Beaufort Street Merchant, Mt Lawley


The Beaufort Street Merchant has always been a place that I want to try because of the good reviews I read from other Perth bloggers. :)

So we decided to pop by the establishment for a nice hearty brekkie one morning… in which we never knew that a 42 degree day was on the way for us!

They were packed early, thus leaving us girls with no choice but to sit in the sweltering heat over the duration of the meal. Good thing this was breakfast and not lunch (altho’ by the time we did leave, it was way after lunch).

Where you see that lady standing in the picture was where we were seated. Quite a view of the street I’d say.

The menu wasn’t extensive but it was pretty obvious what we wanted to have. :) The drinks were a bit of tough choice for me because there was so many good choices and I was just thirsting for something refreshing.

So our final orders:

  • Fresh OJ
  • Constantinapple (watermelon, apple, mint, and rose syrup)
  • Nectarini (Peach, pear or ….??? Lousy pictures Miss Egg takes!)
  • Smoked Salmon (smoked tasmanian salmon & avocado on grilled brioche with creme fraiche)
  • Spanish Breakfast (grilled eggs with chorizo, potato, spanish beans, roasted roma tomato & dipping bread)
  • Big Belly Breakfast (two eggs ~ grilled, scrambled or poached wth mondo’s chipolatas, grilled elmars bacon, balsamic tomato, mushroom & home-style beans)

So our thirst quenchers came first, and what a world of difference it made to the throat! I was really pleased with the Constantinapple because it was just what I needed – refreshing, light and with the hint of mint and rose syrup – PERFECTO! :) Thumbs up!

The nectarini wasn’t as unique as we’d thought – since it was just a mixture of peach nectar and sparkling water – something we all would have been able to concoct at some point in our lives – but I guess it’s great that we found this beautiful combination! I tried a little bit and with the tangy flavour it gave – it was a hit with me.

the fresh OJ was like any other OJ around… but this was probably better because I could tell how fresh it was and how the person who ordered it gulped it down in pure delight.

Then our lovely breakfasts came soon after…

The big belly breakfast was certainly ideal for the one who might be feeling a tad deprived of food in the morning because the serving was pretty damn huge! Which is a great thing, because I haven’t seen many places with that kind of serving in a while now.

It had the usual items you would expect for the great hangover cure, with the additional beans as well! There was a good generous serving of mushrooms, and that, in my books, is a plus plus! :) Other tna that, the taste of the breakfast is really what you would expect.

The spanish breakfast was nicely served on a wooden serving tray with two buttered slices of bread on the site of the pan full of lovely goodies! it was ultimately an alternative flavour to the big belly breakfast, with the sausages bringing a nice twang to the tongue with the nice spicy taste. and there were potatoes for carbs… overall nice :)

I had the smoked salmon, and I was not disappointed at all! Served with lotsa little greens, and diced onions (which I usually wouldn’t eat, but it just went so well with the dish so well that I gobbled everything up! It was one of the best smoked salmon breakfast I have had in perth, and I will definitely have it again. Freshness, coupled with a nice presentation. lovely. =)

We spent the rest of the time talking, till we were thirsting for more drinks… so we decided to play the bad-girl card, with an order of three iced coffees!

We were delighted to see the tin cups because that’s what we believe will make the whole iced coffee taste that much better! Yes, I am one of those people who would like her milkshake in this big tin cup because it DOES make that difference!!

This cup was definitely worth the moolah. not too sweet, and HUGE. :)

After devouring every ounce of that sinful drink, we decided to take a walk inside in the merchant shop and see what they had to offer – and I was personally amused! Very amused, might I add. Here’s a bunch of photos to prove what I mean.

And my personal favourite:

’nuff said!

And then as we went to pay, we found even more goodies!

So it was a rather good trip to the Beaufort Street Merchant, and I will definitely be bringing myself there again for a good hearty breakfast, and some good juice mixes!

Wait staff were average – wouldn’t say they are the most attentive since we had to go inside to get water from them more than three times over our meal, but special mention needs to be given to the lady at the counter whom we paid our bill to. Friendly, and warm, she was the perfect end to the experience at the BSM. :)

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg 

The Beaufort Street Merchant

Telephone: (08) 9328 6299
Address: 488-492 Beaufort Street, Highgate 6003, Western Australia

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