Lo Zucchero, Dalkeith

Website: http://www.lozucchero.com.au/

This little hearty cafe sits in the middle of a residential area right in the soul of Dalkeith. So for those unsuspecting people like myself who don’t really drive in the inner roads, I would have never known about this place if not for good googlers like S.K!

The first time we decided to come here was sometime, back and since then I have been back quite a number of times, and haven’t been disappointed up till now (other than desserts which I will get to in a little bit).

As you walk in, you will realise that this is not the usual set up of any restaurant/cafe. It’s got a good size of a restaurant, and it’s got the set up like a cafe, except they’ve added efforts in making it look more homely… they even have handbags and shoes for sale on the right hand side! On the left are the drink fridges, and other little items that you can probably purchase if interested. A little something different from the ordinary for sure!

Our first visit there was for dinner, and subsequently, I have been there for lunch, then dinner then dinner again. Here are the items ordered (in no particular order!):

  • Bruschetta
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Chicken, sundried tomato, broccoli, creamy pumpkin,¬†roasted walnuts and parmesan (Penne pasta)
  • Carbonara, saute of smoked bacon, pure cream, garlic,¬†parsley and parmesan (Rigatoni pasta)
  • Chicken Saltimbocca, half a roast chicken with prosciutto, sage, roast pumpkin, potato and carrot with a thyme and white wine sauce GF
  • Risotto, wood fired duck and porcini mushroom risotto finished with marinated parsley and shaved parmesan GF
  • MILANO Italian sausage, peperoni, roasted capsicum and kalamata olives (Pizza)
  • MARGHERITA Roma tomato base, fresh mozzarella and basil (we added italian sausage!) (Pizza)
  • LOMBARDIA Roasted egg plant, capsicum, zucchini, ricotta, parmigiano & parsley (Pizza)
  • TOSCANA Baby spinach, butternut pumpkin, field mushrooms, fetta cheese and a touch of garlic olive oil (Pizza)
  • TRENTINO Assortment of mushrooms, fresh brie cheese, avocado and parmigiano (Pizza)
  • Assortment of dessert & Coffee (Photos will speak for themselves later!)

Because of the huge amount of things I have tried, I will just mention the ones that I really love, and give a generic review of the rest in terms of “entree”, “mains”, “pasta”, and “pizza”. :) And before I start on the review, I do apologise for the lack of photos to make up for the amount I actually tried – I had too much of an appetite for some meals more than others, so the camera did not get a chance to be part of the meal.

My favourite is really the pizza’s that they serve here at Lo Z. It’s the variety that they have, and the fact that they are willing to go into the more unconventional flavours like egg plant, butternut pumpkin, baby spinach, etc. etc. Ingredients that I haven’t seen much around here in Perth’s pizza’s. It’s perfect for vegetarians and unlike the meat pizzas, the ones with the vegetables provide a lighter tone for the tummy, so girls eat to your hearts’ content!!

I would recommend trying the Chicken Saltimbocca too – a very special dish that has the chicken skin all crispy, with the meat tender and juicy, with a nice serving of light gravy below too!

Bruschetta was lovely – a whole lot of onions though. So if you are not really an onion lover, this might be a bit tough to take in. The taste was perfect tho’! Would have loved the bread a little softer than it was when we tried it – a tad too hard. but kudos on the way the tomatoes came out!

Steak sandwich is only available for lunch and it was lovely. Not the best around, but definitely one that I would be willing to eat again should I return there for lunch.


The pasta’s were rather tasty, but the Carbonara that we tried the other evening had a tad too much saltiness to it. It’s either the bacon adding too much flavour, or the chef added more salt than usual.

Would love to try the other non-creamy based pasta’s next time I go. But for now, average.


As I said, the pizzas here at Lo Z are the BOMB! Absolutely lovin’ them. They got the thin crust with a nice fresh taste to their dough. Lovely. Lovely. the next thing for me to try would be their dessert pizzas!


As mentioned, the Chicken was a special one, but the other mains that I have seen being served out of the kitchen made me drool all the same!

The lamb seemed to be a popular choice amongst the diners that I have seen over the last couple of occasions. The seafood options were also pretty hot. So keep in mind these!

Desserts & Coffee

They are quite average. I wouldn’t spend the moolah on desserts over here, but the coffee’s quite good. They do have some nice gelato ice cream should you be with some kids or if you are a ice cream lover yourself! Great way to end the evening especially during the summer months.

Overall, Lo Z is a nice casual place to be in, be it for lunch or dinner. I understand that there is breakfast in this establishment as well, and I might very well be heading there for some goodmorningsunshine moments!

Yet another place to add to my pizza-delights. :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Lo Zucchero
Telephone: (08) 9386 7733
Address: 99 Waratah Ave, Dalkeith, WA 6009

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2 thoughts on “Lo Zucchero, Dalkeith

  1. HAHAHA. :) YES it’s totally in your zone!! go try one day! And let me know what you think. hee.
    Ps. can’t help it with the photos. it’s a disease.

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