Savini Caffe Pizzeria, Mt Lawley

Menu CoverEntertainment Book 09/10: 25% off Total Bill (up to $35)

Savini’s is nestled in a little corner at Walcott St in Mt Lawley, and is rather difficult to spot if you weren’t actually looking out for the place. With a really Tuscany feel to it (or so it’s boasted about. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to Tuscany!)… this place has a rather homely feeling as you step in through their “gates”… We were greeted by the manager (or owner), and was directed in a rather unclear manner to our table.

With quite a small overall area for a restaurant, they’ve managed to utilise their space rather well, but for some strange reason, it doesn’t give off the same comfortable feeling as what Lambretta gave when we go for our eating visits.

We were seated just in front of the pizza oven area, and looking around, they’ve got lovely decoration that filled the place, making it look like a really big home that has alot of tradition and history behind it.

Pizza Oven AreaThe Homely Feel

The Rest of the RestaurantSo… we looked through the menu and we started realising that some of the items on the menu seemed a bit overpriced. For example… $7 for garlic bread. I was quite shocked. Not wanting to sound to miser-ly, I decided to just leave the question of “how many are there in a serve” out and we ordered some “warm crusty italian bread” which was $4.

They didn’t have the best wine-in-a-glass list, and they had no beer on tap, so we just had some house wine.

Just to side track a little because I was quite appalled by this little discovery:

I visited the ladies, which was at the back of the restaurant, along this dark little alley and realised the place wasn’t exactly the cleanest of areas. There was a bad stench, and quite frankly, one of the worst set of toilets I have ever visited. I was shocked.

That said, we’re not looking at their lavatory facilities (tho’ I really do think it forms an important part of a diner’s experience).

So movin’ on with our orders… here’s a summary of what we ordered:

  • House Wine
  • Warm Italian Bread (with Olive Oil and Balsaimic Vinegar)
  • Pizza (with rocket, parmesan cheese, prosciutto and balsaimic vinegar. think Lambretta 175)
  • Scallop Pasta
  • Special Pasta that I know not the name now :(

Deepest apologies for not being able to remember the names of the dishes.

House WineItalian Bread

The house wine was quite average. 

The italian bread was quite a let down. with a description of warm and crusty, we were hoping to warm our tummies up with this nice appetiser, but it came out rather cold and actually rather hard. And for $4, it meant that it was about $1 per piece of bread we received, which I thought was not worth it at all. You get this for free elsewhere, and we had to pay $4 for it. :(

Scallap Pasta (Fettucine)The Scallop Fettucine came out quite simply presented, with a generous serving of scallops. Don’t be deceived by its pale look, because I was. There was this nice flavour to the pasta, and with such a generous serving of the scallops, I wouldn’t mind having a plate all to myself!

If you’re a scallop fan, then this is definitely the dish for you.

It’s not too overly priced as well (which was a surprise :)), with the plate costing about $25 – $27. Memory’s been failing me, but it definitely did not cross the $30 mark.

Pleasant surprise after a rather strange experience at this joint thus far. :)

Pasta (with Olives, Mushrooms, Olive Oil...)

The special pasta that S.C had that night was filled with mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and tonnes of olive oil. Not that it was a bad thing but they might have overdone it. I will show what happened by the end of this meal for this particular dish in a moment.

I had a taste of this dish as well, and whilst the olive oil made it burst out with flavour, there was too much of it, and you could literally feel your lips oiled up.

That said, once again, lovely taste to the dish. And generous amount of ingredients being added to the plate. :)

Guess who had the pizza?


So the pizza came out looking somewhat similar to the one that’s available in Lambretta, known as the Lambretta 175 pizza. I got all excited because I really wanted to see if this place could really do the pizza as well as my favourite little place in Nedlands.

I took the first  bite, and started feeling the excitement fading away.

With a thick base, and quite a massive amount of cheese to the tomato base, this dish didn’t manage to give me that electrifying buzz that the Lambretta 175 can everytime I have it.

Contrary to the pasta brothers, the pizza came with a less than satisfactory amount of ingredients being thrown around the base.

Quite a bit of a disappointment for me… and when A.C and S.C tried it, they seem to have agreed with me.

 So we were done with our mains and we thought maybe we should have a look at the dessert menu. We waited to catch someone’s attention.

And waited.




Waited. Waited. Waited.

Olive Oil GaloreBy this time it had been 20min since our first attempt at trying to get a wait staff’s attention. I, for one, became extremely impatient. Even more so because when we first entered, we felt as tho’ we were over-served, with wait staff asking us the same questions over and over again even tho’ we had been served. Communication issues? And for some reason, with the place quite packed out, the over-serving became an event of being under-served.

We felt as tho’ there wasn’t any reason why one would have to wait so long just to get a wait staff’s attention, so we decided to just leave and be done with this place. Not a very nice feeling leaving the establishment to say the least.

Overall, the place served good pasta, and the good service, really seemed to be reserved for the regulars. I wouldn’t be back here again. Not under my own power anyway.

I leave you with the remnants of the olive-oil infused dish after we finished it, as promised.

Rating: 2.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Savini Caffe Pizzeria
Telephone: (08) 9271 6366
Address: 80 Walcott Street, Mt Lawley 6050

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2 thoughts on “Savini Caffe Pizzeria, Mt Lawley

    • Hey Conor! :)

      Yes, it actually was quite a rip off. Good thing for the entertainment book that kept the cost lower than it would have been.

      we ended up going to Macca’s for desserts, and it was probably just as satisfying if not even more satisfying if we were to wait! :)

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