Golden Mile Chinese Restaurant, Como

InteriorA church friend of mine introduced this place to us the other evening when we all met up for a huge choir dinner.

Nestled in the heart of Como, this little place is probably only known to people who live around there or those who heard about this by word of mouth.

Not too difficult to find, I love the fact that parking is readily available near the restaurant. Made it a great plus!

One thing to note about this place is that it does not have very many tables, so it will be wise to make a reservation especially over the weekend, because when we were there it was just PACKED!!

That said, the place is quite cosy, albeit a bit noisy, as with every other chinese restaurant. And, it’s BYO!

Let’s get straight down to business. We ordered heaps of food that night so it will probably be quite a task just to get through the pictures, but for the sake of bringing you good people some fine food, here goes!

We ordered the following:

  • Beef with black bean sauce
  • Boneless Duck with plum sauce
  • Chop Suey with Oyster Sauce
  • Fried Rice / Steam Rice
  • Honey Chicken
  • Peking Spare Ribs
  • Prawn Crackers
  • Spring Rolls & Prawn Fritters
  • Seafood Claypot Tofu
  • Sizzling King Prawns
  • Sweet & Sour Fish

I think that’s quite enough to whet the appetite!

Beef with Black Bean Sauce  Boneless Duck

The beef with black bean sauce scored!!! I am not one to order beef and black bean generally speaking but this one was pretty damn good! Loved the texture, loved how the meat was tender and how the black bean was just added in the right amounts. Kudos for this dish!

The boneless duck was surprisingly good. Mom’s a massive duck lover so I have learnt the art of eating duck from her. One must never be too satisfied with the duck meat unless it’s got this innate moisture in it, so that the meat sort of sits in your mouth, melts a little but still allows you to enjoy the chew. This one was a tad on the dry side but it was done quite nicely nevertheless. I was quite happy eating the duck on its own without the plum sauce – I personally found it a tad too sweet for my palate (yes people, I finally realised how to spell!).

Chop Suey - Oyster Sauce  Fried Rice

The chop suey was nice and refreshing, and it provided a nice greenish color variation to the table’s lazy susan laden with all the different dishes we ordered. I liked this dish, but would have probably liked it better if it was fried with garlic as opposed to oyster sauce (not the biggest fan of 0yster fan here, so I’m definitely biased).

The fried rice is one of the two/three dishes I did not try that evening but judging by how quickly this dish just disappeared, it must have been of some good!

Honey Chicken  Peking Spare Ribs

The honey chicken was rather ordinary – you can probably get the same quality chicken at other chinese restaurants. One thing I have yet to find in honey chicken (which I am really looking for) is a thin layer of batter covering the chicken pieces. One would beg to differ because the thick batter does give it that bit more of satisfaction in the ‘oomph of oil’ area, but ultimately, I would really like to be tasting a tad more chicken, a tad less batter. Never mind the reduction of serving size, it’s the quality that counts!!

The peking spare ribs was another dish I really enjoy – most probably because of my love for vinegar in my dishes! It just gives that extra tang and drool at the back of your jawline making you want to bite that thing dry. Excellent dish. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Seafood Claypot TofuThe seafood claypot tofu was quite a winner with some people for its really nice and simple taste, but to me, it lacked a bit of sauce/salt. I was impressed with the tofu tho’. Done nicely on the inside with the right softness, and a nice firm ‘skin’, it’s definitely a tofu that was hand-made, and not bought from the stores outside. Kudos for that!!
As mentioned, the tasted was just not too impressive, and if not for the tofu I would have marked this dish down by quite a fair amount.
Not to mention the rather expensive price stuck with this steel claypot (complete oxymoron here).
Sizzling King Prawns
The sizzing king prawns were not exactly sizzling and they were not exactly the king size that we were expecting, which made this dish probably the most disappointing dish of the night – to me at least.
I was expecting quite a bit more with this, but we only got the normal sized prawns we would see, and random splatters of onions and other kinds of vegetables to make it colorful.
I wouldn’t be ordering this dish again the next time I go back. Not a favourite.
Sweet & Sour FishThe sweet and sour fish was not exactly the best I’ve tasted, tho’ it was definitely not the worst either.
Would be givin’ the same comments about the batter – could be quite a bit thinner, thus giving the fish a bit more opportunity to be soaked in the sauce for a nicer, fishier taste to the palate.
That said, I found the gravy quite lovely, albeit too little for the amount of fish they gave.
So glass half full = they had plenty of fish!
and glass half empty = Not enough sauce :(

Prawn Crackers - What's left of it  Spring Rolls + Prawn Fritters

The entrees were ordinary, just like what you’d get with other chinese restaurants in Perth, so I wouldn’t comment too much on them.

As a summary, this place serves averagely good chinese food. Would definitely be going back to try some of their other dishes so that I can pick out their signature dishes! Why don’t you give it a try sometime soon, if you’re in the vicinity? :)

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars 

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Golden Mile Chinese Restaurant
(08) 9368 2998
Address: Unit 1, 6 Preston Street, Como

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