Jaws@Mint, Perth

Website: http://www.jawssushi.com.au

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Since we have already done a review on the other branch of Jaws, I shall not waste too much time saying the obvious things!

Having driven past this corner after a rather sumptuous meal at Tak Chee, Miss Anise and myself said that we definitely need to come here to try out their sushi.

This place used to be a non-train Jaws outlet, and since then, they have revamped the place, and it is really quite well done!

Some of the old staff from the former Jaws (for those living in Perth for a long enough period, you’d know that there was a rather big branch of Jaws where the old Hoyts used to be along Hay Street) were actually there working, which was nice.

So I won’t bother going into the details, but I will say that the two main plates that really caught my attention:

  • Creme Brulee (nothing fancy but it does give those people with sweet teeth a nice end to the meal!)
  • Cheese sushi wrapped around with Smoked Salmon – Something different and my favourite of all the plates!

Without further or do, here are the plates the PFE team (yes, we were finally together having a meal after so long) had:

A little break. The service was as what you would expect from any Jaws outlet, the Japanese lady waitresses were all friendly and attentive, and the sushi chefs within the compound of the train tracks were helpful too whenever the ladies couldn’t attend to us. What fascinates me is their ability to remember the colour of the plate for a particular type of sushi. I wonder how long it took them to really remember?!

Anyway. Onwards with the photos!

As we were busy stuffing our mouth with food, whilst watching the time fly by… we noticed one of the sushi chefs torching salmon pieces up in preparation for another variant of sushi creativity.

This place definitely has the ability to make people feel welcome, and whilst their chairs are not the most comfortable in the world (this is coming from one who does have some bum issues)… their fresh sushi and friendly wait staff makes up for this. Think some of their dishes are just not worth the money though. I would definitely  be heading back there sometime! After all, this is one of the few places around the office with decent food to offer! and not much of a waiting time for it for that matter!

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. (a.k.a Miss Egg)

Jaws Kaiten Sushi (East Perth)

Telephone: (08) 9225 4573

Address: 323 Hay Street (Corner Hill and Hay Street), East Perth WA

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2 thoughts on “Jaws@Mint, Perth

  1. For a sushi train, I quite like this Jaws too. I didn’t realise they had started torching their salmon (which brings out and sears some of the salmon fat) – I’ll have to try that some time.

    You should try Ayami in Northbridge. The former head sushi chef of Jaws East Perth has moved there (he didn’t want to work at a sushi train) and he makes some pretty good authentic (and traditional) sushi.

    • Hey Adrian! :)

      Yes, the started torching their salmon, and it looked quite yummy! Let us know if you try that.

      Ayami – thanks for the tip! Will definitely try. :)

      Will be linking your blog. Looks awesome!

      Miss Egg

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