Chi, Victoria Park

Having heard of its brother’s hygiene problems, I never really had the motivation to try this place, but upon heading to this place the first time with some work colleagues, I thought “hey, they aren’t too bad”.

So folks and myself were in search of a quick and easy place to eat before we did some grocery shopping (this was just before Christmas, so imagine the crowds at the supermarket!)… we drove to some of our usual haunts but alas!! they were all closed to our dismay.

I told them of this place, and we decided to give it a shot.

We were looked after quite quickly and to my pleasant surprise, the waitress was really friendly.

Served with the menus swiftly, we sat down and looked through the menu.

Before I go on any further, there is this one thing I would like to say about the interior of the restaurant. Styled in a far more attractive manner than their Perth counterpart (which has now been taken over by the infamous Ruby Thai), they have little booths to which some lucky groups of people enjoy their meal in.

That’s not to say the rest of the tables and chairs are uncomfortable. They’ve actually done it in quite a neat manner. Thumbs up for creating a fusion between asian and western together in this manner!

So this occasion, we ordered the following:

  • Peking Spare Ribs with Rice
  • Laksa
  • Hokkien Noodles
  • Chinese Tea

The Peking Spare Ribs with Rice was really quite special, because (belive it or not) of the rice they served it with. To every chinese meal, the rice is always the thing that will give it the plus with the “A”. That’s what I think anyway. And growning up in a society that eats rice every single day… I have attained the nose for fragrant rice, and the tastebud for great tasting rice. Rice has taste?


Oddly enough, I wasn’t expecting such good rice to come from this place, but that blew me away! But enough of that. The spare ribs were pretty good, and I dare say one of the good ones I have tried around Perth. The best so far is at Eureka Chinese Restaurant… and I think the secret is in its addition of sesame seeds. Don’t look down on those little things – they bring such awesome taste to the food (if used correctly of course).


The laksa that mother dear ordered was apparently curry-based, and not the usual Singaporean laksa we would get (that’s chilli and coconut milk based). Nevertheless, she found it tasty, albeit a little too huge on the serving for her! But for those with a good appetite… WAHEY!

The hokkien noodles came out looking very appetising simply because of the moist texture of the noodles (always important for the Hokkien Noodles because that’s exactly how it should be)… the one thing that stood out in this dish was the really generous amount of ingredients in the dish – squid, vegetables, beef, prawns… and lots of them too!! Something different. The taste was average, or so I was told.

Overall, this is a place I would go back to try their other dishes, and with rice like theirs, I’ll gladly have a crack at the other dishes with rice they have. :)

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Chi Restaurant
(08) 9361 0036
Address: 366 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100, Western Australia

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One thought on “Chi, Victoria Park

  1. At chi restaurant you guys shouldn’t order individual but like rice and a bunch of vege and side dishes.

    The steamed pork with salted egg is really nice there as well as their sizzling plate of tofu.

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