Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant, Victoria Park

Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant is owned by the same people who started the Emma’s oriental stores, one in Northbridge, and the other in Willeton. Owned by a Singaporean, this joint has been around for a while, and it wasn’t till quite a while later that we decided to try this place.

Serving dim sum from late morning, and actual chinese dishes in the evenings, it brings itself into competition with the other joints in Northbridge head-on. one of the advantages this place has tho’, is the ease of parking compared to that in Northbridge.

We decided to pop by this place for dim sum one day after being treated rather badly by a car dealer. We had hoped that dim sum could cool our horses down.

What may seem as a relatively small place from the inside is actually a rather extensive restaurant on the inside, with tables stretching all the way inside. This is maximising the spacial elements of this land! They didn’t make it too cramped between tables as well, which is always a plus in Asian restaurants. But this might be because of the trolleys of dim sum that need to be passing around the area during the late mornings.

When we arrived, there were barely any customers – which is always nice because you get better service, and you get full attention. *beams*

There was only the three of us this occassion, so we didn’t have much of a variety of things to eat.

We ordered the usual that we would usually order:

  • Char Siew Buns
  • Prawn and Chives Dumplings
  • Steamed Glutinous Rice
  • Rice Flour Rolls (doughsticks)
  • Pork and Century Egg Congee
  • Fried Pork Dumpling

The food was generally alright – definitely not the best dim sum I have tried around Perth, but it was alright :) I did enjoy the congee, in which they had put some ginger. Lovely twist to the usual ones we’d have at other places. The prawn and chives dumpling were also a highlight for me because the dumpling skin was done up quite nicely. You often see these dumplings failing in quality due to its really thick skin. Destroys the flavour inside in my humble opinion. *winks*

The service was great since we were early this morning. Once it gets frantic, it can get quite difficult to pin a waiter/waitress down, tho’ once you do, they are efficient in serving/responding to your requests :)

Ambience – well it’s an asian restaurant :)

It’s a simple place, with a casual setting, so it’s always nice for a family gathering, and with more people to share a wider variety of dim sum, in an area where there’s more free parking available – why not? :)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Emma’s Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9470 2238
Address: 886 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100, Western Australia

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