C Restaurant (High Tea), Perth

Website: http://www.crestaurant.com.au/

Entertainment Book 10/11: 25% off total bill (up to $45)

So it was a friend’s Hen’s party this nice sunny Sunday afternoon, and A.C and myself got there rather early (well, we thought we were late but ended up being the first to arrive!).

When we walked in, we were greeted by a less-than-enthusiastic staff, who didn’t even bother greeting us. So never mind that, our mood was still in the right place. We were walked to our table, in which everything was forgotten after looking at that spectacular view of good ol’ Perth. I had been to the C before for both lunch and dinner, and I have to say, the afternoons are always a better time slot for this venue – more to see, and more to appreciate as the sun gazes over our rather small city.

Just a bit of history on my experience with C:

Having been here for both lunch and dinner, I have to say I have been left just a tad unimpressed with both. The lunch was a tad better than the dinner I had, but it is definitely not worth the moolah if you were going to expect something top of this world (the irony).

Anyhow, on with the high tea!

So there are three different sorts of high tea available:

  • High Tea ($37) – Range of usual high tea goodies and bottomless cup of tea/coffee as you please
  • Sparkling High Tea ($48) – All of the above in High Tea plus ONE glass of sparkling wine
  • Champagne High Tea ($59) – All of the above in High Tea plus ONE glass of champagne

I have to admit I thought it was a rip off to be paying an additional $11 and $22 for just one glass of sparkling wine/champagne, perhaps it was of the highest grade, but still. One glass? Hmm. Food for thought.

Anyhoo, we had the standard High Tea, and the waitress took our order. Rather patient with our deliberation, this staff member was far more in tune with her duties than her supervisor/manager who walked us in. I had the peppermint/lemongass tea, and the other ladies had green tea, ice tea, and some earl grey. No one had the coffee.

The tea was all served in individual pots, and it reminded me of myself in a Chinese restaurant because the teapots were those typical of any Chinese/Asian restaurant you’d pop into.

Not long after, the food arrived, and we were served:

Three tiers, and a plate of quiche and cheesy palmiers.

I have to admit that I was expecting a tad more than what was served, but it was sufficient in the end to fill all of us up.

The little petit fours on the top tier were ordinary, and actually a tad disappointing, considering the standard they are claiming themselves to be of. The scones on the other hand were delightful – the ones I had were warm, and they had a nice texture. The cream could have been better but the scones did make up for that shortfall. As for the sandwiches – another ordinary set of munch. I fail to understand the type of bread they used to serve (it felt as though it was one of those typical Coles/Woolworths loaves that they got a special discount on. That said, the fillings were not too bad.

The quiche was not up to scratch. I am not a quiche person, so it takes quite a bit to impress me, and this did not. The cheesy palmiers on the other hand were lovely.

The one thing we were not too happy about was the fact that the staff were not attentive enough to our tea. We had to repeatedly ask them to give us a refill before they finally did, about 10 minutes after asking.

The food was average, but since this is my first high tea in Perth, I can’t say too much. Hailing from Singapore, this was absolutely nothing compared to where I come from. But the¬†ambiance¬†was definitely good. The view spectacular like I said.

The service was one word:


I would go back again, given the discount in the entertainment book, but I wouldn’t go back otherwise. Furthermore, with the uprising high tea scene in WA, there would be no need. :)

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars (largely to the scones, palmiers and view)

Rating by: S.T (a.k.a Miss Egg)

C Restaurant

Telephone: (08) 9220 8333

Address: 44 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000, WA

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15 thoughts on “C Restaurant (High Tea), Perth

  1. Hmm the sandwiches look quite dismal to me! :(

    Also, it seems that their service is always not up to scratch! I had bad experience when I went there for their “Pay As You Like” lunch deal as well. They should put more thoughts into their service especially for the type of restaurant it is! I won’t be going back anytime soon.

  2. I haven’t had good experiences there either. Did you use your entertainment book discount with the High Tea? I didn’t know you could!?! (but after your review I may not be rushing there anytime soon…)

    • Hi Schtef! :)

      Nay, we didn’t use the book – I quite doubt you can use it during High Tea, but I never did ask too. So wouldn’t know. And yes, I wouldn’t be rushing there anytime soon myself!

  3. It seems like there is more food on your table than when I went for high tea! I went with my fiancee’s family for Mother’s Day and the service was dismal… there were no staff in sight whenever we wanted a tea refill and the hot chocolates that two of our party ordered were cold, and when we asked for them to be replaced the waitress was not happy. There also wasn’t enough food to go around.

    I’ve had better quality food and service at the high tea service at Leaf Tea Merchants in Mt Lawley and Cottesloe. If you love tea, Leaf has oodles to choose from!

    • Hi Lauren! :)

      Oh! How many people were you with? I actually didn’t mention that they might have actually given us more than usual because we did book a table for 7-8 and some of them couldn’t make it at the last minute…

      Yes, I have to say the service at C really needs some brushing up. Arrogance could be their downfall :(

      Lovely! Thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely be calling some girlfriends up for some tea at Leaf sometime. :))

  4. I had the same disappointing experience, I love high tea and this didn’t live up to my expectation. I have had a great high tea at a place in bicton called the little stove. It was 35 dollars per person with endless tea and coffEe. great pimms jellies and the service was far better than pallace 85 or C.

  5. Hi there,

    It’s a pity to see such a beautiful restaurant running by these irresponsible bunch. I haven’t tried dining at C, but went for an interview a couple of years ago. So I got myself fully prepared and went on time with my resume in hand, only to be told the manager went out and totally forgot about the interview. And my first thought was: if a manager could forget about an interview, he must not be someone who takes his job seriously. Of course, I had the same feeling when I stepped into the place: cold, unfriendly staff and I had to stand outside the lifts (entrance of restaurant) for a good 10 minutes before anyone actually noticed me. Staff were probably busy setting up tables for dinner (in the afternoon, around 4pm), but that was definitely no excuse for ignoring any guest. My friends who dined there before also had negative feedback about them, particularly their service. It’s a real let down.

  6. Wow, you people that think there’s not enough food at the C Restaurant High Tea must be very greedy! I have been three times with different people and we have never been able to finish it. And we have pretty big appetites when it comes to sweet food!

    Would be very interested to know where to go for High Tea in Singapore. I went to one at Raffles Hotel and was very disappointed. Service was terrible, food was average and definitely not filling. Very overrated and overpriced. Hopefully there are other places I can try that can do better than this, as it left a very bad impression.

    • try THE GOODWOOD HOTEL their high tea was fabulous and buffet style countless variety choose between traditional or Asian we had asian

  7. Interesting… I was thinking of having high tea here with my fiance, who is from over east… but after your review I think we’ll be going elsewhere! The standard has definitely gone down hill and however lovely the view might be, it sure doesnt’ look worth the money.

  8. I think there is some anti C folk on here one poor love did not get a job there!!!! It means your not good enough so move on and do not waste your time bagging them. I have been to C Restaurant twice for high tea in the past six months and found it to be amazing much better than the rest. I have been to Tranby house, The Duxton, The Vines and The Hyatt and they do not compare… As for Singapore, you can keep it they know there noodles and thats about it.

  9. Artful dodger probably works there. The pictures above speak for themselves i would be ashamed to serve that in my own home. Let alone go and pay for it. I have been to all the ones listed above and Hyatt is best of all service impeccable. Food and choice incredible. As for Singapore we don’t compare on service or food we are not even in the same league. They are truly amazing.

  10. It is interesting that C restaurant is getting such bad reviews on
    here. We attended early this year for a high tea perth anniversary
    function and we felt although pricey that they had a good selection of
    sweets and drinks. And the view is really what you pay for when dining
    at the C resturant.

  11. Very dissapointed in the High Tea. We had quite a large group and we found the service very dissapointing. We had to continually ask for Tea and although the view is amazing and the scones lovely I cannot say I would recommend it at all. Sorry !!!

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