44 King Street, Perth


Restaurant no longer operating!

44 King Street is located in the chicest laneway in Perth, opposite boutiques such as the Empire Rose, Tiffany& Co, Kookai, etc to name a few.  I’d always thought it was called the King Street Cafe and only found out its real name writing this article – how ignorant of me.  This is my second time dining here and contrary to popular reviews, I did not like the food too much the first time, hence the infrequent visit to this cafe.  Since I haven’t reviewed this place in the blog, I’d thought I give it a second go one afternoon whilst looking for a place to lunch.

44 King Street, upmarket, rustic, charming, busy – these description pretty much sum up  my thoughts of the place.  I like the comfortable ambience, with its open windows and open kitchen setting, one can get settled in quite easily. Lunch time is a bustling affair and tables get filled up quickly so be there early to avoid the mad lunchtime rush!


For lunch, we had the following:

  • San Pallegrino Limonata
  • Crispy King Prawn Spring Rolls, Vermicelli Noodle Salad – $22.90
  • Caesar Salad with Candied Bacon – $19.90
  • Special Salad of the Day (can’t remember what this is called but price range is approx $20)


The Limonata was refreshing on this sunny day and the surprise came with the Crispy King Prawy Spring Rolls I ordered – it’s so SMALL!  Judging by the price, I’d thought it would be a medium sized dish but was sorely disappointed!  The vermicellie noodle salad was measly too.  However it tasted nice, the spring roll itself was filled to the brim with ingredients – it would have been good as an entree.  The other dishes (both salads) were quite small in serving too!  We were all quite hungry after the meal :(.

Overall, I was not too impressed with the serving of the dishes.  The non-salad dishes are priced from $30 – $50 which I thought was pricey for a casual lunch.  We were also unfortunate that day to be served by a moodywaiter, he looked like he would rather be some place else.  So this second time experience was not a good one for me either, might not be so quick to go back the third time.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

44 King Street
: 08 9321 4476
Address: 44 King Street, Perth

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3 thoughts on “44 King Street, Perth

  1. I haven’t been to this place in ageeeeeeeeeeeees! At least 8 years. Looks like it hasn’t changed at all!

    Normally there are many people dining at this cafe. Not sure why when there Cafe Zekka is just a little bit further down the street!

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