Cori Anna, Northbridge

This little Korean establishment sits right in the heart of Northbridge’s ever famous William Street and is quite a sight as you drive past the more dilapidated stores around it. With a nice white signboard, you can hardly miss it.

Good ol’ mom and myself were shopping around Northbridge one day and was initially thinking of heading to Tak Chee for some Chicken Rice, but we both got I’m-so-sick-of-chicken-rice vibes from each other, and as we looked around, mom suggested we try this little place. The food engineer in me was up for some new stuff!

We had a look at the menu outside first before going in because we wanted to be sure there was stuff for both of us to eat. Mom’s a great fan of the traditional bibimbap dish which is rice mixed with vegetables (and beef), with a nice fried egg on top, served in a really hot stone pot.

Just glancing at the menu was enough to make me drool, so we waltzed in.

The interior of the restaurant was as simple as its signboard outside. You’re wondering why there wasn’t a single soul in the restaurant?? My family has a tradition of eating very very early. We eat lunches at 11.30am when people are really having their brunch, and we have dinner at 6pm, when people are just settling down after tea. So if you’re wondering why Miss Egg’s photos are full of empty restaurants, it has absolutely nothing to do with how good they are!! :)

So, as we skimmed through the menu one more time, Mom was quite clear as to what she would like to order.

As for me, I took the time to just decide between the two soup based dishes. In the end, here was our order:

  • Bibimbap (beef)
  • Kimchi Soup with Rice
  • Korean vegetarian pancake

Both dishes came with some decent side dishes and a bowl of miso soup.

In the light of being really random, we decided to also try the korean pancake – something we’re both all too familiar with because we would buy the flour mix from korean oriental stores and do our own!

The bibimbap came out looking rather appetising! Mom was very happy she got her stone pot (she loves her food piping hot!). There was a nice generous serving of vegetables, but a rather pitiful amount of beef (which came by way of beef balls). Not too worth the increase in price if you asked us (comparing with the standard bibimbap which consists of just vegetables). The chilli always comes as an accompaniment to the dish, but for spicy lovers, ask for more when the waitress serves the dish!! The one serve is not enough for sure.

Like what I have always been taught, when it comes to dishes like that, the chilli is really what drives the difference between average and really good. In this case, it was really quite the average dish.

I do give them kudos for the sesame seeds on top! I haven’t seen this before. And I love, absolutely love those sesame seeds!

The kimchi soup smelled lovely when it was served, and yes, it did make me drool even more than I already was!

The kimchi soup is meant to have pork and tofu, and unlike the bibimbap, the soup had a rather generous serving of the meat, in which I didn’t really finish because I’m not a fan of pork – just love the taste it gives to soups and gravy, etc.

I loved the taste of the soup, although I have tasted better. Not quite spicy enough, but then again, we wouldn’t want to be suffering all the way through the pot of soup, would we now?

Overall, this dish was pretty good, albeit the presence of better kimchi soups around Perth.

The korean pancake looked exactly like how we would do it at home… the only difference is in its texture. It’s got a softer and wetter texture than what mom and myself would cook at home… and was actually rather oily. That said, it was lovely to know we were doing the right thing after so long!

The pancake was served with a nice sauce, in which I have no idea what it was made of… great accompaniment! Absolutely loved the sauce. :)

This is a lovely dish for those of you who like to munch on snacks. It’s got that kind of charm.

We enjoyed this pancake! So much so the next time we went there, we went one step further to try the kimchi pancake, which is really just the same thing, except in a colour resembling the kimchi soup. And of course, the taste is a tad to the sour side, as opposed to the default salty taste.

The waitress who served us during this lunch was a lovely sweet young lady, who was very accommodating to our requests and needs. Clean environment, with a nice simple ambience that will stretch to the arms of family dinners. :)

I would definitely be visiting this place again, reasonable prices for their food!

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Cori Anna Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9227 7299
Address: 5/347 William Street, Northbridge

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