Greenhouse, Perth


The Greenhouse is located right outside Enex 100, on the busy St Georges Terrace in the city of Perth.  The cafe/bar recently opened in Dec 2009 and had attracted alot of attention even before it started trading.  It is hard to miss, with the exterior of the cafe lined with wild strawyberry plants, rows and rows of them, all the way up to the top.  I first noticed this cafe because of this vertical garden wall and got excited at the concept, I mean it is so innovative…can you imagine what it would look like when all the strawberry plants start to fruit?  That would be quite a sight!  Tinges of red berries hidden between luscious green leaves!  I even wondered whether passerbys (such as moi) were allowed to pick the fruit just for fun and to eat =p

I mentioned this to a friend from Melbourne and was informed that there is a similar cafe over there as well, borne from the designer Joost Bakker.  (You can read an article about the cafe and link for the designer here:  Such a great concept!

The interior of the restaurant is made of entirely recycled and recyclable materials.  The rooftop even contains a kitchen garden, supplying the ingredients for the restaurant.  Awesome!


The place was fully booked when we arrived but luckily my friend had the sense to book a table so we got seats straight away.  Looking around, I saw familiar faces everywhere and even found one of my banker friend (JO) entertaining his clients there, it is such a popular place!  Further into lunch time, there was even a long queue for seats, so remember to book if you don’t want to wait!

Service was prompt and friendly, with the waitress recommending their home-made lemonade to us while we had a squeeze at the menu.  I like staff who knows how to upsell so we ordered one each while we waited.  The lemonade ended up costing us $5.50 each which is quite expensive in hindsight but I think the hype got to the better of us so we weren’t bothered by it.

The lunch menu was quite simple but packed with a few variety.  We had the following:

  • Lamb Kofta, pickled onion & baby cos with house turkish bread ($17)
  • Spicy Prawn, tofu, duck egg noodles ($21)
  • Shredded Snapper, avocado, coriander and lime flatbread ($19.50)


I had the Lamb Kofta and it tasted really nice especially dipped with the sauce, which tasted similar to the tzatziki.  The dish was very fresh especially the cos lettuce..did it come from the rooftop garden, I wonder?  This was voted the best dish out of the three – we each had a taste of each other’s food just to try out.  The Spicy Prawn Noodle tasted similar to laksa except without it being soupy – not bad.  The Shredded Snapper was slightly average in taste.  They were all great dishes except maybe for the size of the serving – they were on the smaller side and I still felt slightly hungry after lunch.  Got the same feedback from JO later when he called me to ask about lunch so maybe some desserts were needed to finish off the meal.

All in all, it was a great lunch.  Loved the atmosphere and the food, but mostly the atmosphere and the innovative settings and design.  It’s a place you have to visit at least once! Be there!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

: 08 9481 8333
Address: 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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10 thoughts on “Greenhouse, Perth

    • ooo let me know how the breakfast menu is..i’d read mixed review.
      by the way, not sure whether you saw my comment on your blog the other day, i was wondering how much you paid for your Oz Open tix! I’m thinking of going next year!! thanks :)

      • Will do!
        Strange, no I can’t seem to find your comment? Perhaps the blog goblins ate it. Anyway, we paid around $400 each to go to every quarterfinals session (day and night on both days). If you go, I would HIGHLY recommend becoming an AO Member as this gives you priority booking. My sister and I got a family membership and it more than paid for itself with a free program and four free ground passes. Can’t recommend going enough! It rocked!

  1. I was there for dinner with some friends last night and, after eying the menu dubiously at first, I absolutely loved it. Aside from the simple, delicious food, these guys know their cocktails.

    Oh, and the choc mousse/toasted marshmallow dessert was brilliant, rather akin to a deconstructed Wagon Wheel in flavour.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience – I can’t wait to lunch at Greenhouse in the near future!

    H :)

    • Thanks for the comments Hannah!
      Seems like this restaurant is good for all breakfast, lunch and dinner!
      I have yet to go to the bar upstairs – it looked pretty cute..must make a trip there one day to try their cocktails. :)

  2. First of all, great post and excellent blog!
    I went to Greenhouse last week for wine and entrees. We had a chorizo pizza and the cheese platter. Yuuuum. I didn’t know they served brekky too. I’m excited I have a reason to go back!

    • Thanks for the comment Renee.
      Seems like Greenhouse is a very popular joint at the moment. Went there for drinks the other day and it was packed!
      I haven’t tried their breakky yet but I heard good comments! Let me know yours after you try them :)

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  4. Food was inedible, 6 out of 8 of us at the table couldn’t eat this overpriced dish (spiced caulifower). On complianing the manager was extremely rude and refused to refund us for the meal. This was the worst meal out in Perth I’ve had. It was all pretense and without quality which it proclaimed.

    • Oh my, sounds like a pretty bad experience..I wonder what happened in the kitchen. Hopefully it’s a once off thing, It’d always been good when I was there although I haven’t been there in recent times. Thanks for your comment.

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