Wong’s Asian Cuisine, West Perth

Quite easily missed along the usually busy Wellington Street, and nestled just opposite the infamous Harbour Town in West Perth is this unassuming little establishment.

What used to be Sarawak Delights, it has since changed its name, and is now probably named after the head chef/owner of the restaurant.

I was recommended to visit this place by a friend at church, with top ratings. With his family having a history in the restaurant business, I thought I have to give this place a shot!!

So off we went, and then we revisited this place as part of a celebratory meal, sponsored by the lovely couple for whom we sang at their wedding. :) Thanks J.W.!! Now J.G. hehe.

The first time I came, it was with my lovely folks, in which we ordered:

  • Yam Duck
  • Garlic Kailan
  • Wong’s Sizzling Japanese Tofu with Egg and Chicken

Then during our little church outing, we had:

  • Yam Duck (yes, you can tell by now that it’s a good dish!)
  • Peking spare ribs
  • XO Vegetables
  • Crispy Skin Chicken
  • Red Bean Pancake with ice cream
  • Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

Salivating yet? :)

The one dish that I really love is the Yam Duck. Although I hail from a Teochew family, and Teochew’s are meant to love their duck, I am not easily impressed with duck. With this dish, I drool just thinking back on the sheer delight of each bite I took when I first┬ásavored┬ámy piece. Covered with yam and fried, the plum sauce gives a beautiful tangy flavour, therefore bringing the overall heaviness of the dish down.

What I love as well – is the generosity of the yam! Also lovingly known as Taro, it is one of my favourite things to eat since I was a little girl (without those pony tails you might be imagining!)… and this was just bliss.

The plum sauce was well done too. some come too sticky, some too sweet, but this was just nice. It made you go back for more, and I think that speaks a lot.

I would have no qualms ordering it again when I head back there!

The other dish worth doing a shout out, is Wong’s Sizzling Tofu. This dish was initially recommended by my church friend, and I could understand why he did that. There is a rather distinct difference in the taste of this sizzling japanese tofu dish in comparison with the others offered around WA.

And here’s the key additional ingredient:

Dried Shrimps!

Coming from quite a peranakan background, it was quite easy for me to spot this little but powerful ingredient to the dish because of the distinctive aroma it gave, and the slight twist to the usual taste we’d get with this dish.

Definitely something different and worth a try!

The other dishes were all quite ordinary, and the desserts, a tad disappointing to say the least. I have yet to find a good-enough red-bean pancake to satisfy my chinese dessert cravings. But never give up, I’d say! I shall continue on this quest to find the best red-bean pancake in WA! Any suggestions people? Bring it up!

The thing to note about this place too, is the beautiful carvings of various animals using a simple carrot! This is often presented in Chinese restaurants back in Singapore, but I have yet to see another restaurant serving with such elegance. :) Thumbs up! I heard it takes up to 3-4 hours before a single animal is carved, and look at the amount of precision that goes into each one!

Overall, this place is definitely worth a visit. The prices are reasonable, and the wait staff were very patient, diligent, and the manager of the place is friendly and easy to communicate with.

Try the Yam Duck!!!!

Till the next time I head there, I shall be dreaming, drooling and looking forward to that visit!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Wong’s Asian Cuisine

Telephone: (08) 9322 8988
Address: 835 Wellington Street, West Perth 6005, Western Australia

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