Grosvenor Hotel, Perth


Sooo… besides Armada along Hay Street, there is also this little nice hotel-turned-pub on the Eastern side, which we visit every once in a while.

This time, it was the Melbourne Cup celebrations! The great secretaries gathered us all together as we had a good meal and some good booze before watching those horses gallop their way towards victory.

I actually love this place in that it has two different sections – the typical pub-like area where you can play some pool, and hang out quite comfortably with mates on a lazy Friday afternoon, and a classier side, where you can host nice business lunches, without feeling as tho’ you’re part of a pub. :) Brilliance!!

With some specials always placed on the counter – don’t be too anxious to get your order and done with… peep over at the counter to check out their specials and you might be in for a treat without really realising!

I tell you all of that because that’s exactly what happened to me – I was all ready to order some traditional fish and chips, when the little specials stand caught my eye, and I ended up ordering the special grilled fish of the day, which turned out to be a healthier and ultimately good choice! :)

Anyway, enough of that. You usually place your order at the counter, grab a number, then if you want, grab a drink at the bar counter, then go sit down at your preferred location (that’s of course unless you’re with a big group for which I do strongly recommend an early booking/reservation!)

Here’s our orders:

  • Lamb Wrap
  • Chicken Wrap
  • Fish of the Day (Grilled Perch with Chips and Salad) (SPECIAL STAND!!)
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Tuscan Grilled Barramundi (served with parmesan herb mash and stir fried asian greens)
  • Veal Schnitzel (SPECIAL STAND!!)

This was quite a big event but due to my rather shy nature (NOT!)… I didn’t manage to get everyone’s dish, altho’ I can tell you lovely people a little more about the other dishes we have tried on the menu.

The wraps were not really well complimented. The chicken wrap received negative feedback from DAW, saying that there wasn’t enough taste – an overall disappointing meal. The lamb wrap on the other hand, consumed by our lovely Miss L. was apparently alright. Nothing too great…

For some strange reason, I did not take a photo of my perch (well I did… only AFTER I finished about 80% of the plate! duh sandra -.-) but I guess this one picture of a fish-dish can give you a rough idea of how the fishes are presented at this establishment. :)

I had a little taste of the Barramundi that Miss Anise had, and it was actually quite pleasant. I wouldn’t say it’s the best fish I’ve tasted, but it was averagely good. Generous serving of greens and mash too (: (: Always a plus for me!

The Grilled Perch I had was quite bland but really nice with the little slice of lemon squeezed over the bulk of the fish fillet. The chips – great compared to Armada’s, and probably the best along Hay Street in proximity of SKM. :) good on them!

Mine came with a nice fresh green salad – good serving too. The Fish dishes were satisfactory! :)

The veal schnitzel was apparently ‘ok’…. but I have to say I did think their mushroom sauce looked rather tasty!! yum yum. It’s a pity it was a senior engineer who ordered this (didn’t dare to ask to try because I was just not close enough to him =X). The steak sandwich was something that was widely raved about in the past because of its great serving and lovely aioli! From how it was presented, it does look the same, but from what DAW was telling me the last time I spoke to him about it, he said the standard’s dropped. I’m quite sure it’d stand up as a good fight against Armada’s fallen steak sandwich standard by now. :)) Worth a try, I’d say!

There’s a good range of drinks, ranging from tap beer, to champagnes… the only thing really lacking in this rather beautiful place to hang out is some cocktails and desserts!! But I guess they generally cater for the lunch-people. But people who have lunch might want to have some desserts to perk their day up too! :) In any case, this is an area they can probably improve on.

The service at Grosvenor is pretty good, with the waitresses patient with the deliberation of our orders at the counter, and serving us with a chirpy nature. They have no qualms or complaints whenever you ask for something extra (e.g. some ketchup), which is something becoming quite a rare sight at pubs/cafes/restaurants these days in my humble opinion. For that I give them my thumbs up! KUDOS++!!

An overall a good place to  just hang out, or even to have a simple business lunch over a glass of good wine, I would definitely be visiting this place in the near future!! :)

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Grosvenor Perth
Telephone: (08) 9325 3799
Address: 339 Hay Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia

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6 thoughts on “Grosvenor Hotel, Perth

  1. Tee Hee!!! I was expecting a comment from you! :)

    Alrightie then! there’s not many places left to review near those offices anyway =X

    ahhh go for those chips! but there’s another place with even better chips in Mt Lawley. =P We had the office sweeps but I didn’t take part :( AWW.. that must have sucked. Never mind. There’s always next year! hehe.

    • :D

      I remember the food was quite nice at that cafe just down from the Novotel on Adelaide Tce, and the bento boxes are pretty tasty at the Japanese place just next to GHD. Have you had lunch at the Country Road Cafe though? Well worth the trek up into the city proper! Also, I’m loving the food court in the new Enex 100 shopping centre! Excellent food choices, and you can sit near the window and peer down on everyone in the mall :D

      Mmmmmm chips, I could definitely go a big bucket of them right now! Good thing it’s almost lunch time. Almost.

  2. Alright I work opposite the grosvenor and I went there for lunch with a old work colleague, not sure if it was cos it was friday but I ordered the barramundi cos the picture looked good – only to be incredibly disappointed when it arrived. How close were you to the fish cos mine was tiny and there were barely any vegetables! Felt quite ripped off although the last couple of meals have not been as good as they were 12-18 months previous.

    • Hi Lea,
      Sorry for the late reply there. I am really sorry to hear about the bad experience with the Barra! I was fairly close to the fish when I took the picture, but my colleague did mention that the serving was quite good. It wasn’t tiny or anything like that. I did see a good amount of vegetables too. I wonder if it’s the time that we went, because we were the first couple of customers there. I do agree that their standard’s dropped a good amount since a year or two ago :)

      I hope you’ll have a better experience next time, if you do pop by again! :)

  3. Hello to all of you that have previously visited the grosvenor hotel for the food.My name is Shane and i am the executive chef at the grosvenor .I and Richard the owner would like to just offer a few words in conjunction with your reveiws which we research and value very highly.As not to offer up excuses which we normally would not i feel this is one time i feel i need to.We run our hotel with absolute passion and eye for detail.Not that alot of you would care but i would like to give you an update on myself. Alot of you have said that our standard has dropped in recent times ,unforunately i put richard in a very hard position of having to do this without me which we have ran as ateam for a long time,regretably i myself have had just over 3 months off with a shoulder reconstruction which was operated on the 3rd of August and i have only been back at work since the start of December in which i immediately changed my menu to start myself fresh .This menu change is typically done 1 week before Melbourne cup as most of my regulars would know.I am very sorry for anyone who feels they had an unsatisfactory meal in my kitchen which to me is totally unacceptable when you pay good money.I value my reputation which is why i want my friends and customers to know the heartache i have to leave my reputation on the floor to someone else .As you well know the service, customer care and attention to detail from richard never slips certain things are harder to control, I would love to get a reply from any of you so i could offer redemption of my hotel and staff.Please do not hesitate to contact me as i genuinely am unhappy that anyone would not be 100% happy with anything they were offered off of my menu.
    Yours sincerely
    Shane Atkins

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