Captain Stirling Bar Hotel, Nedlands


Entertainment Book 10/11: 25% of Total Bill (up to $30)

After church one evening, there was an impromptu decision for us to head for dinner together (and I had to cheekily call the folks up to say “oops sorry!”). Searchin’ through the Entertainment Book, we decided to head to Captain Stirling since it was closeby and we were rather hungry. PLUS! I wanted a good beer. :)

So off we went, and since this was winter, it was all dark and finding a spot to park was a little challenging because the parking area was not properly lit.

In ¬†any case, we found ourselves walking into some function that was going on. Good thing they didn’t take up the whole pub. With a good spacious area to walk around, it wasn’t long before we found ourselves sitting on a high table, with bar stools – added to the feeling of being in a pub! *sheepish grin*

We deliberated on the menu for quite a while because we had conflicting orders, and one wouldn’t want to decide, and the other waited, etc. etc. etc. Girls. How can you expect any less?! :)

In any case, we finally decided on:

  • Chicken¬†Parmigiana
  • Grazier’s Beef Pie (served with mash and peas)
  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger
  • Side of Chips
  • Pint of Beer (for me of course)
  • Rum & Coke
  • Coffee & Ice Cream for Dessert

The Grazier’s Beef Pie came out looking to most appetising (other than the peas for me because I don’t fancy them much =X). With the lovely serve of THICK gravy on the mash… YUMMM. A.C. finished it in style, leaving it in a state where you might not even need to wash the dish. I did not have a taste, but from the way she was devouring the beast of a pie, it must have been tasty enough!

The chicken parmigiana was the dish that caused a bit of conflict between myself and S.C. because we were both thinking of ordering this dish. But I like variety and she wanted this, so the compromise was made :) According to her, the good thing about this dish was how they did not overpower the chicken cutlet with too much tomato. Instead they left a side of ketchup for you to enhance the flavour if required. I would have personally preferred more tomato smeared over my chicken, but this is where differing opinions is important because we’ve all got very different tastebuds!

As for my chicken schnitzel burger, it wasn’t the best burger, and quite honestly the bacon spoilt it for me. I thought it wouldn’t make that much of a difference when I ordered, but it actually did. Would have gone better with a beef patty (the bacon that is). At least the serving was nice and the chicken schnitzel was nice and crisp.

The side of chips was probably the most disappointing for us. We thought it lacked quite a bit of flavour, and there wasn’t enough salt sprinkled over the chips. It was quite tasteless to say the least. We miss the days of good ol’ beer battered chips – am actually looking for some good ones. So if anyone knows of any, please drop a line!

The ice cream was something we could have probably done ourselves, but it was to award A.C.’s fiancee for coming all the way down from home in Palmyra to join us in a photo-taking session! :) The coffee was average, but this is a pub, and not a cafe. :)

The overall service was nice and friendly. The atmosphere really casual – just the way I like it on a Saturday evening. I would definitely head back there to try some of their other items because it is quite a great place to hang out!

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Captain Stirling Bar Hotel
Telephone: (08) 9386 2200
Address: 80 Stirling Highway, Nedlands
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