Ruby Thai, Perth

Ruby Thai has always been well known in another part of the city, and some of you might even know or might even have eaten there – Carillon City!

Having too great a business down in that little food court, they have recently taken over the former Chinese restaurant Chi in a bid to lure their customers over here in a more open, and actually fresher environment.

So we decided to try this new Ruby Thai that opened above the old Woolworths in the city one day.

When you walk in, there is this amazing empty space in front of the counter that is actually quite overwhelming. That said, it does give people space to move around – which is ultimately a good thing!

So the ‘menu’ was still the same, and you still got the choice of having the rice and dishes combo, which is shown on the photo. There’s heaps of containers at the back – so you know that take-away is definitely an option should you want to bring it back to eat at the comfort of your own desk or home!

We had the following:

  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Seafood Pad Thai
  • Ho Fun Noodles in Egg Sauce

The chicken and seafood pad thai are actually exactly the same, except that the chicken pad thai doesn’t have the prawns and the squids like how the chicken pad thai does. The ho fun that Miss L had was with beef and vegetables.

The pad thai is still quite good, and nothing can go wrong with a little chilli flakes thrown into it.

The ho fun looks alright but it didn’t look as starchy as I would have liked it to be. Miss L, do you remember how it tasted like? Miss Egg’s memory is wasted!

This place is still very much like its sister stall in Carillon, where patrons will have to go up to the counter to place their order. The only difference is that you can wait at your table, and your little hand held gadget will start vibrating and beeping once your food is ready for collection (think Kaili’s or Cicerrello’s at Fremantle!).

The tables were a tad sticky for some reason, and we weren’t impressed at all. Was it from the lack of cleaning? or are the tables like that by nature? If it’s the latter, then I really think there ought to be some form of change… it’s really quite distracting to feel your arms stick to the table whilst having a meal.

Other than that, Ruby Thai is still the same, except that they’ve managed to conquer yet another spot in the city!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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4 thoughts on “Ruby Thai, Perth

  1. Those buzzer things always make me jump when they go off. Even if I’m sitting there thinking “don’t jump when the buzzer goes off”.

    Sticky tables? Gross. Chilli flakes for your pad thai? Tasty.

    • HAHAHA! I have the exact same problem. They need to re-engineer the thing!

      YES. the tables were horrendous. I wonder why they were sticky… eew. hehe.

      Lovin’ your response to the posts, Conor! hope you’re doing well. :)

  2. I work near the Ruby Thai in Central Arcade on Hay St and went to find out what all the fuss was about (my friends seemed to love it). I had a rice combo with green curry and friend squid and although very, very tasty I was thoroughly unimpressed. The dishes contain lots and lots of MSG which enhance flavour but in my opinion, that’s cheating!

  3. Hi Miss Egg! Couldn’t really remember what the Ho Fun tasted like but I didn’t remember it as being very good. Didn’t quite like this place because of it’s vast space either. It’s almost like a foodcourt but with only one stall to choose from. I think they should have alter their style of menu and service to cater for a restaurant atmosphere!

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