional grilled tomato and mushrooms, and the lack of hollandaise sauce. D.P said it was good stuff, and why not, when BOTH her poached eggs were with runny yolk!

Berry SmoothieLatteOrange Juice

The Berry Smoothie was quite yummy, considering how I am not the biggest fans of smoothies… I managed to finish the whole cup. The only thing I would say is that it was a tad too thick. It made it difficult to actually drink when it first came out of the kitchen.

I was told the Latte was of great quality (similar to the quality you’d get at Sayers… no bitter aftertaste… the perfect feeling to have when you are drinking your coffee, really). D.P was a tad disappointed at first because she realised that the website had said Five Senses (the same type Sayers uses)… but when we arrived it said Tiger Mountain… no matter tho’, since the coffee turned out lovely! :)

The Orange Juice… for one thing… it’s freshly squeezed! Something you don’t get much around anymore… people just use the prepared bottled orange juice and pour into a cup of ice. But Source Foods is great in the sense that they put some effort into preparing a nice cup of orange juice for you, for a price you’d pay elsewhere too. Thumbs up! The only thing on this occasion, is how the OJ seemed to have a ginger essence to it. S.K finally figured it out that it might be the other juices that had ginger in it that had that taste infused into her OJ because they would have used the same blender. Smartie!

Overall, Source Foods is a nice place to have a simple breakfast. Not the place I would stay to chat tho’… it doesn’t give that sorta vibe. But it certainly gives rather good quality food, and at a rather reasonable price too!

Source it  out yourself!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Source Foods
Telephone: (08) 6468 7100
Address: 289 Beaufort St, Perth 6000, Western Australia

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