Tiamo, Nedlands

Interior 1

Website: http://www.tiamocafe.com.au/

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Tiamo sits right in the heart of the famous Hampden Road (well, to those who live in that vicinity anyway!)… and it used to be one of my hangout places when I was residing in good ol’ Currie Hall (a hostel/college of UWA).

They open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and boasts of a really beautiful interior, largely due to its sliding body-length glass panes, letting all that good sunshine into the place, giving it a really nice and natural brightness.

I have been there for breakfast on a number of occassions with family and friends, but never had the opportunity to take some photos. Well not until this occassion. Breakfast with mom. :)

I have tried some of their mains, and do not think too much of them to be honest but I might be wrong of them now since it’s been a while since I came here to have their lunch/dinner meals.

Interior 2

On top of the nice interior, they boast a beautiful bar/cake counter area, which usually has quite a lovely array of cakes (only  tried the carrot cake, which I found average, but hey, I’m not a fan of carrot cakes in the first place…)…so it’s actually quite a nice place to have a cuppa and just sit down to talk to an old friend (for example)… :) I have done this before and it was definitely something lovely.

So onto the things we ordered this morning:

  • Big Breakfast
  • Eggs Florentine (think Benedict but with spinach instead of ham :))

No coffees this morning for us… it’s a norm for mom, but not for me. I will explain why a little later.

Big  BreakfastEggs Florentine

The big breakfast was…. BIG. The mushrooms were an additional side that mom ordered. Just to break this little review up, we were rather displeased with the waitress because of the inflexibility we were shown. Mom never takes chipolatas with her big breakfast, and I have had this changed to mushrooms many a time at other places. So we tried asking for this, and we immediately got a straight “no. sorry. we can’t do that.”. And it wasn’t even a very pleasant “no”. It was a stern why-are-you-even-asking “no”. Left us rather unhappy there. Never mind that.

MenuBack to the food. The plate was well presented, with the large slices of bread a plus. I have tried the big breakfast before, and the bread is usually served warm, and well toasted… by that I mean crunchy on the outside, but still nice a ‘chewy’ towards the centre of the slice. Everything was a-okay for me (I tried a little of everything, and like I said I have tried the big breakfast before)…. except the bacon which was a tad too oily for my liking. Yes, bacon’s meant to be oily but it was literally soaking in oil. not exactly very pleasant.

The mushrooms (despite the little unhappy incident) were rather tasty and so we were happy. Well worth the $3! The serving could have been a tad more generous – that’s for sure.

The eggs florentine were quite a disappontment. One of the egg’s yolk was hard (which is a turn off for me)… and the other was runny. So 50-50 there. The hollandaise sauce was the overall let-down for me with too much egg-yolk taste in it that it became a tad revolting towards the end. Usually I’d be using the egg/bread/muffin to soak the hollandaise sauce, but I was actually trying to avoid it this time around. Not the best experience of a hollandaise dish – that’s for sure.

Now, you would have probably guessed why I did not want to order the coffee.

The service was just a little slipshod, and with that attitude the waitress gave with regards to that change of one ingredient in the big breakfast, that really blew it for me. I would have been happy if she was a tad more pleasant about it – but with the tone she used (perhaps she was havin’ a bad morning, but that’s really no excuse)… it’s a bit harsh.

It was surprisingly empty that morning, which is indicative for me as to whether the standard of the quality of their food has dropped.

Overall, this was a rather disappointing experience, and I wouldn’t be back in a while.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Tiamo, Nedlands
Telephone: (08) 9386 6611
Address: 57 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Western Australia 6009

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Some additional photos from the dinner menu (contribution by N.L.):

  • Fettucine Tarantina ($20.90) – Pan fried prawn cutlets and smoked salmon with spinach in a white wine cream sauce
  • Rack of Lamb ($29.50) – Char-grilled served with steamed garden vegetables, gourmet potatoes and a rosemary jus
  • Spinach Salad ($13.90) – Spinach, avocado, croutons, crispy bacon & parmesan cheese drizzled with Balsamic dressing
  • Insalata Tiamo ($24.90) – Char-grilled lamb fillet tossed with feta, marinated mushroom, roasted capsicum, and mixed green


And who can forget the Desserts…

  • Baked Cheesecake and Passionfruit Cheesecake


8 thoughts on “Tiamo, Nedlands

  1. dohh i’m going there for dinner tomorrow! hope it’s better than your experience.
    i used to come here a bit during my uni days too and thought it was ok.

  2. oops! Hee… well, I haven’t had their dinner/lunch for a long time, so maybe that’d be different. I was really put off by the stupid waitress to be honest. That must have destroyed the taste somewhat too. lol.

    Do add your own comment if you’re gonna take some snaps ok! :)

    • Hi Conor!
      Thank YOU for your comment. It’s comforting to know that for myself as well. :) I know there are plenty of people who actually like this place and to have someone say otherwise was a pleasant surprise! :) do continue to pop by! You’ve got a great site too btw. will be linking you. :)

  3. Wow…can’t believe so much has changed over the years at Tiamo..but then again when we were in Uni, our palattes were not as refined (neither were our pockets) and we all mainly hung out there for their drinks…

    I recall having dinner there a couple of times but as I said, compare my palatte from now to then, there’d be a difference.

    Wanted to pop by there with Mark when we were in Perth last, but nice know we didn’t miss much =)

    Keep the reviews coming! And if you’re extending your expertise to Melb eateries, I for one would love it!! =P *grin

  4. Whist the food was presented well, the taste did not match it presentation. Overall I found that it was a little bland. The ice chocolate had icecream that was left out of the freezer – it had large ice flakes throughout the icecream, and really spoilt the taste of the ice chocolate. However, I am sure that this is an easily fixed problem.

    Service was absolutely terrible. Unfortunately 2 out of the 3 people who served us were very rude. One of the waitresses actually served me with a dirty spoon and did not offer to replace it, and the other waiter very rudely told me off for bringing a snack into the restaurant and told me to leave!!

    While the ambience of the place initially was pleasant, after being served by 2 very rude staff, the ambience changed and I felt very uncomfortable. I was a little upset and my friend and I actually left the place very early because of the rudeness of the staff.

    I have eaten at this restaurant several times before, and previously thought that it was very pleasant. However, after the last visit with a friend, I no longer will visit this place, nor come to bring my friends to this restaurant. I was appalled at the staff’s rudeness, and lack of courtesy. It is a shame – they have lost very good customers and I will be very reluctant to return to this place after being treated so rudely by the staff. I’ve never experienced this rudeness in other restaurants.

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