Beaufort Street Steakhouse, Highgate


Ah. Finally a steakhouse in good ol’ WA! When I first heard about it, my heart threw a few leaps of great excitement because of my love for the cow. It was then made certain that I had to try this place soon!

This place sits just next to Source Foods along Beaufort Street, with ample parking along the street should you arrive early. Even if you don’t, there’s always the carpark at Brisbane where you can just walk a short distance from.

The interior of this place resembles the steakhouse that I went to Melbourne, introduced by a great friend of mine.

As you enter, you’ll be greeted at the podium by a waitress/waiter, in which they will bring you to your table (this is the time where I say you should make a booking should you want to dine in this establishment on a Friday/Saturday).

The lovely thing about this place, as with another place I have dined rather recently (post to come soon!)… is the complimentary starter they give. Okay, I sound like a cheap-a55 here, but really, there are not many places offering such a lovely start to the dining experience.

So we started off this meal with a nice curry-puff looking pastry filled with I-cannot-remember-for-the-life-of-me-ingredients. It was a lovely start because it was served warm, with a really memorable finish to the tastebuds. MmmM!

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the photo by the way. It’s actually really small and can be eaten in one mouthful. I just though a close-up of the little thing does it more justice. :)

So we went on to read the menu (I was late!)… while the sisters waited because they had already decided what they want for the evening.

But we cannot start off such a great ladies’ night without some form of alcohol, can we?

So we ordered a bottle of red wine to start the night off, and then went on to debate within ourselves as what we should order for mains.

We ended up with:

  • 750g Rib Eye Steak (Sisters shared this) with sides of mashed potato, and pepper jus for one, mushroom sauce for the other
  • Scotch Fillet for the other two girls, one with baked potato, the other with mashed potato… and mushroom sauce
  • Sirloin with Chips and Mushroom sauce for me
  • Bowl of long beans
  • Bowl of mixed greens with pistachios and a nice dressing

Didn’t take too long for the food to arrive in great fashion!

I left the pictures to tell the story, but for the details that the photos couldn’t show, it was absolutely brilliant! :)

I loved the fact that the sauces were not starchy (making them different/unique from the other places serving steaks)… and they were as tasty as they could get (BUT! I have been back there another time for an early Mother’s Day celebratory dinner and the tastiness was a tad lacking).

Ordering medium-rare can sometimes get you in trouble, but not in this steakhouse because the cow is cooked to the perfect tenderness, and the meat was real tasty (even without the presence of the sauces!). And with such a massive knife to cut through the meat, you don’t have to worry about having to give off too much energy during the meal!

The mash was tasty too. Baked potato – nothing to brag about, but well cut!

The chips were awesome, fat, and with a dabble of salt, or a dip into the sauces, created a lovely twang in the mouth, leaving you grinning.

The vegetables were lovely too, with my favourite of the two being the mixed greens. The salad dressing was just sublime, and with a generous serving of pistachios (very rare!)… it was my highlight!

And we weren’t done. We needed (and yes, I mean needed) to try the desserts!

  • Berry Creme Brulee (now no longer available)
  • Semi Freddo (Choc and Espresso if memory serves right) (now no longer available)
  • Hand Rolled Choc Truffle

The desserts were all good, not exceptional, but good, and with two out of the three we tried this occasion not available anymore, I really don’t know how to rate this!

I had the semi-freddo and thoroughly enjoyed it, other than the fact that it made me feel a bit sick after because of how much I had eaten.

The berry creme brulee was lovely, and definitely better than the one I had tried before at Blue Waters.

The choc truffle was soooo small I felt afraid to actually take the photo (kidding). :) But it was a lovely little truffle with a rich chocolato taste!

So we figured that if we were going to end the night with something good, we needed more booze. Well, at least D.P and myself did. So we ordered a nice muscato to finish the night off which was quite lovely. ;)

One thing I’d like to highlight for BSSH is the service.

Despite our crazy fickle minds, the waitresses who served us that evening were absolutely brilliant! Kudos to them for being so patient with us, and actually blending in with us as we made our orders, and sat through the night, talking rubbish!

They were truly one of the better crew I have personally experienced in a restaurant, and so they deserve the mention!! Well done ladies! :)

The overall ambience of this place is lovely. We truly enjoyed ourselves, and although the set up of the place is really quite formal, we felt comfortable enough in our own skin, and for me the casual-fool, I felt extremely comfortable.

It’s a bit sad that the sauces have taken a step back in quality, but I will definitely be back for more cow because, really, this is one of the best I have tried!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Beaufort Street Steakhouse

Telephone: (08) 9228 2008
Address: 283 Beaufort Street, Highgate

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2 thoughts on “Beaufort Street Steakhouse, Highgate

  1. Hey Chicken,

    nice reviews and a decent website, I’ll have to follow up on some of the places next time I am over west. I’ll be back in the country in September, but who knows when I get back to Perth?

    Anyway, all good here. It’s getting into summer and I am arranging my trip back to Oz at the moment. Ferry and train booked Visas organised, Russia, MOngolia and China here I come :)

    Hope all’s well and you’re back to playing squash.



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