Galileo Buona Cucina, Subiaco

Galileo Buona Cucina’s hidden along Onslow Road, in Shenton Park near Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. I would never have known this place existed if not for the brilliant reviews they have been receiving on urbanspoon!

So I decided to ask the folks if they were willing to explore this new place with me, and to my delightful surprise, my usually-fussy momma agreed! :) Ah what a winner.

So I made a reservation and we made our way there early. The staff who took my reservation was very accommodating. They must have been pretty booked up the whole evening, so he offered me a table just outside on the alfresco area. I knew it was going to be a lovely clear night but I never really like dining out in the cold, and because they didn’t have any heaters outside, I requested if we could have a table inside.

He made a compromise and said if we could finish by 8pm, it’ll be perfect. To us (my family at least), 2 hours is already way past our usual meal time! So whee! We got ourselves a table inside the restaurant.

When you walk into Galileo, there is this sense of homeliness and warmth within the establishment. There’s a rustic feel to its furniture and its decor, which is always a plus for me!

Greeted by some lovely people, we were quickly brought to our table, and were presented single-page menus (which to me represented a place where they would rather focus on the quality on the few dishes that they offered, as opposed to providing variety). Our waiter for the evening then explained the different specials of the day, with such a clear concise explanation of each dish that was absolutely brilliant! Thumbs up!

We then took some time in deliberating what to order.

And it took a while… before we decided:

  • Home Made Bread
  • Bowl of Olives
  • Ravioli di Carciofi e Formaggio Pecorino (Artichoke Ravioli & Pecorino Cheese with Butter & Sage Sauce)
  • Cervo Alla Moda Di Sila (Wood Fire Oven Roasted Fresh Spicy Venison Girello)
  • Fish of the Day (Pan Fried Salmon with Mash and Asparagus)

The home made bread and the bowl of olives made their way to the table first. Was a tad disappointed with the bread to be perfectly honest. I have had much better home made bread served (complementary) at other Italian places, and this was not up there. The crust was chewy, and the bread, even though was served warm, should really have been a tad warmer. And this latter comment is just little miss fussy pot speaking. :) Was also expecting more out of the serve too.

The olives must have been marinaded (sp?!) in-house because there was a lovely distinctive flavour about it. Mom and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Wasn’t long before our mains arrived…

The dishes came out looking splendid, particularly the Venison. Momma found it a bit too red for her liking, and couldn’t take more than a few bites, so halfway through the meal, Poppa and Momma¬†swapped¬†meals. I had a taste of the meat, and it was absolutely lovely. I would have devoured the whole thing myself but I was on a restricted red meat diet… so I had my fair share. :)

The Salmon was cooked perfect too. I didn’t try the other sides that came along with the fish, and surprisingly not dry!

The Ravioli was my personal highlight of the evening. The artichoke was such a perfect blend with the cheese, and whilst it looked like a rather small portion when it was served, it hit the right spot by the end of the meal. Wasn’t too much, and the butter gave such a beautiful fragrance to the dish. Woot!! I love this and if I were to go back, I might end up ordering this dish again.

The service during the evening was spot-on, and we left as a happy family. Would be going back there again sometime for sure, and with the Ravioli pretty unique (i.e. I haven’t seen this elsewhere!), I don’t see why I shouldn’t be back!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Galileo Buona Cucina

Telephone: (08) 9382 3343
Address: 199 Onslow Road, Shenton Park 6008

Galileo Buona Cucina on Urbanspoon

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