Bullcreek Hawker, Bullcreek

****UPDATE as of 05/03/2013****

For those of you who miss Bullcreek Hawker’s food, the owner is now back in business but at a different location… go to:

28a Chapman Road, St James

Miss Egg went recently and the food still tastes pretty awesome!

St James is fast becoming a place of old-new discoveries! First we found the old Fuji Japanese Restaurant, now trading as “Buen 151”. And now we’ve found Bullcreek Hawker, now trading as “Wang’s Asian Cuisine”.

****End of UPDATE****

A place my folks and I visit rather frequently, Bullcreek Hawker sits in a little shopping village along Parry Avenue in Bullcreek.

They serve Singaporean/Malaysian dishes that remind you of home should you be from these countries.

We always love coming early to this place because of how packed it’d be after about 11.30am. Yes, so bring yourself there for an early lunch so that you miss the crowd, and avoid waiting for your meals.

This place is rather small, but with the reletively fast turnover of tables (as with most asian places), you can be assured a seat fairly quickly (unless you have a big group – then make a reservation!)

We usually order the same things over and over again for some weird reason, but this time, we added an entree! So here are our selections:

  • Spring Rolls
  • Beef San Mee (Crispy noodles topped with gravy and beef)
  • Yee Mee (Fried noodles with gravy – choose between seafood/beef… we usually get seafood)
  • Seafood Hor Fun (Fried Kuey Teow, or Rice Noodles drenched in a nice egg sauce)

The spring rolls were not really to our taste, largely due to the five spices powder that they’ve used whilst making the ingredients within the spring roll. Five spices powder is largely used in chinese cooking, however I would like to think it is quite an acquired taste. From what I have noticed, it is either you love it, or you don’t. Love-hate relationship.

That said, the dipping sauce was rather tasty :)

The beef san mee is always a personal favourite of mine t order simply because of the crisp noodles, and tasty sauce it comes with. I have to say it can be a little inconsistent with the saltiness of this dish, but overall, it’s nothing I would kick up a big fuss about.

The proper way to eat this, really, would be to soak the crispy noodles into the gravy so that it’s easy to eat. But I love the crisp nature of the noodles so I tend not to do that, and just eat the noodles separately.

The beef’s a little chewy, but they do have a seafood choice available for those of you who love that. I can’t eat that at the moment, so beef will have to suffice.

Also, just a warning that the serving of this dish is quite HUGE. I consider myself as having a rather healthy appetite, and I can only finish about 65% most of the time. So it’d be a good dish to share.

I have tried the Yee Mee before and it tasted like those we’d get back in Singapore… so thumbs up!! It’s important (I feel) that an Yee Mee have a wet texture… a dry Yee Mee would fail my test immediately. Then comes the taste. Each noodle strand should be relatively consistent in its colour, and when you taste the noodles, they really should have a nice savoury taste to them. :)

One of my favourite Yee Mee’s in WA!

Seafood Hor Fun has always been a family favourite, even when we were back in Singapore. The important bit in this dish (as what momma would tell me) is that they do fry the rice noodles (kuey teow) first with some sauce. That should give it its nice brown-ish colour. Should you be eating one without that brownish colour in the kuey teow, then chances are the kuey teow hasn’t been fried first – thus reducing the overall taste of the dish!

The Seafood Horfun here is rather tasty, and has a nice consistency in its egg sauce. There’s heaps of it as well, which makes the dish even better.

Overall, we’re always satisfied with what the food that we order (simply cos we keep ordering the same dishes!). We have tried some other entrees before but they weren’t really to our liking. Other dishes we have ventured into include the Laksa (too heavy on the tummy according to momma), Lor Mee (which is braised noodles with pork slices… not the best that I’ve tasted… way too watery), Hainanese Chicken Rice (momma quite likes this one, but I have to say my heart stays with Tak Chee).

I would definitely be going back for my usual dishes, but if you have tried the other dishes at this place, please do comment! :)

Rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Bullcreek Hawker
Telephone: (08) 9312 3888
Address: 118 Parry Ave, Bullcreek, Western Australia

Bull Creek Hawker on Urbanspoon

Some additional photos from the menu (contribution by N.L.):

  • Deep Fried Squid Tentacles
  • Lobak – rolls of pork wrapped with beancurd skin and deep fried until crispy
  • Tofu Goreng – deep fried tofu on a bed of beansprout and cucumber topped with satay sauce
  • Singapore Fried Mee Hoon
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice
  • Laksa
  • Rice with Two Meat Combination (steamed chicken and roast pork)


Quite like the food here – I had the Laksa which as Miss Egg indicated is quite heavy on the tummy.  It’s a huge dish as can be seen in the photo, I had a hard time finishing the whole bowl!  The Lobak and Squid Tentacles were nice but was disappointed with the Tofu Goreng as the tofu was not crisp and I have had better satay sauce elsewhere.  Totally agree with Miss Egg about the serving of the dishes – HUGE!!

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