Blue Waters Cafe, Cottesloe


So I had planned to go for dinner with my brother for some time, and the fact that we finally managed to fix a date with each other was already a miracle in itself!! I gave him two choices that I wanted to try (either Blue Waters, or Blue Duck) at Cottesloe. Lo and behold, he chose Blue Duck. So I gladly agreed, and asked him to make the reservation (yes, laziness knows me by name). He texted me some time later and informed me that Blue Duck was fully booked, so he’s managed to score a booking with Blue Waters instead. And what did I think? I thought it was the other way around!! And because I was terribly late that evening, I just took my keys and off I went. I arrived at Blue Duck, only to find that it’s not anything like he’s told me (i.e. “you’ll see me, the place is really quite small)…  1st FAIL. Then I called him and asked him if it was the Blue Duck and he went, “NO!!! I said BLUE WATERS!”. Righto. This was like about 1km plus down the road. So off I went on a nice long (and quick walk) to the Blue Waters.

Nice way to start the evening? Yes.

When I arrived, the place was indeed rather small, in comparison to the Blue Duck in which I had already made a complete embarrassment of myself. I saw the brother, and then was quickly teased with much amusement from the one who shares the same birthday as me. :)

Anyway… the place looked lovely and I was excited to try their food (especially after ravaging through the menu that very day during office hours!).

We had the waitress come up to us to tell us the specials of the day, and it was rather well explained. Kudos to her for knowing what she was actually talking about!

So we ordered:

  • Espresso Martini (come on I needed something to cool the body down after that walk!)
  • Wagyu Scotch Fillet with Mash, Oven Dried Tomato, Grilled Field Mushroom and Bearnaise Sauce (bro)
  • Fish of the Day, Barramundi served with walnut salad, and pumpkins (okay, so the waitress did a far better job at describing but the photos will prove itself)
  • Raspberry Creme Brulee

The espresso martini was really well presented, but I felt there was a bit too much foam on the top – very little to truly drink off. That said, I always love the level of detail they go with laying those three coffee beans on the top. :) Not the best I’ve tried I have to say, but it was good enough for me. :)

To fill some space up, I will talk about the lovely ambiance that filled the room this evening. It was lit up slightly darker than usual (and I’ve heard about this where the darker the room – obviously not that dark! – the better the person’s appetite)… and whilst I wasn’t dining with the love of my life, it did have a nice feel to it. The way the tables were laid out was quite interesting too. The group tables were at the back of the restaurant, and the rest were just the smaller tables of 2, 3 and 4.

Just when the mains came out, we were lucky to have a nice lady asking us if we’d like to have a photo taken with our food, and the natural answers were – Me: Yes please! Bro: Oh no it’s ok. right. So who did she listen to? GIRL POWER!

Anyway, enough babbling there.

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The Fish of the Day was sublime! :) I am not the biggest fan of fish but this dish really blew me away. I was delighted by the walnut salad which came with rocket (YEHH!!), and the pumpkin was so well cooked that it stayed firm on the fork but melted in the mouth. Wowee. Truly one of the finest fish dishes I have tried in my dining experiences. Then again, I haven’t had many fish dish experiences. :) But this worked for me. I thought it wouldn’t fill me up (as a real red meat lover), but it did. Well and truly did.

The Wagyu Steak was a nice piece of meat, and whilst it looked weird on such a massive plate, I was told everything tasted brilliant. I had a piece of the cow myself, and it tasted quite lovely – not the best I have tried, but still good. The mushrooms looked extremely fresh and bro said that it was one of the best he’s tasted. The bearnaise sauce could do with a bit more taste to it (in my humble opinion), but I do like my food rather ‘tasty’.

The raspberry creme brulee was ordered to share, and the waitress actually repeatedly asked us “you sure it’s enough?”… and it actually was because all I wanted was something sweet to end the night :)

It came out looking burnt, and it was a bit off-putting to be honest. Cracking into the brulee, I tasted the caramelised top bit and it did have that tinge of burnt taste, which really shouldn’t be there. I wasn’t too pleased.

That said, the insides were lovely. The raspberry gave it a tinge of sourness which killed the overall heaviness of the custard. :) Kudos for coming up with such an idea!

Definitely could do better, but I was so wrapped up with my fish that I didn’t really bother too much about the burnt bits here.

It was a lovely dining experience, and the service was rather good to say the least. :) Thanks to the waitress who served us this night because she was extremely patient with my deliberation!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Blue Waters Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9385 3130
Address: Bluewaters 110 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, 6011

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Some additional photos from the Lunch Menu (contribution from Miss L)

  • Seared scallops, crispy proscuitto with cauliflower and saffron sauce ($19) – yummy but the serving is so small!  I thought it would be scallops with some accompaniment since it was in the lunch menu and not the entree section but alas I was so wrong!  Was still so hungry after the food and had to steal food from others on the table!
  • Traditional caesar salad with grilled rosemary chicken ($24) and with grilled tiger prawns ($26) – both were very nice!
  • Open free range mount barker chicken sandwich, cos lettuce, avocado, tomato and crispy bacon ($29) – chunky pieces stacked on top of one another..great!
  • Grilled steak sandwich with caramelized onions, tomato and rockette ($20) – this was the reason we came to eat here, my friend loves this dish!
  • Chips and aioli ($10) – not as crunchy as expected..think twice unless you need some chippy goody.




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