Hydrant on Hay, Perth

***City of Perth EAT DRINK PERTH March 2011 Special Offer!***

For $20, choose a dish from the all-day-menu plus enjoy a middy of beer or a glass of wine.  Available Mon – Fri, 1130am – 2pm only.


Hydrant on Hay sits directly opposite what was the old Perth Fire Station… and no prizes for guessing why it’s called Hydrant.

It’s always been one of those places we’d walk by from our office into the city without really catching a second glance, but having dined there on two separate occasions, we realised that this place has a bit more to offer than what one would think!

So the PFE’s actually came here twice… the first time, it was just Miss Egg and Miss Anise, and the second time, the whole PFE gang was around!!

One thing that Miss Egg really love is the wide wide bar area. She loves. :)

The other thing… strange but somehow attractive to her, is the flavoured water! The management was smart enough to use various fruits to flavour the water. So think lemon. Think apple. Think herbs. yes. Herbs. I cannot remember what it was exactly, but it was a nice change!

As with other casual dining cafe’s in Perth, you have a look at the menu and order at the counter. Funny thing is that the menu is at the counter, so that doesn’t give you much time at all to deliberate on what you want.

So over the two occasions, we had:

  • Smoked Salmon Caesar’s Salad
  • Chicken Caesar’s Salad (so we do like the man’s salad – is that a crime?)
  • Steak Sandwich
  • Lasagna
  • Special of the Day

The Caesar’s Salad at Hydrant aren’t too bad, except for the fact that the Smoked Salmon version was at least 2 times better than the chicken, and it’s not just because of the smoked salmon. It’s the fact that it was well tossed, and the chicken caesar that I got the second time came without the croutons! What a big disappointment. The oddest thing is how I never noticed it till someone pointed it out later. HMM. Maybe I was just too hungry.

The steak sandwich was definitely well received by my very own personal steak sandwich connoisseur (whom at one stage did mention that he wanted to be a guest blogger!)… and the looks did give it away to a certain extent. I have definitely tasted better chips, but hey, the main star attraction is that cow within the bread, so if that’s a go, I think it’s worth a try!

Miss Anise had tried the Lasagna the second time we went there, and whilst the plate does appear to be rather empty with the salad in the bowl (hello feta!!!)… it did fill Miss Anise up, and I believe the salad was of good greens (it had the not-so-usual olives and feta, both of which I’m quite a fan of!).

The taste of the Lasagna was apparently okay – definitely not the best around, but it wasn’t that shabby either.

I think given a choice, we wouldn’t really order this dish again. ;)

I find it difficult to explain the Special of the day, but it was such a heavy meal that I felt quite sick at the end of it. That said, if it was served at half the portion – why not?! :) It was tasty and the combination, although a tad weird, had all the things I so love. From unhealthy bacon, to wonderful rocket. Yummmm. The hollandaise sauce that accompanied the dish wasn’t the best choice, but the rest of the ingredients made up for it.

Being on the other side of the city (what I’d really like to call the boring side…)… Hydrant on Hay is definitely something I’d class as underrated, especially when it serves decently good food, and rather reasonable prices.

I wouldn’t mind going back for a meal, and with a nice bar, why not?? :)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Hydrant on Hay

Telephone: (08) 9326 7000
Address: 10 Irwin Street, Perth 6000, Western Australia

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