Golden Harvest Palace, Rockingham

From the OutsideHaving a little afternoon set out to be spent with my adopted Godma who lives in Secret Harbour, we decided to head to Rockingham for some chinese food before heading to the newly renovated Rockingham Shopping Centre. :)

It had been about 1-2 years since I last stepped into their establishment, and the last time left me feeling quite alright about their food – that is, neither bad, nor fantastic. So an average chinese meal is what I remembered the place had to offer.

Was it going to be any different this time?

When you walk towards the restaurant, you will see the many grafitti’s and the scratches the glass panels have had to endure over the years. Becoming quite a worn out place, the look is really nothing to boast about.

Interior 1Interior 2

Contrary to what you see on the outside, the inside of the restaurant has a nice open area, with the glass panels allowing the natural light of the sun to seep through. Spacious and neatly laid out, the tables were all just awaiting its guests to arrive.


Having gone there early (as you probably can tell from the interior photos)… we were swiftly served by the waitress, and was offered some prawn crackers on arrival.

After ordering our usual dose of chinese tea, we started to look into their menu, zooming into their lunch specials, which had a range of noodle and rice dishes.

You’d expect this from most chinese restaurants. Either fried rice or plain rice, served with a dish of your choice. More often than not, you’ll get to see words like lemon chicken, honey chicken, peking spare ribs, etc. popping out quite often.

Prawn CrackersOn this occasion we all ordered the rice + dish set, but I was torn between a couple of choices. So I do what I do best, and wait till the waitress comes to take the orders, before just blurting out whatever that’s on my mind. Most of the time, I would realise I had made the decision subconsciously before I even realise.

So during this lunch with my adopted Godma, here’s what we ordered:

  • Garlic Squid with Vegetables, and Fried Rice
  • Beef Black Bean, and Plain Rice
  • Garlic Beef, and Plain Rice
  • Lemon Chicken, and Fried Rice

The orders came out quite quickly since there was no one, and by this time, due to the lack of a hearty breakfast, we were all quite ready to dig in.

Garlic Squid with Fried RiceGarlic Beef

The Garlic Squid with Fried Rice looked tasty and very attractive with the lovely greens and orange coming out from the snow peas, broccoli (sp?) and carrots. I had a try of this dish and found it to be rather tasty and addictive too! Might be the MSG, but overall, the squid was nice and tender (I do suspect there is some bit of tenderiser involved)… which is really the most important thing for such a dish. Nothing to complain.

The Garlic Beef on the other hand appeared a little pale, with the lack of vegetables. There was an abundance of cow slices, but the lack of vegetables did put me off a little. Having said that, there was this excessive amount of starch in this dish for some strange reason, thus making it not as appetising as the squid dish was. Quite a disappointment. This was one of my other choices, should I not have chosen my dish the other day.

Beef Black Bean with Plain RiceLemon Chicken with Fried Rice

Beef Black Bean is quite difficult to go wrong with any chinese restaurant with a decent cook. Judging by the dishes thus far, it’s hard not to expect something that is of average standard for this dish. It’s nice to have this dish with plain rice so that you can taste the actual black bean. Having fried rice would just be masking the taste – so take this little tip from the Chinese girl here :) From feedback (I didn’t get to try this dish), it was pretty good (i.e. average). As much as it is easy to make this dish, it is difficult to impress others with it as well.

The Lemon Chicken was a mistake by me because I had tried this dish before the last time I popped by for a meal, and it only occurred to me after the plate came out and all the memories of the yellow coloured sauce and big fat pieces of chicken started flowing back into this little brain of mine. The taste was nice and tangy though I definitely have had better ones before. The chicken was a bit too battered, so I ended up feeling really full because of all the oil in that batter.

The Fried Rice that came with two of the dishes was average and what you can expect from a chinese restaurant, generally speaking.

The talk of the luncheon, more than anything, was the chilli that we got. Due to the relatively close proximity of Rockingham and Mandurah, the ladies started comparing the chilli that we had here (which was just a simple chilli sauce and fresh cut chilli soaked in soy sauce), and the chilli oil that we usually get from Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant in Mandurah. There was really not much of a comparison because we love the chilli oil from MeiJing. So as accompaniment, Golden Harvest let us down just a tad.

Overall, this Chinese restaurant serves decent lunch meals, but it’s really nothing that fantastic that can be raved about like other restaurants we might have mentioned in this blog. I wouldn’t mind going back there again to try out their dinner menu. :)

Waitress was nice and friendly and attended to us rather promptly. Kudos!

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Golden Harvest Palace Chinese Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9529 3319
Address: 6 Cessnock Way, Rockingham

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