Peninsula Tea Gardens, Maylands


Peninsula Tea Gardens tea room is located next to the Tranby House, the only surviving 19th century farmhouse in Perth (having been built in 1839).  The tea room serves breakfast, lunch and the latest fad of which I am beginning to get very fond of – afternoon tea, termed ‘high tea’.  I have been hearing great reviews about this place and their scrumptious offer of scones and tea.  Having been recommended to me left, right and centre, my curiosity and tastebuds were aroused and it became the top place in my list of ‘must visit’.  The chance came when my ex-colleague decided to have her hen’s celebration there – yay, perfect!

The tea room is set by the Swan River and has an absolutely delightful tranquil atmosphere, sun pouring gently over the tables, light breeze across the face and with an exquisite setting of chandelier, trinketries, white linen, silvers and finebone china, you almost feel like you have been transported back to the Elizabethan era.  It was lovely and very peaceful.

Outdoor setting   

We were there for the Parisian Afternoon Tea which costs us $38 each ($33 on a weekday).  Bookings are recommended as they do get quite fully booked on the weekends.  For the tech-savvy out there, online booking is also available.

Before we get to the contents of the afternoon tea, let’s have a read of what the Peninsula Tea Gardens have to say about it…

Afternoon Tea was introduced by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting (1783 – 1857).  She was said to have experienced a ‘sinking feeling’ mid afternoon, hence ‘Parisian Afternoon Tea’ soon become a fashionable, social repast amongst ladies of ‘High Society’. 

And now to the menu…what do you get with a Parisian Afternoon Tea?

  • Tea Sandwiches – Cucumber & cream cheese, Roast beef and horseradish, Smoked salmon & salmon mousse, Leg ham & Dijon mustard
  • Cream Scone (yay!) served with strawberry preserve and whipped cream
  • Assortment of French style cakes & Petit fours

All these presented on a stunning three-tiered curate stand together with finebone china and silverware and served with a Pot of tea of your choice (Tea leaves include English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Kenilworth, Buddha’s Tears) or Coffee.  For this occasion, we also had some Champagne!


And now to the three-tiered goodies…

Close up of the three-tiers…


Awesome high tea!  I was so full at the end of it and the tiny little cupcakes were delish with their smooth and creamy icing! Yum Yum!  Service was great and friendly that afternoon – I had a great time.  This is a must try for those looking out for high tea spots!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Peninsula Tea Gardens
: 08 9272 8894
Address: Tranby House, Johnson Road, Maylands

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Char Char Bull, Fremantle


Entertainment Card: 25% off total bill (up to $40 value)

It is unfortunate that I was unable to snap some photos of the outside of Char Char Bull – was rushing to get to the restaurant so that I could order for the hungry parents, whom I was giving a treat to as we closed the Chinese New Year!

The inside hasn’t changed much since my last visit – each table was set up in a rather classy manner, and there were Ikea lamps hanging from the rather interesting ceiling. There’s an alfresco area which I think will be great to sit at when the weather’s perfect.

So we took our time to deliberate on the menu – which is not too extensive (to me, that’s sometimes a great thing).

Wasn’t before long that we ordered the following:

  • Garlic Bread
  • Caesar’s Salad
  • North West Barramundi Fillet
  • Surf & Turf
  • Fillet Steak

We had the garlic bread and the caesar’s salad to share obviously :)

The garlic bread was nicely cut into 6 pieces, and was nicely done in terms of the crispness. The garlic taste could have been a bit better (coming from a family who loves their garlic, this might be just nice for some)… but overall appetising :) The caesar’s salad on the other hand was a tad too creamy. They had a good serving of the bacon and croutons, and their lettuce were rather fresh. It was just a little bit too much of a empowering creamy and cheesy taste that really spoilt it for me. yes, I do know that in the Publican review I mentioned that I would have liked more dressing, but there is that optimum taste in each dressing. I hope you know where I’ve driving at because I am getting confused myself!

The northwest barramundi fillet came out looking very very well presented, and with a little wedge of lemon, this won me over without even me having to try the dish! I loved the way the asparagus was neatly placed on the side – it shows care from the chef, and it shows attention to detail. :) Thumbs up!

Why did the wedge of lemon win me over? I love a good fish with a tinge of lemon flavour, so they won me right there and then. The lemon (for me, who is not a fish fan) masks the fishy smell (no matter how fresh the fish is), aiding in my overall enjoyment. :)

But, end of the day, this was not the dish I ordered!

Good reviews for this, and it was obvious Dad loved this because he finished it real clean. :)

The surf and turf came out soaked in the garlic cream sauce – much to my mom’s delight. We exchanged our mash for some good chips, and it was pretty good chips to speak off too! Could have done with some salt, but hey, beer battered! :) Unfortunately, this evening, her steak was a bit charred on the side, so some bits were just too tough to chew, and there was of course that bitter aftertaste. A bit of a let down. It was quite obvious the chef might have forgotten to turn the steak whilst cooking.

For my fillet steak, the steak was done quite nicely, but the hollandaise sauce didn’t have that kick that I was hoping I’d get. Would be nice if there were more choices for sauces, in my humble opinion. :) Perhaps mushroom, red wine jus, pepper, etc.

The dining experience was quite pleasant overall, with efficient service. The waiter who took our order was patient with our deliberation over the chips… :)

It’s nice to come here once in a while with a fairly good discount, but I have to say – I probably have had a better steak around..

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Char Char Bull
Telephone: (08) 9335 7666
Address: Fishing Boat Harbour 44b Mews Rd, Fremantle, 6160

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The Publican, Victoria Park


Entertainment Card: 25% off total bill (up to $35)

So I have been wanting to visit this place for quite some time now… and here’s a little story why…

Back in early 2009, I had a real passion for beer drinking, and my fellow beer pal and I saw this beautiful free space next to the Gucci shop, and we started imagining what it would be like to have our own pub and serve beers… and well, the point of it all, of course was to be able to drink to our hearts content without having to keep paying for it. =X ANYWAY… we were thinking of a bunch of names, and we came across “Publican”, which really means “a person who owns a pub”… and not long after, I was driving in the Victoria Park Cafe Strip, and saw The Publican right before my eyes!!

So since then I had been wanting to come try this place :)

Before this, it was “Joe Black’s”, with which I had organised for a friend’s 21st and it went really well. They kept the set up  of the place the same, so it did bring back some memories. :)

Enough of Miss Egg anyhow. I made a booking, and upon arrival, was being served by a waitress who saw me to the table, which were by the way, all very nicely set up. Classy.

There is a lounge area, with a live band playing some days, and there is a bar area too. So this place has alot of things going on. Quite different.

It seems that they have daily specials (CLICK!), and we saw what they had for that night that we were dining, but couldn’t find anything that were of particular interest to us. So we had to revert back to their standard menu.

To those who really do know Miss Egg, you will find my choice this evening rather appalling:

  • Caesar Salad with Avocado
  • MSA Scotch Fillet
  • Side of Chips

Yes, you saw it right – I ate the Caesar Salad. It was a tough one but I had been binging on so much fat that I couldn’t bear to suffer any more… not that the caesar salad would make that much of a difference since the sauce itself can kill but still, no meat. :)


The thing I love about the Caesar Salad was the egg on the top. It was nicely cooked, with the egg yolk running to have a jog over the greens. That said, I felt they could have been a tad more generous with the dressing. I am a person who loves my dressings and gravy, so this was a bit of a disappointment when I couldn’t really taste the caesar dressing over the course of the munching. Generous enough serving of the bacon, but yes, it could have definitely done with more caesar dressing. Wouldn’t be a real Caesar Salad otherwise, would it?

The steak was very well presented, with a nice grilled mushroom on the top, much to the delight of S.K. whom I had the privilege of dining with that night. :) She loved the gravy so that’s a definite plus, and she mentioned the tastiness of the mash, which is another plus. :)

The chips were a let down. I would have thought they’d serve beer battered chips, but it was just normal chips, and as you can tell from the plate, there were some charred bits. But then again, this happens. :) Good thing about this was the inclusion of sweet chilli and sour cream… although I thought maybe the sour cream could have been swapped for some aioli instead. Would have complemented the chips better!

Service was not too bad… loved the environment!

Would probably head back there for a drink sometime. :)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

The Publican Bar & Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9470 5818
Address: 774 Albany Highway East Victoria Park WA 6101

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Zafferano Restaurant, Crawley


Entertainment Card 09/10: 25% off (up to a value of $50)

Zafferano Restaurant is located within the Old Swan Brewery compound along the scenic Mounts Bay Road in Crawley.  Driving along this road always give me a dejavu feeling of going back to uni, memories of traffic jams coming from the south especially for the 9am classes!  Eeks!  However driving this time round for a meal here replaced the dejavu feeling with one of excitement! 

I’d dined in the Old Swan Brewery restaurant numerous times and recently even attended a wedding ceremony there, but had never been to Zafferano before this.  I have heard good things about the restaurant, mainly about it being posh and expensive but with great food so I had always wanted to try it.  The perfect opportunity came when we were contemplating where to take my mum for her birthday and my sister suggested Zafferano.  Yay!

“Zafferano is the owner’s fourth restaurant in Perth” – stated in their website..this statement brought great comfort, the owner must be very clued into the restaurant scene to have so many in Perth!  Our dinner will be great! 

Parking is limited and one must go through an underground driveway which leads to a parking lot in the opposite building if none is found outside the restaurant (Note: the parking is costly depending on how many hours you stay at the restaurant).  Having parked there, one must walk across the overpass bridge, through the Old Swan Brewery before arriving to what I presume is Zafferano’s back door.  Not a very attractive entrance I must say but I didn’t think it was worth the trouble going around to the front.

The restaurant itself is medium sized and has quite a nice ambience about it – dimly lit with soft lighting and checked floors, it felt like I stepped into a 80s Italian restaurant.  However the bar looked very modernised.  The host who took us to the table was very formal and serious, an image of an English butler came to mind as he served us.  Table was nicely set with wine glasses teamed with candle light which I thought was quite romantic, it glowed on the table. 


Zafferano is a seafood restaurant so the menu is full of all things crustacean with a few selection of meat and pasta dishes.  For entree, we had the following:

  • Ostriche alla Naturale Dozen ($29) – oysters natural, accompanied by shallots, red wine vinegar and cocktail sauce
  • Seafood Chowder ($36) – spicy seafood chowder, Zafferano’s signature dish


Oysters were delicious – they were huge, plump and most important of all, fresh.  Loved the red wine vinegar sauce that came with it, it added to the natural taste of the oyster without taking away the freshness.  The cocktail sauce on the other hand though was a bit strong and covered the oyster’s flavour.  The Seafood Chowder surprisingly was also very good.  It had a slight thai fusion taste to it and I had expected something thicker than what we got so was not too impressed at first, but subsequent tasting with the seafood pieces in it make it almost addictive, I couldn’t have enough!  Actually I feel like having one now while writing this review!  No wonder its their signature dish!

For mains, we had:

  • Paella con Gamberoni ($50) – large shelled tiger prawns served on paella rice with mussels and sausage
  • Salmone ($49) – grilled salmon fillet, with a red wine butter sauce, and served with mascarpone risotto
  • Tutto Mare ($50) – Zafferano’s grilled tasting plate of fish, squid, scallop and prawn over spicy fried rice accompanied with sauce
  • Arista d’Agnello ($49) – char-gilled rack of lamb served with eggplant parmigiana, confit bell peppers and red wine jus

and sides of:

  • Funghi all’ aglio ($17) – mushrooms in butter and garlic
  • Verdura ($14) – broccoli and asparagus with parmesan butter


The fickle minded me ordered the Zafferano’s tasting plate which came with a bit of everything, just how I like it.  Love this dish as I got to try everything in one plate!  I especially liked the scallop, grilled to perfection..I wish there were more of these on the plate.  The fried rice though wasn’t to my liking so I finished everything on the plate except for that.  I also liked the two Sides we ordered, okay I might be a bit biased as mushroom and asparagus are my favourite veggies but they were yummy, simple but delicious.  Sometimes less truly is more!

Comments for the other dishes were good too except for the Tiger Prawn Paella.  My mum ordered that but didn’t quite like it.  You win some, you lose some I guess.  I had too much on my plate to try the other dishes so no comments from me.

Having finish the mains, we moved on to the desserts and had:

  • Affogato al Frangelico e Biscotti ($19) – hazelnut gelato affogato with frangelico syrup and homemade fudge biscuit
  • Graffe di Mela e Creme Pasticciera ($19) – warm apple and custard doughnuts served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream
  • Special dessert for the night – Tiramisu ($19)


Nice names with the desserts – they sounded so complicated and posh.  I ordered the Hazelnut Gelato Affogato and I must say, it’s the BEST I had so far in ages.  The warm and bitter espresso hit the silky hazelnut gelato turning it into a creamy coffee sensation.  AWESOME! That combind with the homemade warm fudge biscuit is the greatest.  I wanted more!  The other two desserts didn’t fare that well in the poll though – my sister didn’t like the Apple and Custard Doughnuts and didn’t finish it (they ended up in my stomach =)).  Was ordinary I thought.  My mum didn’t like her Tiramisu either.  Oh dear, she didn’t fare too well with her choice of dishes.

Overall it was a great night for me personally as I nailed it with my order of entree, mains and dessert.  First time ever!  The others on my table did not fare as well as me, with the alternate hit-and-miss.  Service was so so that night, the waitstaff was courteous but not friendly and they took ages to clear our table and to give us the dessert menu after our request.  The restaurant being full might be the contributing factor but still, surely it’s not acceptable for a fine dining restaurant and for the price we are paying for our meal!  Personally though I would go back for an occasion and armed with the Entertainment Card discount, the price wasn’t as steep as could be.   The restaurant does live up to its reputation.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Zafferano Restaurant
: 08 9321 2588
Address: 173 Mounts Bay Road, Old Swan Brewery, Crawley

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Cantina 663, Mt Lawley


Cantina 663 is a well known cafe along the cafe-haven strip on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley.  I’d always wondered about the meaning behind Cantina 663.  Looking at the word definition, cantina actually means a bar or a wine shop – not quite so for this cafe but upon entering the premise, you do notice a huge rack of wine and liquor at the counter so I guess it does semi-fit the definition.  663 on the other hand is the shop number along Beaufort Street!  Charming isn’t it!

I’d been here for dinner a couple of years ago after my friend read a rave review on them in the newspaper and thought it was great.  This time round, we came and tried their breakfast menu.  The first thing I noticed as I enter is the magnitude of people already occupying the tables and it was only 9am.  I mean wow, this place must be very popular with their breakkie! 

The cafe has both an inside dine-in area and a big alfresco area equipped with giant wall fans for the hot summer days/nights.  Our group opted to sit inside in the inner most corner.  It was  a very cosy corner.  The whole cafe has a great vibe about it.



  • Juices – Apple and Orange
  • Coffees – Latte, Long Macchiato and Iced Coffee


There were only 5 of us that morning but there were 7 drinks.  Why is that?  Well, one of the guys ordered 3 drinks at one go (1xlatte, 1xlong mac & 1xapple juice).  What the?! Yes, I know, even the waitress was surprised that all the drinks was for him.  Although I’d imagined that they would be quite happy – he would be classified a great and generous customer in the sales sense.  *ker-chink* 

Comments regarding the juices were great – freshly squeezed, none of those sickly sweet types that you get in a bottle.  I had a sipped of the Apple Juice and loved it, it was very refreshing.  There were a few second orders later in the morning from our table but was informed that they were sold out.  Why can’t they buy more apple I wonder?  Comments regarding the coffees from the guys were good – they served coffee from Fiori beans.  I had the Iced Coffee and was only so so about it – I still like the 5 senses iced coffee I had at Sayers!


  • 2 x Mamma’s Breakfast, bacon, scrambled egg, chipolata, tomato, mushroom, hash brown ($20.50)
  • House Smoked Salmon, poached eggs, hazelnut, herbs ($20.50)
  • Cantina’s Home Made Bacon Sandwich, fried eggs, avocado, tomato, rocket ($15.90)
  • Free Range Eggs Scrambled, herbs, buttered toast ($12.90)


My order was the House Smoked Salmon as I wanted to try something different for a change, rather than the usual eggs with toast or vegetarian breakfast that I normally get.  That’s different I thought as I read the menu.  Well, you know how sometimes you get tremendous reward for trying out different things and sometimes it backfires on you?  Well, unfortunately on this occasion, it was the latter rather than the former.  The first and second bites were awesome, the greens and the funky looking herbs enticed me, however the third and subsequent bites proved harder to swallow as the taste of the smoked salmon became overpowering and quite salty.  The poached egg wasn’t exactly as runny as I wanted it to be either.  I’m guessing my friend must have seen a dismayed look on my face and offered me a piece of her buttered toast.  Yay!  That’s what best friends are for..well and other things of course..but buttered toast was great that morning.  Thanks, it was exactly what I needed to complement the dish. 

Being too engrossed in my own dish, I didn’t sample any others but received great feedback for the Scrambled Eggs with Toast and the Bacon Sandwich.

Service was great, friendly waitstaff and drinks and meals came promptly.  Would definitely recommend a meal there – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Cantina 663
: 08 9370 4883
Address: 663 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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Ruby Thai, Perth

Ruby Thai has always been well known in another part of the city, and some of you might even know or might even have eaten there – Carillon City!

Having too great a business down in that little food court, they have recently taken over the former Chinese restaurant Chi in a bid to lure their customers over here in a more open, and actually fresher environment.

So we decided to try this new Ruby Thai that opened above the old Woolworths in the city one day.

When you walk in, there is this amazing empty space in front of the counter that is actually quite overwhelming. That said, it does give people space to move around – which is ultimately a good thing!

So the ‘menu’ was still the same, and you still got the choice of having the rice and dishes combo, which is shown on the photo. There’s heaps of containers at the back – so you know that take-away is definitely an option should you want to bring it back to eat at the comfort of your own desk or home!

We had the following:

  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Seafood Pad Thai
  • Ho Fun Noodles in Egg Sauce

The chicken and seafood pad thai are actually exactly the same, except that the chicken pad thai doesn’t have the prawns and the squids like how the chicken pad thai does. The ho fun that Miss L had was with beef and vegetables.

The pad thai is still quite good, and nothing can go wrong with a little chilli flakes thrown into it.

The ho fun looks alright but it didn’t look as starchy as I would have liked it to be. Miss L, do you remember how it tasted like? Miss Egg’s memory is wasted!

This place is still very much like its sister stall in Carillon, where patrons will have to go up to the counter to place their order. The only difference is that you can wait at your table, and your little hand held gadget will start vibrating and beeping once your food is ready for collection (think Kaili’s or Cicerrello’s at Fremantle!).

The tables were a tad sticky for some reason, and we weren’t impressed at all. Was it from the lack of cleaning? or are the tables like that by nature? If it’s the latter, then I really think there ought to be some form of change… it’s really quite distracting to feel your arms stick to the table whilst having a meal.

Other than that, Ruby Thai is still the same, except that they’ve managed to conquer yet another spot in the city!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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Matilda Bay Restaurant and Bar, Crawley


Matilda Bay Restaurant and Bar is located on Hackett Drive in Crawley, right opposite the University of Western Australia (UWA).  Having studied in UWA for a number of years, I vaguely know where the restaurant is located but found it a bit tricky getting into the car park.  It shares its driveway with what I presume is a yacht club and we somehow ended up there instead of the restaurant.  We had to make a couple of turns before finalling arriving at the correct car park.  A word of advice is to check and FOLLOW the signs properly!  Another confusion we had was with the entrance to the restaurant!  There was no particular sign except for a notice of a wedding luncheon so we had to look around a bit before taking the first tentative step towards one entrance.  Luckily it was the correct one!  Phew!  The thought of walking into someone’s wedding reception randomly does not sit well with me.

The building itself doesn’t look like much from the outside but the inside reveals a very modern and chic restaurant setting with thick black cloths draped over the tables and matching black chairs.  The ambience would be lovely at night with such setting. 


I love the brightness around the place – the sunlight pouring in through the glass window which encased the restaurant.  The restaurant sits along the bank of Perth’s iconic Swan River, with views of the city skyline and docked boats floating gently up and down the banks.  Magnificient views!


We were there to try their “Cray on the Bay” special, which consisted of a Whole Crayfish cooked on the Webber BBQ for only $29.  This offer started on 22 January and lasts till 7 March and is available during lunch from Friday to Sunday.  Looking around, nearly everyone in the restaurant had ordered the crayfish and the barbie was cooking non-stop from the time we arrived till we left and still going!  It is so popular!  The restaurant was full by the time we left – it’s a really great way to attract business!  A review of this crayfish special can also be found from the Bowl of Honey food blog.

Having read the Bowl of Honey post, I contemplated ordering the Seafood Chowder he had as an entree but they must have changed the menu as the items that he ordered did not seem to appear on the menu I was looking at.  However, something else caught my eye…

Cheese Souffle!!..double baked served with smoked eggplant, hazelnut pesto and dressed rocket – it sounded so can I not order it? 

(What is a souffle? Definition courtesy of Wikipedia …A soufflé is a light, fluffy, baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up” — an apt description of what happens to this combination of custard and egg whites.)


The dish came and I was quite impressed.  Presented well, the outside of the souffle was baked to a slight crunch with the lightness maintained on the inside.  Making a good souffle is not an easy task, as not only a fluffy texture is a must, it also has to maintain the ‘puffed up’ state coming out from the oven till it reaches the dining table.  This is very well done!  Yum!

While waiting for the souffle, we were offered bread on the table with dips consisting of olive oil, butter and dhukka.  Delicious!

For mains, we had:

  • 3 x of the ‘Cray on the Bay’ Whole Crayfish ($29 each)
  • Half Duck ($42)
  • Sides of Button Mushrooms, Steamed Vegetables of Broccoli and Cauliflower and Zucchini Patties with Yoghurt sauce ($21 total)

Commendation to the waitstaff for upselling their menu to accompany the crayfish.  It was suggested that the crayfish itself will not be too filling and it was their recommendation for us to order an entree or sides to go with it.  The sides cost $8 each but if you order 3 sides, you only pay $21.  Another technique used to increase the profit margin. Most of the tables I noticed ordered the 3 sides.

A look at the Chef grilling the crays outside – it was a swelting 35degC day and she was standing in front of the barbie the whole time.  Thanks Chef for all your hard work.  She even gave me a smile when she caught me taking a photo of her preparing the crays.  Such great attitude :)


Our lunch…


With the Whole Crayfish, there is a choice of lime, garlic, ground black pepper, brandy or chilli butters sauce or the lot.  All three dishes we had were with the lot.  The meat was fresh and received good comments albeit being a bit small in size and not very filling (echoing the word of the waitstaff).  The sides nudged the fullness factor up slightly.  My favourite was the Button Mushrooms, they were huge and seasoned with oil and salt – simple but tasty.

I ordered the Half Duck for mains and that was very filling.  The skin was crispy and crusted with salt and pepper and the dish came with buttered sugar snap peas and sauteed Kipfler potatoes.  The duck meat was tender and there was enough sauce to take the dryness away.  I love the smaller size of potatoes served with the meal, it’s so much more easier to eat than the usual big chunky ones you get from other restaurants.  Peas were crunchy too.  Awesome dish!

Service that day was more on the average side – the waitstaff was very informative with the menu and attentive to our needs (she even came to roll up my napkin which I chucked on the table when I went nearer to the grill to take photos), however, there was a lack of warmth and friendliness which I think is very important in a fine dining restaurant.  Maybe they were just busy that day?

For those who haven’t tried the ‘Cray on the Bay’ special, it’s a must try – there’s only 3 days left of it, hopefully there is still booking space.  Besides that, great restaurant with panoramic views, great selection of seafood and grills and entrees.  I also spy some funky looking cocktails coming from the bar too – did not manage to try any this time round but there’s always the next.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.  

Matilda Bay  Restaurant & Bar
: 08 9423 5000
Address: 3 Hackett Drive, Crawley

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