La Vela, Scarborough


Mom wanted to try somewhere different (I was giving them a treat… just because!). So on I went to the infamous Urbanspoon website, and started looking for something north of Perth (seeing how we never really do reviews up that way)… and found La Vela with really good reviews. And I thought, “why not! Let’s give this a shot”.

Made a reservation, and took a drive down Scarborough Beach Road in search for this easily-missed establishment.

When we arrived, we didn’t know if we were allowed to park where we did, but based on the parking signs, there really wasn’t any problem. :) So as we entered, there was a nice homely feel to the place, and the bar counter in which you would need to wait to be seated. Wasn’t long before we were greeted by a lovely waitress who took us to our table. We were able to choose our table too! So we chose one that was close to the glass panels so that there’d be some light sipping through (we love our bright lights).

As we contemplated the menu, we were served with some starters, which was made of cheese and seafood (mainly prawns from memory). Another place with complimentary starters! Kudos!!! Wahey!

Yum yum. I only had a bite of it because I’m on a no-seafood diet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the bite I had! I wish I had more, but Dad managed to devour the lot in no time anyway. :)

Wasn’t long before we made our order:

  • Garlic Bread – 4 slices
  • Tortellini Alla Panna (couldn’t resist as usual!) – Entree size
  • Barramundi Special (served with squids, prawns, chips, salad & Lemon sauce)
  • Bistecca alla Vella (Beef filled with mix of prawns, onions & cooked in a white wine mushroom cream sauce)
  • Glass of White Wine (don’t remember which one)

It had been a while since I found a place that served both entree and main sized meals for their food. So this was a plus for us since we don’t have too big an appetite that evening – at least I didn’t. The waitress was really patient with us explaining the Bistecca alla Vella to my mother who wanted to make sure she had what she was thinking (in other words, she’s fussy!).

The garlic bread was served first and it was a lovely start to the evening. Nothing too special, but definitely a good-enough serving of the garlic butter to entice the tastebuds and keep them happy.

The mains were served shortly later, and when they served my pasta, I was glad (very glad) that I had ordered the entree size!

The Bistecca alla Vella was one of the best meals my mother has had according to her, and with her fussy taste, I’d like to think it was truly a gem! The prawns are actually hidden within the two pieces of meat, and the sauce was so tasty it brought me to a nice smile as I devoured my mother’s cauliflowers. :)

Don’t let the messy presentation of the dish fool you, but this Barramundi Special was rather special indeed. With a nice amount of squid and prawns, this is a seafood delight to anyone who loves it. The sauce was lacking a tad compared to the bistecca, but this didn’t deter father to finish it all off in style! Huge serving, and well worth the price of $34.

My tortellini alla panna is probably the palest in comparison to the two massive hits that my folks had ordered this evening but I ain’t gonna complain because it was tasty too! There was a nice generous serving of sauce/gravy, which made me a very happy camper. It was what you’d expect of the dish, so no extra points for them on this dish.

We enjoyed the service, and they were quick to react to our request, which is always a nice plus. We were greeted with a smile as we left, so you can be sure we will be back to La Vela sometime soon! As a matter of fact, mother has already said to bring the cousin to this place when he comes to visit at the end of May!


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

La Vela
Telephone: (08) 9341 2362
Address: 78 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough 6019

La Vela on Urbanspoon

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