Golden BBQ, Canning Vale

We had planned this dinner for quite a long time, and some of us had actually forgotten about it! :) S.Tq had suggested us this place following my review on the new Penang Eatery in Canning Vale. This place is much easier to find with the Canning Vale market just close by…

It is regretted that I did not remember to snap some shots of the interior and exterior sights of this place. But never mind that since we are just really concerned about the food! In any case, the interior is what you would expect of any chinse restaurant.

We started off sitting at a table for 7 because we thought that there’d be that number of people but due to unforeseen circumstances, there were only 5 of us at the end, so the waitress kinda randomly came up to us to ask if we could move to a smaller table (typical chinese sort of business-making… freeing up that table for more people :))… so we took the efforts to transporting our personal belongings and our little cups of tea over to the new table.

Then we sat down and decided  that each one of us should choose a dish each. But that didn’t exactly work out the way it’s supposed to be because we ended up giving opinions to each other anyway! So here were our choices:

  • Peking Duck (2 courses, 1 which is the skin wrapped with a nice pancake skin, the other a lettuce-based wrap of the meat stir fried with some vegetables)
  • Szechuan Chicken
  • Hot Plate Tofu with Minced Chicken
  • Long Beans with Fried Onions

Complimentary SoupOne of the few restaurants left in Perth with this little perk….


Yes, you heard me right. Back in the day when I was in uni, the chain of chinese restaurants in Chinatown, Northbridge would be competing on a very high level, and each restaurant would serve complimentary soup as a start to the meal. Now… it’s gone, and so this came as a surprise to me.

That said, don’t expect much to come out of the complimentary soups since they are all cooked as a mass production.

Onto the main dishes!

Peking Duck - First Course (SKIN)Peking Duck - Second Course (MEAT)

The Peking Duck was actually pretty good considering I have just gone to have another Peking Duck at Northbridge about a few months back. The skin’s nice a big in size, with a little meat left with it (apparently that’s the proper way of slicing the skin for Peking Duck!). Always love the skin of the Peking Duck dish. :) Always a smile-turn-on! The rest of the table were rather satisfied with this first course as well.

The Sang Choy Bow (i.e. the 2nd course of the Peking Duck) could have been better for me. It was nicely stir-fried but something was just missing from that dish for me. It might be the richer taste that I was looking for.

Szechuan Chicken

The Szechuan Chicken was the let-down of the meal, altho’ I’ve been told it didn’t taste like that before when they ordered the same dish – so perhaps the cook wasn’t up to par that night. Then again, one begs to question the professionalism. :)

Szechuan, by nature has these characteristics (thanks to Wiki!):

Szechuan cuisine, Szechwan cuisine, or Sichuan cuisine (Chinese: 四川菜 or 川菜) is a style of Chinese cuisine originating in Sichuan Province of southwestern China famed for bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn (花椒). Peanuts are also a prominent ingredient in Szechuan cooking. Although the region is now romanized as Sichuan, the cuisine is still sometimes spelled ‘Szechuan’ or ‘Szechwan’ in the West. There are many local variations of Sichuan cuisine within Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality, which was politically part of Sichuan until 1997. The four best known regional sub-styles are Chongqing style, Chengdu style, Zigong style, and Buddhist vegetarian style.

Overall, this dish had too light a Szechuan flavour… I do give them kudos for their generosity with the ingredients tho’!

Hot Plate TofuThe Hot Plate Tofu was rather interesting in its colour variation to the normal hot plate tofu dishes you’d see in other chinese restaurants. By that, I am sayin’ that they were thoughtful in taking the time to add some color to the dish. Usually you’d get the tofu dish served with some minced chicken and salted fish but it’d just be that, so the colour of the dish would be rather dull.

In this case, they actually cooked the gravy with some carrots and celery, adding some colour to the dish.

It’s funny how I’m sayin’ this but it does make a difference when you look at a dish with colour and one without, and actually decide to eat the one with the colour becuase it just looks that more appetising!

The only thing I’d say about this dish is the fact that the gravy was not sufficient for the amount of tofu and egg they had on the hot plate. A little more generosity in this area would have gone quite a long way! The taste was average, pretty similar to what you would get outside in the other chinese restaurants.

Long Beans (with Fried Onions)The best dish of the night has to go to this little greenie! :) The Long Beans with Fried Onions reminded me of good ol’ Singapura… of the days I would cook this on a daily basis for my mom as she was recovering from her operation. except in my cases, there wasn’t much fried onion – there’d be fried garlic, and some soy sauce. :)

They did it beautifully. I wish there were more places in Perth who would serve this dish but as wise mommy pointed to me the other day, it’s actually expensive getting these long beans… so that might be why we don’t see much of it.

Contrary to the tofu, don’t be fooled by its simple look. For some reason this dish, the simplest looking of all that we ordered was actually the tastiest!! Hmm. I wonder what that says…

simple looking dishes = GOOD
complicated looking dishes = NOT SO GOOD


Anyway, this place is worth a try in my humble opinion – particularly for its peking duck and the long beans. I would want to try their roast duck and pork the next time I head back there. :)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant
(08) 9456 1368
Address: Shop 7/280 Bannister Road, Canning Vale, WA 6155

Golden BBQ Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Golden BBQ, Canning Vale

  1. Whilst I do agree with a lot of your analysis, I have to say that the standout feature of this restaurant is definitely their range of roasted meats. They’re usually well above the standard of most of the competition in Perth, their dry noodles are also a stand out. That’s the main reason I usually travel back to this eatery. It’s a quality roast house.

    • Hi Ribaz :) Thanks for that comment. Unfortunately we didn’t try the roast meats that occasion but I’ll definitely go back there and have a taste of those meats – they did look delicious when I was there having that meal!

  2. The foods are not top of the class and a bit pricey but more importantly the responsive service from the frontline waitresses has been wiped out by the owner’s temper. This guy swearing in Mandarin while we’re still finishing our last drop of BYO wine thinking that none of use understood his bad language. He then stacked some chairs with anger though there were still some customers around; the night was still young (9pm). Dec 5 2010 was my last visit; good bye!

  3. The foods are overpriced and the service is the worst I have ever had. The chinese guy who does the works at the front kitchen is very rude and treat us as if we are getting a free food from him. After having a dinner with my family, I ask for a takeaway on Roast Duck and after he put them in the plastic foam, he just throw my take away on the table, without saying anything. That guy has an attitude problem with customers. I NEVER WANT TO GO TO THAT RESTAURANT EVER!!!

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