Bouchon Bistro, Wembley

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One of the few restaurants not available in the 2010/2011 entertainment book, this was a great find by S.K. on the WA VIP Card restaurant list.

Quite easily missed as you drive along Cambridge Road in Wembley, the way to spot this place is actually to spot a more brightly lit Cicconi’s that is just about 2-3 blocks before Bouchon Bistro.

Haven’t been here before, we were quite excited about the food because of the high ratings it has received on (one of Miss Egg’s favourite places to hunt for new dining experiences!).

In any case, they only start dinner from 6.30pm, which is basically the time we had booked the dinner that evening. It was pouring strawberries and raspberries, so it was nice when I finally found this little establishment and was warmly greeted by a waitress.

With no one around, and whilst waiting for the sisters to arrive, I quickly took the chance to snap pictures of the interior decoration of this place.

They had their specials written on mirrors and boards (which I couldn’t take a photo of because there was a couple sitting really near the board and it would seem a bit of a stalker act!). That evening, it was the spatchcock, and beef cheeks.

The menu was literally short and sweet. Not much to fuss about, but they had an extensive wine list – one that threw us off our seats (this bit not quite so literally). We ended up asking for a recommendation from the waitress. Without too much deliberation (because we ¬†trusted the waitress’s taste!), we ended up with the Barwick Estates Cabernet Merlot from Margaret River. And I have to say, it was a lovely bottle! :) Definitely something I’d drink again.

Not able to spend too much time dining (because we were all booked to go watch Toy Story 3 that very night as well!)… we ordered main course and desserts:

  • Assiette of Spatchcock
  • Lamb Short Loin, Slow Cooked Neck and Polenta Tart, Parsley, Sage and Pinenuts
  • Beef Cheeks
  • Side order of Garden Salad
  • Meadow Honey Bavarois, Rubarb Sorbet, Jasmin Tea Cake, and Lemon Marmalade
  • Mango Creme Brulee, Passion Fruit Granite, Pinacolada Foam
  • Iced Gianduja Parfait, Ginger Sorbet, Spiced Date “Truffle”

I wouldn’t even bother wasting anymore time rambling, let the picture story telling begin!

The three of us were unusually quiet as we worked through our mains, largely because we were so amused and so satisfied with each of our choices! The highlight of the night was definitely the beef cheeks (ordered by yours truly, ha!). With a nice serve of sweet corn ice cream (topped with bacon!)… it was unusually yet such a beautiful combination. You had the sweet, then the savoury bits of the bacon biting right through your taste buds, it was just delicious! The beef cheeks just brought the three of us out of this universe to another planet (probably to the planet of awesome beef cheeks). It was what I expected it to be… i.e. melting in the mouth, but it was even more with the flavour of the sauce that accompanied. Beautiful. There was some truffle mix with the other side on the plate – something I cannot remember, but the truffle was not too overpowering, which is always good. :)

The lamb was lovely as well. Not a big fan of the lamb, I actually smile as I started chewing because it was cooked to the right tenderness.

The assiette of spatchcock was a nice assortment of items, and whilst it doesn’t look like much, it did fill D.P. towards the end!

The garden salad was actually something out of the ordinary we’d see. VERY fresh greens (as you probably can tell from the photo), the amount of dressing was just perfect, and we were so glad that we ordered this over the green vegetables.

The desserts came, and were blown away by its intricate and absolutely stunning presentation of the dishes. I found myself not wanting to to dig in for a while because they looked so pretty!

The Bavarois was something interesting with so many different flavours being fused into that one dessert. Everything blended really well with this one, except for the lemon marmalade which was a tad thick/rich to complement the rest of the items. Or perhaps it’s my disability of appreciating intended fusion of the dish. :) Overall, something different and quite yum!

The Mango Creme Brulee has made me into a Creme Brulee convert! I never really liked the dessert, but after deciding to try that a little bit more… I found myself appreciating this dessert more and more. This mango creme brulee managed to tip me over the position of “yeah I don’t mind” to “YEAH BRING IT ON!!”. The passionfruit granite was a lovely complement because it brought the heaviness of the creme brulee down a notch, and brought a nice refreshing finish to the palate.

The Iced Gianduja Parfait (which is really hazelnut (about 30%) chocolate flavour) was lovely too! But it proved to be on the heavy side towards the end of the meal. The ginger sorbet (which I’m sure brought about a fair number of raised eyebrows)… was actually ¬†not too bad! I was afraid it might bite… but the flavour was really quite subtle to what I would have expected. Lovely.

The one thing I loved about this place was the fresh bread and butter they served at the beginning of the meal whilst we awaited our mains.

The bread was really fresh, but more importantly, it was served WARM. And the butter… I have absolutely no words to describe. I love my butter on bread/rolls, and this butter was by far my favourite butter ever!! I usually use Lurpak at home, but this was just crazy good! Yes, it’s a bit over the top to be talking about butter this way, but it was lovely.

We were also served some complimentary appetizers.

The memory is once again failing me – don’t remember what the actual name to this is, but it was such a nice little appetizer… we all said we could probably have half a dozen of these each! The little puff was just packed full of flavour, oozing with that milky and buttery sauce. Yummo!!

The service was a tad slow that evening, but we later learnt that they were short of one staff member. Overall friendly, and with an unassuming atmosphere, I am looking forward to dining at Bouchon Bistro once more! Possibly try their Degustation? :)

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Bouchon Bistro
(08) 9387 3898
Address: 363 Cambridge Street, Wembley 6014, Western Australia

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5 thoughts on “Bouchon Bistro, Wembley

  1. I highly recommend the degustation too – that’s all I go there for though I can say some days I have been more amazed than others.

    However, reading the good food guide I tend to agree with the comment that the head chef sometimes (but only on the odd occasions, over numerous degustations) clashes flavours but I get past that as he makes some real gems sometimes – I recollect having the best oysters ever there but alas there was only 1 in the degustation that night.

    • Hi Karen!

      Thanks for the tips there. :) I have been receiving the emails, but I must admit, I’m not always diligent in reading them =X Great to know about these new places! :) Thanks once again!

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