Dancing Goat, Cottesloe

The Dancing Goat is a little unknown place to many (well, to those whom I speak to anyway)… tucked in along Railway Street, heading towards Cottesloe.

Great to have breakfast here before heading to the beach on a sunny day, this was my second attempt at trying this place, with the first attempt failing because the owners had to attend numerous weddings over one weekend that left them unable to open the place.

I have no idea why they named the place “The Dancing Goat” but I’m sure there’ll be quite an amusing story behind that, because as you will see later, they’ve basically lined their walls with wallpapers, and there are many little dancing goats around! :)

Their menu is nicely and colourfully written on the chalk board that will be on your left when you waltz in from the outside over a flight of stairs. Serving food that’s a little twist from the usual bacon and eggs, you can expect to find words like “Burrito” and “Bagel” as the ‘norm’ rather than the usual “big breakfasts”. A definite plus for uniqueness!!

 So this morning, we had the following:

  • Bacon and Egg Bagel
  • Mushrom Burrito (mushroom, spinach, cheese and egg)
  • Smoked Salmon & Avocado Bagel
  • Berry Smoothie
  • Mocha
  • Pear Juice (freshly squeezed!)

As we sat down, we saw people coming from the balcony (or porch) area outside, and we hurried to grab that massive table (fit for like 6) and had the sunny end to ourselves – what a treat!!! :)

We were later joined by a nice family of three, where the little girl was just such an angel!! As with every other child, really. :)

 The bagels were served very simply on the plate, but it seemed to speak heaps to me. Simple yet elegant, both bagels looked yummy even though there wasn’t very much to it.

The bacon and egg bagel was given a good by A.C, who started tucking in and was clearly enjoying each bite that she was taking. I had a taset of the Salmon Bagel and it was rather nice too :) No complaints whatsoever!

The mushroom burrito was the breakfast I ordered, and it was a lovely little burrito to have in the morning! I had initially thought that there’d be quite a bland taste to it, but I was wrong – the cheese went very well with the spinach, mushrooms and the egg! More so, towards the end, when I started to taste more of the special salsa sauce they had, did I realise that you don’t need huge quantities of any one flavour to enjoy your meal :)

I was definitely pleased with my order this morning!

The drinks.

The mocha didn’t have very good feedback despite its beautiful foam design on the top :) A.C mentioned that there was this thick taste of burnt coffee beans at the bottom – not a good sign of any type of coffee, even for a mocha.

I didn’t try the pear juice, but from the looks of it, it definitely looked fresh and actually looked yumm too. :) The smoothie was nice and thick, albeit not cold enough. I love it when smoothies are icy cold, and in this case, it felt as tho’ they served it just bits below room temperature. Taste wise – no complaints. :) Not a big one for smoothies generally speaking. But this was an average one. would have been heaps better if they had served it alot colder.

The service here was not too bad, and they had a fairly good level of efficiency to say the least. :)

Overall, a place I’d definitely go back to try their other choices of breakfast, and to hang out for a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon!

Rating: 3.65 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Dancing Goat
Telephone: (08) 6460 8672
Address: Unit 3/142 Railway Road, Cottesloe

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2 thoughts on “Dancing Goat, Cottesloe

    • The name Dancing Goat is derived from the story about the Ethiopians shepherds who noticed their goats were unusually active after feeding on a certain plant, they brewed the beans from the plant into a liquid…Coffee! They made a poor cappuccino i hear though.

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