Milk & Honey, Northbridge

***City of Perth EAT DRINK PERTH March 2011 Special Offer!***

Your choice of fillet mignon and garlic mash or Thai barramundi and rice, with a coffee or drink for $20.

Enjoy coffee and cake for $8.


Entertainment Book 10/11: 25% off Total Bill (up to $20 value)

Having not had a western breakfast outside in a long while, Momsey and myself decided to head to somewhere that was in the Entertainment Book to spoil ourselves a little.

Easy to find, and with the little hexagons bordering the glass panels as you walk by and into the place, it is definitely not difficult to miss this place.

Being a rather cool morning that day, we found ourselves a nice cosy little corner just looking out onto James Street in Northbridge.

This place offers the usual breakfast favourites, and with not much of a surprise, we ordered:

  • Full Breakfast (extra mushrooms)
  • Eggs Florentine (please note this is not the actual name) with some avocado
  • Cappuccino

Overall the food was rather average. The poached eggs were done nicely, but the avocado proved a bit of a creamy combination with the hollandaise sauce, which wasn’t really tangy enough for me too.

The coffee wasn’t too bad, and if memory serves me right, they use 5senses coffee – one of my personal favourites!

The joke for the morning between Momsey and myself was that we went there to use the Entertainment Book voucher, but when I went to pay – I totally forgot the voucher in my wallet and conveniently paid full price!!!!


Copped a scolding from the mother, and had a laugh at myself.

I would suppose this is another opportunity to pop by and try something a little different. :)

The overall service was nice and friendly, atmosphere great. So the only thing I really left a tad under par was the food.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Milk & Honey
Telephone: (08) 9227 0500
Address: 82 James Street, Northbridge

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One thought on “Milk & Honey, Northbridge

  1. Thanks for the review San – I’d read average reviews of this place and so had never gone to try even though it’s quite new.
    Haha and I can’t believe you forgot your Ent Voucher!! :p

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