Barre Lounge Cafe, Perth


So I met the lovelies for lunch one day, and we already made plans to go to the Somerset, but alas!! It wasn’t open!! :( Boo.

Then we walked around, trying to search for a place to just casually pop in and eat. But we couldn’t! Not on St George’s Terrace. We didn’t know what it was. Finally figured it was probably the Xmas cheer going on, and everyone just heading out for some good Friday pub or cafe lunch to catch up before the break.

Alright, so we walked and walked. Ended up along Hay Street, and walked past His Majesty’s Theatre, and noticed that the Barre Lounge Cafe wasn’t as packed as the others, but looked like a nice cosy little place for a meal.

As we entered, we were a tad confused as to what we should be doing, but was soon directed by a waiter to our table. This was followed by an instruction for us to order at the counter once we have decided.

Walking towards the counter, we noticed this nice sign. We should have known. :)

By the time we went to order, there was a decent queue awaiting at the counter. So I looked around and found this lovely stack of cutlery so very neatly arranged for us to take back to our tables.

After a short wait, we ordered the following:

  • Baked Pasta of the Day
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Coke

We didn’t have to wait too long before the food came, and that was exactly what the waiter said as he sat us down and we were concerned about our waiting time (seeing how we’ve already wasted about half of our lunch time searching for a proper place to dine!). So excellent information from the waiter! And probably excellent knowledge of the kitchen at that. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to tell us anyway. :)

The baked pasta of the day was devoured by Miss Anise, and she was really pleased with it… I had a taste of it, and tasty it was and extremely reasonably priced for what it was too!! The chicken schnitzel was my order this afternoon, and when it came out, the golden brown colour of the schnitzel was so entising that I couldn’t wait to just get right into the meal. As it turns out, the chicken schnitzel was lovely… not too dry, and the golden brown were an indication of the frying time – perfecto. :) I think it would have been lovely with some sauce (I’m a saucy person!)… but eating by itself can be quite delightful too.

The steak sandwich (more like steak burger) came out, served very beautifully, with the burger/sandwich on one side, and a bucket of shoestring fries on the other. Brilliant idea!  It was one of those things you’d see at Macca’s where they would use it to fry the fries, lift it, and wait for it to dry before placing the fries into the ‘holding area’. Interesting concept! It just gives you the feel as tho the fries have just been extracted from the oil, and onto the plate. Of course we all know it isn’t true, but I commend the chef’s idea of playing with our heads in this aspect. :)

According to D.A.W, the burger/sandwich was lovely and probably one of the better steak sandwiches/burgers he’s tasted around Perth. (: (: so thumbs up for this! I would probably be having this the next time I visit this cafe.

The shoestring fries were a nice change from our usual Aussie chunky chips, and because it was sprinkled with a good amount of salt, it tasted beautiful. If we were to really pick on this place on one thing, it was finding about 2-3 shoestrings of burnt french fries. Not too burnt – but burnt enough not to want to eat.

Overall, this place was a lovely surprise to the really hot day we spent walking around in search for lunch. If I weren’t working on the eastern side of Perth, I would be making this one of my usual hangout places! :) really affordable for somewhere in Perth and good serving sizes!

The service was impeccable and the wait staff were friendly and accommodating. Definitely no form of complaints whatsoever.

The ambience – lovely. We found ourselves looking at the various theatre advertisements that was used back in the old days, and they were beautiful! It was as tho’ you were transported back in time. I loved it. So did D.A.W. :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Barre Lounge Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9226 1006
Address: 825 Hay Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia

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2 thoughts on “Barre Lounge Cafe, Perth

  1. I’ve been a few times before shows and they’ve always been consistently good and well priced as well. They’re also one of the only places open early in the city for pre-show dinner.

  2. I actually didn’t realise this place served food! I’ve only ever had a mid-show drink here, so this is good to know.

    I think I would have needed some sauce with the schnitzel too. I guess this makes me a saucy person :D

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