Batavia Corner Indonesian Restaurant, Victoria Park

Batavia Corner Indonesian Restaurant is located on Albany Highway, cornering Dane Street in East Victoria Park.  I was wondering whether ‘Batavia’ meant anything special in Indonesian and discovered that it’s the former name for Jakarta from the period 1619 – 1942 (information courtesy of Wikipedia).  A very aptly named restaurant!

Batavia Corner is a small and semi open-aired restaurant, fitting roughly 50 – 60 people if you include the tables outside.  Order has to be placed and paid at the counter with free offer of sauces and water on the side for your taking.  This is the second time I have dined in this restaurant, the first a couple of years back when it recently opened.  I remembered not really liking the food, but chance had it that we ended up lunching here this time round so I thought I should give it a second try.

For lunch, we had:

  • Nasi Kuning Komplit ($9.20) – yellow rice combination served with crispy fried chicken, spiced beef, urap veggies and egg
  • Nasi Uduk Komplit ($9.50) – fragrant rice served with crispy fried chicken, spiced beef, marinated tofu, egg and veggies


The dishes came and looked quite promising.  I had the Nasi Uduk Komplit as the variety of food in the one dish attracted me reading off the menu.  However, chomping into the food, I got sorely disappointed.  First of all, if you look closely at the veggies they offered as part of the dish, they were only a few strands of lettuce and one piece of cucumber.  Surely this is not fitting for an authentic Indonesian dish?  Also the tofu was dry and the chicken and beef were overfried which made them super tough to eat!  Not very enjoyable at all.  Looking at my friend, it didn’t look like he enjoyed his meal that much either and commented that maybe we should have ordered individual dishes instead as we saw some of the food on nearby tables (such as the Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, Rendang etc) and they looked better than ours.

As for service, it’s pretty much a self-service restaurant but they do bring out the dishes to your table.  Prices are reasonable for lunch.  I’d read mixed review about this place ranging from food court quality to excellent, best Indonesian food – Karen Cheng (the famous award winning blogger) thought this place was great..she must have known what to order.  As for me, I will probably not return to this place for awhile.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Batavia Corner Indonesian Restaurant
: 08 9362 6919
Address: 912 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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Tansawa Tei Japanese Restaurant, Northbridge


Restaurant no longer operating!..permanently closed

Tansawa Tei is a Japanese restaurant located along James Street in Northbridge, at one of the top corners of Russell Square.  The place seems quite obscure as the outside bears no resemblance to a restaurant at all, let alone a japanese one.  I wanted to take some friends out for lunch and they wanted Japanese so I went on the net to find a place I haven’t been before and chose this, as opposed to Satsuki in Subiaco (mental note: must try that one day).  I also remembered my friend telling me that he took a girl out on a date here once  and liked it so I thought, why not check it out!

The inside of the restaurant is very cosy and clean, decorated with pot plants and japanese shades and has a quiet atmosphere about it.  One part of the restaurant is set up with normal wooden chairs and tables and another small part with semi-japanese setting.  We ended up sitting in the japanese styled corner which was great for me! :)

The menu is quite extensive and they have a great variety of food including teppanyaki.  We placed our order and out came a freebie entree for us!  It was some sort of chopped up octopus tentacles with cubed veggie, topped with a tangy sauce.  It seems to be a trend now with most japanese restaurant to serve a pre-meal dish.  Awesome!  I also really liked all the plates they served the food in, very matching and I especially liked their teapot set!


We had the following for lunch:


  • Beef no Tataki ($14.50) – thinly sliced beef fillet, lightly grilled on the outside, rared on the inside, served with soy base and Japanese lime vinegar sauce
  • Agedashi Tofu ($9.00) – deep fried tofu, dusted in flour and served with ginger and radish, in a special soy based broth
  • Tako no Teppanyaki ($14.50) – grilled octopus served with fresh vegetables
  • Kaki no miso Yaki ($16.00) – Japanese oysters with special soy bean paste served with fresh salad


The Beef no Tataki was very fresh and it was a wonder how they managed to grill such a thin layer on the outside and so evenly as well!    The radish and ginger on the side added flavour to the beef.  Thumbs up!  The Agedashi Tofu on the other hand did not have much flavour to it unlike some other ones I have eaten, and the same goes with the Tako no Teppanyaki.  My highlight that day was the Kaki no miso Yaki – huge oysters drenched in a warm and thick soy bean sauce.  The inside was still soft and fresh and was not affected by the heat!  I rarely eat cooked oyster so I was quite amazed by how they cook this!  A recommendation definitely!


  • Tansawa Tei Bento ($18.90) – Lunch Special
  • Sushi Moriawase Set ($17.00) – Assorted Sushi
  • Noodles and Tempura Udon Set ($16.00) – Mixed Tempura and Udon Noodles


The Tansawa Tei Bento came with assorted sashimi, tempura, karaage, miso soup, salad and rice.  Basically it has a bit of everything in the bento – a great dish for those who love variety.  The Sushi Moriawase Set was quite typical of what you would expect, with raw salmon, tuna, snapper, prawn, egg, seaweed etc sushi.  Beware though of the hidden chunk of wasabi underneath all the pieces – if you can’t eat hot food, don’t go adding additional wasabi!  We found this out the hard way!  I had the Udon Tempura Set as I felt like something soupy and the set came with salad and a side cucumber dish as well.  Yummy!

As for Dessert, you can’t dine japanese and not order their green tea ice cream to try!  We had the Maccha (Green Tea) Ice Cream with Azuki ($6.50) and it came out sitting on top of a big slice of orange.  I wish it didn’t though coz the orange added a different flavour to the green tea ice cream and red bean, kinda citrusy which I didn’t like.  However, the green tea ice cream itself was authentic.

Overall, a great Japanese restaurant!  I like the food especially the entrees!  The service was great, very attentive to our needs and the host was very friendly too.  Prices were slightly above average but that is expected from such a central restaurant serving authentic Japanese food.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Tansawa Tei Japanese Restaurant
: 08 9228 0258
Address: 1 Shenton Street (cnr James Street), Northbridge

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Lotus Garden Padbury Chinese Restaurant, Padbury

Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant is located inside the Padbury Shopping Centre, quite a distance north of the river.  Padbury…where you may ask?!  That was my initial reaction when I found out we were having dinner there.  The only association I have with Padbury is the zone substation located there – one of the bad habits of working in the power engineering industry is the association of suburbs with what electrical equipments are located there rather than the attractions in the area! Not good I know.

Anyways, the choice to dine at this restaurant was not quite as random as that, we did not drive all the way up north to have dinner there (if we did, it would have been one fine restaurant!), but rather we were already in the northern suburbs and my friend’s dad (Uncle H) organised a table for us there.  Uncle H is a great cook so I thought this restaurant must be up to scratch for him to suggest it.

The restaurant itself is quite old and dimly lit – I would have preferred a much brighter restaurant, however you can’t ask for much in a suburban restaurant.  Tables were covered with patterned plastic covers themed with black chairs, I would classify this as a small and cosy restaurant.


We had a very simple meal with dishes already organised by Uncle H so I didn’t manage to catch the menu.  They consist of the following:

  • Szechuan King Prawns – the prawns were medium in size with lots of cashew nuts.  An appetising dish that went well with the steamed rice.  Would have been better served on a sizzling plate.
  • Peking Pork Spare Ribs – pork pieces were crunchy although they were small in size.  Might not be good for meat lovers.  Sauce was just right and not overpowering.
  • Fillet Steak with Black Pepper – tender and chunky steak pieces that tasted well with each bite.  Love the addition of snow peas in the dish.
  • Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce – average but I like that they added tofu into the dish.
  • Sizzling Chicken with Mushroom – big chunks of mushroom pieces (almost bigger than the chicken pieces).  Yum!


Overall I thought the food here were on the average side but pretty good for a suburban restaurant.  We didn’t get much service which I did not expect anyways in this environment – just as long as there is only a short wait for food (which was so in this instance so no complaints here) and we have all the utensils required for a meal.

I probably would not return again as the restaurant is too far away from where I live but it was good that I managed to try a chinese restaurant up north.  A place to keep in mind if you are ever around the area.

Rating:  2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Lotus Garden Padbury Chinese Restaurant
: 08 9401 5999
Address: Shop 2, Padbury Shopping Centre, 2 Warburton Avenue, Padbury

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Chi, Victoria Park

Having heard of its brother’s hygiene problems, I never really had the motivation to try this place, but upon heading to this place the first time with some work colleagues, I thought “hey, they aren’t too bad”.

So folks and myself were in search of a quick and easy place to eat before we did some grocery shopping (this was just before Christmas, so imagine the crowds at the supermarket!)… we drove to some of our usual haunts but alas!! they were all closed to our dismay.

I told them of this place, and we decided to give it a shot.

We were looked after quite quickly and to my pleasant surprise, the waitress was really friendly.

Served with the menus swiftly, we sat down and looked through the menu.

Before I go on any further, there is this one thing I would like to say about the interior of the restaurant. Styled in a far more attractive manner than their Perth counterpart (which has now been taken over by the infamous Ruby Thai), they have little booths to which some lucky groups of people enjoy their meal in.

That’s not to say the rest of the tables and chairs are uncomfortable. They’ve actually done it in quite a neat manner. Thumbs up for creating a fusion between asian and western together in this manner!

So this occasion, we ordered the following:

  • Peking Spare Ribs with Rice
  • Laksa
  • Hokkien Noodles
  • Chinese Tea

The Peking Spare Ribs with Rice was really quite special, because (belive it or not) of the rice they served it with. To every chinese meal, the rice is always the thing that will give it the plus with the “A”. That’s what I think anyway. And growning up in a society that eats rice every single day… I have attained the nose for fragrant rice, and the tastebud for great tasting rice. Rice has taste?


Oddly enough, I wasn’t expecting such good rice to come from this place, but that blew me away! But enough of that. The spare ribs were pretty good, and I dare say one of the good ones I have tried around Perth. The best so far is at Eureka Chinese Restaurant… and I think the secret is in its addition of sesame seeds. Don’t look down on those little things – they bring such awesome taste to the food (if used correctly of course).


The laksa that mother dear ordered was apparently curry-based, and not the usual Singaporean laksa we would get (that’s chilli and coconut milk based). Nevertheless, she found it tasty, albeit a little too huge on the serving for her! But for those with a good appetite… WAHEY!

The hokkien noodles came out looking very appetising simply because of the moist texture of the noodles (always important for the Hokkien Noodles because that’s exactly how it should be)… the one thing that stood out in this dish was the really generous amount of ingredients in the dish – squid, vegetables, beef, prawns… and lots of them too!! Something different. The taste was average, or so I was told.

Overall, this is a place I would go back to try their other dishes, and with rice like theirs, I’ll gladly have a crack at the other dishes with rice they have. :)

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Chi Restaurant
(08) 9361 0036
Address: 366 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100, Western Australia

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The Sorrento Beach Shack, Hillarys


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The Sorrento Beach Shack is an open aired cafe located inside the Sorrento Quay Boat Harbour overlooking the tranquil Hillarys marina.  The first thing I noticed about the cafe is their bright and colourful sign.  It gave me an impression of a fun cafe with a casual atmosphere and was proved right as we walked in.  Numerous wooden tables, small and big with white plastic chairs greeted us, spotted with the same bright and colourful menus.  It didn’t take us long to find a table as the cafe was still quite empty.


The Beach Shack has an extensive menu, offering pastas, steaks, seafood, pizza and salads.  They also boast of having 31 milkshake flavours!  All the flavours are lined up along the wall at the milkshake counter and themed with bright colour cups.  Very visually appealing!

We placed our lunch order and decided to take a walkie along the boat harbour.  On the way out, we passed by the cake counter and was wow-ed, there were so many different types of cakes on display and they all looked so good!  I couldn’t resist taking some photos. :)


A close up of the Profiterole Cake below.  Didn’t manage to taste the cake after the lunch as I was too full, perhaps this will give me a good reason to go back there again!

Anyways, back to our lunch – we had the following (Note: Comments only on the dishes I have tasted):

From the Entree and Salad menu

  • Garlic Bread
  • Prawn and Avocado Salad ($22.50)
  • Chicken Caesar Salad ($20.90)
  • Warm Marinated Beef & Feta Salad ($22.90)


I had a piece of the Garlic Bread and it was salty to the max!  I have never tasted such salty garlic bread before!  I hope it was a once off – it was very disappointing as I really like my garlic bread.  I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad and it came with slightly warmed chicken and big chunks of croutons. I would have preferred more cos lettuce in the dish but no complaints from those whom I shared the dish with (the lovers of chicken and bacon) as there were a fair share of those in there.

From the Mains and Pasta/Light Meal menu

  • Gourmet Steak Sandwich ($19.90) – toasted Turkish bread with steak, balsamic caramelised onions, tomato chutney, cheese, lettuce & tomato with a side of fries
  • Shack Prawn Pasta ($22.90) – Exmouth prawns pan fried in olive oil and garlic, tossed through fettucini with pinenuts and English spinach
  • Surf and Spud ($21.50) – Snapper fillet with herb butter, served with fries and side salad
  • Cajun Snapper ($21.50) – Snapper fillet topped with Cajun sauce and lightly grilled, served with fries and side salad
  • Fisherman’s Basket ($19.90) – Calamari, crumbed prawns, scallops and battered fish served with fries and side salad


I had the Shack Prawn Pasta as a main and it came with generous serving of prawns and pasta.  However the amount of spinach was lacking (I like dishes with lots of veggies!).  The dish tasted great with the initial bite but subsequently it became unbearable as the pasta was drenched with olive oil!  I felt like I was eating spoonful of oil with each bite!  Luckily I was sharing this dish with the table so the pasta was distributed and I didn’t have to finish it on my own – I don’t think I could have done it!  Once again, it was very disappointing to say the least.

We didn’t get much service in this place which I didn’t expect anyways being such a casual cafe and all.  Location is optimal, however I found the food on this occasion to be dissatisfying.  I guess there are still the cakes and milkshakes to attract me back to this place the next time round.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

The Sorrento Beach Shack
: 08 9246 4155
Address: Shop 57, Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hillarys

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Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant, Victoria Park

Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant is owned by the same people who started the Emma’s oriental stores, one in Northbridge, and the other in Willeton. Owned by a Singaporean, this joint has been around for a while, and it wasn’t till quite a while later that we decided to try this place.

Serving dim sum from late morning, and actual chinese dishes in the evenings, it brings itself into competition with the other joints in Northbridge head-on. one of the advantages this place has tho’, is the ease of parking compared to that in Northbridge.

We decided to pop by this place for dim sum one day after being treated rather badly by a car dealer. We had hoped that dim sum could cool our horses down.

What may seem as a relatively small place from the inside is actually a rather extensive restaurant on the inside, with tables stretching all the way inside. This is maximising the spacial elements of this land! They didn’t make it too cramped between tables as well, which is always a plus in Asian restaurants. But this might be because of the trolleys of dim sum that need to be passing around the area during the late mornings.

When we arrived, there were barely any customers – which is always nice because you get better service, and you get full attention. *beams*

There was only the three of us this occassion, so we didn’t have much of a variety of things to eat.

We ordered the usual that we would usually order:

  • Char Siew Buns
  • Prawn and Chives Dumplings
  • Steamed Glutinous Rice
  • Rice Flour Rolls (doughsticks)
  • Pork and Century Egg Congee
  • Fried Pork Dumpling

The food was generally alright – definitely not the best dim sum I have tried around Perth, but it was alright :) I did enjoy the congee, in which they had put some ginger. Lovely twist to the usual ones we’d have at other places. The prawn and chives dumpling were also a highlight for me because the dumpling skin was done up quite nicely. You often see these dumplings failing in quality due to its really thick skin. Destroys the flavour inside in my humble opinion. *winks*

The service was great since we were early this morning. Once it gets frantic, it can get quite difficult to pin a waiter/waitress down, tho’ once you do, they are efficient in serving/responding to your requests :)

Ambience – well it’s an asian restaurant :)

It’s a simple place, with a casual setting, so it’s always nice for a family gathering, and with more people to share a wider variety of dim sum, in an area where there’s more free parking available – why not? :)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9470 2238
Address: 886 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100, Western Australia

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Barre Lounge Cafe, Perth


So I met the lovelies for lunch one day, and we already made plans to go to the Somerset, but alas!! It wasn’t open!! :( Boo.

Then we walked around, trying to search for a place to just casually pop in and eat. But we couldn’t! Not on St George’s Terrace. We didn’t know what it was. Finally figured it was probably the Xmas cheer going on, and everyone just heading out for some good Friday pub or cafe lunch to catch up before the break.

Alright, so we walked and walked. Ended up along Hay Street, and walked past His Majesty’s Theatre, and noticed that the Barre Lounge Cafe wasn’t as packed as the others, but looked like a nice cosy little place for a meal.

As we entered, we were a tad confused as to what we should be doing, but was soon directed by a waiter to our table. This was followed by an instruction for us to order at the counter once we have decided.

Walking towards the counter, we noticed this nice sign. We should have known. :)

By the time we went to order, there was a decent queue awaiting at the counter. So I looked around and found this lovely stack of cutlery so very neatly arranged for us to take back to our tables.

After a short wait, we ordered the following:

  • Baked Pasta of the Day
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Coke

We didn’t have to wait too long before the food came, and that was exactly what the waiter said as he sat us down and we were concerned about our waiting time (seeing how we’ve already wasted about half of our lunch time searching for a proper place to dine!). So excellent information from the waiter! And probably excellent knowledge of the kitchen at that. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to tell us anyway. :)

The baked pasta of the day was devoured by Miss Anise, and she was really pleased with it… I had a taste of it, and tasty it was and extremely reasonably priced for what it was too!! The chicken schnitzel was my order this afternoon, and when it came out, the golden brown colour of the schnitzel was so entising that I couldn’t wait to just get right into the meal. As it turns out, the chicken schnitzel was lovely… not too dry, and the golden brown were an indication of the frying time – perfecto. :) I think it would have been lovely with some sauce (I’m a saucy person!)… but eating by itself can be quite delightful too.

The steak sandwich (more like steak burger) came out, served very beautifully, with the burger/sandwich on one side, and a bucket of shoestring fries on the other. Brilliant idea!  It was one of those things you’d see at Macca’s where they would use it to fry the fries, lift it, and wait for it to dry before placing the fries into the ‘holding area’. Interesting concept! It just gives you the feel as tho the fries have just been extracted from the oil, and onto the plate. Of course we all know it isn’t true, but I commend the chef’s idea of playing with our heads in this aspect. :)

According to D.A.W, the burger/sandwich was lovely and probably one of the better steak sandwiches/burgers he’s tasted around Perth. (: (: so thumbs up for this! I would probably be having this the next time I visit this cafe.

The shoestring fries were a nice change from our usual Aussie chunky chips, and because it was sprinkled with a good amount of salt, it tasted beautiful. If we were to really pick on this place on one thing, it was finding about 2-3 shoestrings of burnt french fries. Not too burnt – but burnt enough not to want to eat.

Overall, this place was a lovely surprise to the really hot day we spent walking around in search for lunch. If I weren’t working on the eastern side of Perth, I would be making this one of my usual hangout places! :) really affordable for somewhere in Perth and good serving sizes!

The service was impeccable and the wait staff were friendly and accommodating. Definitely no form of complaints whatsoever.

The ambience – lovely. We found ourselves looking at the various theatre advertisements that was used back in the old days, and they were beautiful! It was as tho’ you were transported back in time. I loved it. So did D.A.W. :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Barre Lounge Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9226 1006
Address: 825 Hay Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia

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