The Brisbane Hotel, Highgate


So I hadn’t caught up with my dearest S.K. for the longest of time, and thought a nice catch up session with some of our beloved beer would be nice. We knew how packed it would be in the arvo, so we decided to meet at about 11.30am (from memory!).

Arriving there, it was as though the place was closed because of the unusual silence around the establishment. We got worried. Until we walked in and saw some people already starting their Sunday sessions with a glass of wine or a nice cold beer (for a cold winter’s day).

We were seated outside due to the lack of space inside (so if you do want a space inside, remember to make a reservation people!). Other than the presence of rather dark clouds, we were quite happy with our table.

Looking over the menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of items offered in it. It wasn’t so much typical pub food (although the usual suspects were still there!)… so… we ended up ordering:

  • Braised Lamb Shank, Roast Winter Vegetables, Mash ($28.50)
  • Scotch Fillet Steak Sandwich, Onion, Aioli, Tomato Kasundi, Fries ($22.50)
  • 2 pints of Beer

What I love about this place, before I go on any further, is the size of the pints! I don’t know the actual amount, but they certainly seem bigger than the usual amount we’d get in a pint. And I love their stylish pint glasses. :)

I had wanted to try their crispy whiting fillets on the menu that day, but alas, they couldn’t change the potato salad to chips. Boo!! But oh wells. I was happy enough with trying their steak sandwich anyway.

So onwards with our food!

The lamb shank came out looking very impressive. I loved the presentation of the dish, and there seemed to be a nice amount of gravy that accompanied the meat. I am not the biggest fan of lamb, but according to S.K., it wasn’t too bad at all :) The mash looked luscious and the winter vegetables were definitely inviting me in for a taste!

The steak sandwich came out looking just as impressive, and with a nice little dish of tomato sauce, I was a happy camper (very much influenced by my dearest “work husband” DAW). I took a bite into the sandwich, and was grinning from ear to ear. :) It was absolutely beautiful! I loved the tomato kasundi, which gave a nice twang to the sandwich, and there was rocket amidst the salad that was being squished in between those turkish breads! Pure delight. The downer for me was the chips. Was expecting a nice beer-battered bunch of chips, but it was just the normal fat chips with some salt sprinkled over. Thank goodness for the tomato sauce *wink*.

After finishing our mains, it was clear that we were about to explode from the sheer generosity of the serving. BUT! As what many would say, “there’s always room for dessert!”. The waiter who had already been serving us with much enthusiasm and patience then came along and asked us if we’d like some. We asked for a recommendation in which he suggested the spanish donuts. Having been to San Churros far too many times, we had second thoughts, but decided to go with his recommendation anyway.

It came out looking a tad different to what we’d expected (okay, so we were just stereotyping the spanish donut!)…. but the chocolate and vanilla bean dipping was just too attractive! We started breaking the donuts bit by bit, and with every bit we had with the chocolate and the vanilla bean, we just went, “wow”…. “mmm”… “omg”. There was this amazing smooth texture to the chocolate, and the vanilla bean anglaise (as it was called) was brilliant! It tasted just like vanilla bean ice cream melted in the right way, to the right temperature. What a delight! Definitely the highlight of our meal.

The service was good with friendly wait staff. Perhaps because there wasn’t very many people at the time. The funny thing was as the crowd started coming in, and the time started to approach about 4pm, we were asked numerous times if we had wanted anymore to drink/eat. Before long, we were just given the bill. Hmm. Not that it’s wrong, but it had been quite a while since I have experienced the polite “we need the table, guys”.

Nevertheless, Brisbane is definitely somewhere I’d go again for a meal, and to have that spanish donuts again! I hope the quality of those donuts (nor the sauces) will not drop.

And bring on the beer!!!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Brisbane Hotel
Telephone: (08) 9227 2300
Address: 292 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Western Australia

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4 thoughts on “The Brisbane Hotel, Highgate

    • hehe!! I wish it was my new camera, but it wasn’t. :) Was still using the old one that time. hehehe. The new camera’s photos will be up soon enough though!!

  1. I really like the Brisbane. I’ve always had good food and good service, and the bar staff are pretty good looking too! A friend had a function here recently and we were all really pleased with how they handled that as well.

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