Char Char Bull, Fremantle


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It is unfortunate that I was unable to snap some photos of the outside of Char Char Bull – was rushing to get to the restaurant so that I could order for the hungry parents, whom I was giving a treat to as we closed the Chinese New Year!

The inside hasn’t changed much since my last visit – each table was set up in a rather classy manner, and there were Ikea lamps hanging from the rather interesting ceiling. There’s an alfresco area which I think will be great to sit at when the weather’s perfect.

So we took our time to deliberate on the menu – which is not too extensive (to me, that’s sometimes a great thing).

Wasn’t before long that we ordered the following:

  • Garlic Bread
  • Caesar’s Salad
  • North West Barramundi Fillet
  • Surf & Turf
  • Fillet Steak

We had the garlic bread and the caesar’s salad to share obviously :)

The garlic bread was nicely cut into 6 pieces, and was nicely done in terms of the crispness. The garlic taste could have been a bit better (coming from a family who loves their garlic, this might be just nice for some)… but overall appetising :) The caesar’s salad on the other hand was a tad too creamy. They had a good serving of the bacon and croutons, and their lettuce were rather fresh. It was just a little bit too much of a empowering creamy and cheesy taste that really spoilt it for me. yes, I do know that in the Publican review I mentioned that I would have liked more dressing, but there is that optimum taste in each dressing. I hope you know where I’ve driving at because I am getting confused myself!

The northwest barramundi fillet came out looking very very well presented, and with a little wedge of lemon, this won me over without even me having to try the dish! I loved the way the asparagus was neatly placed on the side – it shows care from the chef, and it shows attention to detail. :) Thumbs up!

Why did the wedge of lemon win me over? I love a good fish with a tinge of lemon flavour, so they won me right there and then. The lemon (for me, who is not a fish fan) masks the fishy smell (no matter how fresh the fish is), aiding in my overall enjoyment. :)

But, end of the day, this was not the dish I ordered!

Good reviews for this, and it was obvious Dad loved this because he finished it real clean. :)

The surf and turf came out soaked in the garlic cream sauce – much to my mom’s delight. We exchanged our mash for some good chips, and it was pretty good chips to speak off too! Could have done with some salt, but hey, beer battered! :) Unfortunately, this evening, her steak was a bit charred on the side, so some bits were just too tough to chew, and there was of course that bitter aftertaste. A bit of a let down. It was quite obvious the chef might have forgotten to turn the steak whilst cooking.

For my fillet steak, the steak was done quite nicely, but the hollandaise sauce didn’t have that kick that I was hoping I’d get. Would be nice if there were more choices for sauces, in my humble opinion. :) Perhaps mushroom, red wine jus, pepper, etc.

The dining experience was quite pleasant overall, with efficient service. The waiter who took our order was patient with our deliberation over the chips… :)

It’s nice to come here once in a while with a fairly good discount, but I have to say – I probably have had a better steak around..

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Char Char Bull
Telephone: (08) 9335 7666
Address: Fishing Boat Harbour 44b Mews Rd, Fremantle, 6160

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